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Chapter 2 : Metropolitan Neapolitan

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

The ice cream van's not driving away this time...
"Looking for a way to get rich quick, but without havin' to risk robbing a bank or museum? Try robbin' ice cream vans!"
Pirate Man, offering some questionably valuable advice

Metropolitan Neapolitan is the ninth and final level on the path to the Icicle Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Based on Neapolitan Man from Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, Zero's search for Energy Elements takes him to Neapolitan Man's ice cream factory, beneath which is a convoy of large ice cream trucks driving across a highway. As he jumps from truck to truck, he encounters many enemies and gimmicks returning from the aforementioned stage, before facing Neapolitan Man himself in the Wafer Wagon in a battle for both the Energy Element and the Icicle Chip.


Zero starts off in the last two screens of the original Neapolitan Man stage, except the boss room is empty and the path forward is blocked by two Melt Blocks, which melt away as soon as Zero steps on them. Below the original boss arena, Zero finds a Cone Cannon, as well as two more Melt Blocks and Chill Man Blocks. Stomping through these takes Zero to a long horizontal stretch of trucks, populated by Curlingers, Cone Cannons, and a Cone Crusher. Beneath each truck is a long, moving road - falling onto this road will spell instant death for both Zero, and any unfortunate Curlingers that fall onto it.

At the end of the first stretch, Zero briefly enters one large truck and encounters an icy floor and Hardswerves just above him; the ice can help him speed past the arcing ice cream shots of the latter. After a small room containing a Conveyor and a Searchy over spikes, Zero will find himself on top of the truck, with an infinitely spawning fleet of Hardswerves driving to the left. Past them is a long stretch of terrain populated with Chill Man Blocks and Cone Crushers. Here, the latter's jumping ability comes into play, with them jumping after Zero if he's close enough to them, and they can damage the ice blocks if they land on them, forcing Zero to handle them quickly and with caution.

Past the first checkpoint are some Melt Blocks and a Glass Platform, which lead to another series of trucks over the road. The first truck Zero lands on is covered with spikes with conveyors hanging above them, while a Searchy and Cone Cannon conspire to send him into said spikes. The next truck over is filled with liquid ice cream, and has a Hardswerve and a row of spikes within. After it is a large truck held together with pink ice cream blocks, some of which are Melt Blocks, with Hardswerves driving along them hoping to crash into Zero. After them are numerous Chill Man Blocks over spikes, and a Cone Crusher that can potentially destroy more blocks than desired. The next area over, in which the truck enters a tunnel, features a battle against Mad Grinder before the next checkpoint.

Following this, Zero comes across a room with two Cone Crushers in the floor, and two columns of Meltable Ice in a path up above. By going to the right, he enters a large area filled with chocolate ice cream and conveyors over spikes. Both Hardswerves (moving so that they remain still on their conveyors) and Searchies will try to send Zero into the spikes if he isn't careful. If he has the Flame Chip, however, he can use it to melt the ice and take a higher route, into a room with ice blocks and infinitely-spawning Hardswerves. To the right is a corridor filled with more ice blocks and Melt Blocks, now placed over spikes - below which are Cone Crushers that try to use their missiles to hit Zero. This room also has an E-Tank past two small rows of Melt Blocks over spikes. The final room on this path has more spikes with Melt Blocks over them, as well as Chill Man Blocks on the bottom. A Cone Crusher is positioned on these blocks, forcing Zero to move quickly to grab the CD at the bottom before the blocks are destroyed.

Regardless of the path taken, Zero exits the truck's interior as the convoy enters a city at nighttime. A Cone Cannon atop two Chill Man Blocks obstruct the way forward, with two small health energy pickups placed atop two Melt Blocks. After them, Zero encounters more Hardswerves on conveyors over spikes, and more Chill Man Blocks with a Cone Crusher to crush them. After jumping onto the final truck, Zero is assaulted by a Hardswerve driving towards him, followed by another Cone Cannon, and a final Cone Crusher just before the boss door. From here, Zero finds a rocket platform shaped like a wafer, which will carry him to the Wafer Wagon.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Dr. Wily: Metropolitan Neapolitan?

You're on a... highway? What? Don't chase after someone, what are you doing?!

Zero: I am following the nearest Energy Element signal, and it seems to point to an ice cream truck.

Dr. Wily: Wha... whatever. I give up. You go harass the ice cream man or something, I'm going back to work.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: Metropolitan Neapolitan?

Oooh, you're on an ice cream truck!

I remember hearing they store some ice cream there in blocks.

They all should be at a safe eating temperature, but some might be too warm to stand on for long.

As for enemies, there's Cone Cannons, which shoot ice cream at different angles.

Vanilla is an X-shot, chocolate is the form of a plus, and strawberry goes both ways, but has less distance.

There's also Cone Crushers, which are kind of like Big Eyes, but they also launch cone rockets!

Their jumps are consistent though, so it should be easy to dash under them.

Stern: I'm heading out. You like cookies and cream, right?

Krantz: Mmm... can you get a rocky road this time? Feels more fitting for some reason...

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man At one point, you're gonna see some really solid ice blocking your way, right?

Just find something to melt it, and I'm sure there'll be a CD waiting for you eventually!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Wafer Wagon? Are you fighting an ice cream truck?!

Zero: To be fair, it is highly weaponized.

Yamato Man: ...You are correct. Why in the world does it have such a large arsenal?! Is ice cream theft that common?!

Whatever the case, if it's on the ground, its abilities are going to be limited to only shooting out scoops of ice cream
in an arc and pulling the brakes to try to ram you, so just move to the left if that happens.

Once it uses that flight capability it is equipped with...

Well, the truck itself won't be that hard to deal with, but your battlefield will become much more perilous!

Perhaps using its weakness might be good, but even that changes every phase!

Zero: This sounds like a dangerously lethal foe.

For an ice cream truck, of course.

Yamato Man: No kidding, just give it your all and grab some strawberry ice cream for me while you're at it!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: What, did ya wanna take me out to ice cream? I love your train of thought!

But, sorry, Zero, it's not happening. I'm lactose intolerant on [current day]s.

Zero: ...Another trail lost.

Knives: It's okay. The emissions from those trucks would ruin the date anyways!

Yeah, they SAY it's all green and cool now, but they're hiding the real truth.

All they did was just make the emissions invisible, odorless, and non-existent!


  • Metropolitan Neapolitan is the only "callback" stage in MaGMML: Episode Zero to feature a returning MaGMML2 Robot Master (not counting the Force Man-themed Force Guards in Force Facility).

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