Metallic Ocean

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X : Metallic Ocean

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

What lurks beneath the surface?
"I love Metallic Ocean. I love playing it over and over again, in ignorant bliss."
Flash Man, after clearing the level.

Metallic Ocean is a Tier X level in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, created by Zieldak. It is a water stage set around a large offshore oil derrick.


The first part of the level takes place both on the water's surface, with only a pair of Crabbots to bother you, and then a pair of Sea Mines, an M-422A and a Gabgyo once you dive down through the opening to the right. Moving beyond them is a long hallway with, among other aquatic enemies, a single Sea Mine in the middle of a pit. Trigger the mine safely then jump across, but be wary of the spikes lining the ceiling. Remember to control your jump height by releasing the jump button just before you reach the ceiling. This section is set up to teach you to control your jump height; a skill you'll need later on. At the end of the hall is a spike drop. Hang a bit to the left during your initial drop, because the first Noble Nickel is in a large alcove to the left on the next screen, protected by an M-422A. Keep hanging to the left all the way down for an E-Tank at the bottom. Once you've made your way down safely, head through the gate to fight Moby, but be careful of the pits in the floor as you fight it.

After defeating Moby, grab the Large Energy pickup then shoot through the wall to find a waiting Submarine, turning the level into a shoot 'em up. The Submarine controls the same way as the spaceship in Outer Space, but you cannot switch weapons while riding it. Maneuver your way past the enemies, Sea Mines and spikes, then shoot through the dividing wall to move on to the second part. The second Noble Nickel is in this section, surrounded by spikes with an opening in the bottom, so try and stay on the bottom-middle of the screen as you approach. You'll also see a large, ominous silhouette swim by in the background. Ignore it for now as you keep weaving your way through the minefield. After the third section, the bike will stop and you'll have to climb back to the surface.

The next part is all about making controlled jumps while avoiding the spiked ceilings. This is complicated by the constant stream of Shrinks coming in from both sides. The Shrinks can actually have some benefit, however, since you can use the invulnerability frames from getting hit by one to avoid getting killed by the spikes. Also worth noting is that falling into any pits will only drop you down to the previous screen, instead of killing you. Soon enough you'll have to instead start riding bubbles upward. Deal with the Gabgyo and any more Shrinks that have drifted in, then ride the large bubble on the left upwards. Once you reach the next screen, quickly take out the Gabgyo, then start walking to the right as soon as the second bubble appears and you'll walk over the bubbles like stepping stones. Ride the small, rightmost bubble upwards until you can jump up to the ledge with the third Noble Nickel, then head to the opening on the right. After destroying the Squidon in your path, the only thing standing between you and the boss gate is one more tight jump to a ledge guarded by an M-422A, amongst other enemies. Once you reach the boss hallway, Eddie will appear and give you an L-Tank to recharge. Collect it, then head down to fight Gigabgyo.

For the second Energy Element, head back to the ledge with the third Noble Nickel, and this time wait there until the small bubble you rode up to there reappears. Wait until it's near the top of the screen to jump on to it gain and it will carry you up to a new screen. Stay on the bubble until two large bubbles spawn beneath you, then hop across them to the ladder, taking you back to the surface. To your left will be a purple E-Tank with a skull on it. Picking it up will kill you instantly, but there's a checkpoint on this screen anyway, so you're safe. Continuing to the right is a Shooter Joe and Grenader Joe, both of which suspiciously die in one Buster shot. Head into the boss room to find Joe Man waiting for you. No need to worry, however: after filling up a full 10 health bars, he instantly explodes, dropping the second Energy Element.


  • After clearing the level, Flash Man's dialogue in the hub will reference Flashman85's livestreamed playthrough of Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, where he played Metallic Ocean multiple times due to absent-mindlessly following the main path twice while looking for the second Energy Element.
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