Nauseous Greenhouse

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6th : Nauseous Greenhouse

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

This ride is making me nauseous.

Nauseous Greenhouse is the 6th and last place level in the Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level contest.


Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
Pachy ParmaJon ParmaJon : 24 / 100
This level has serious issues. Number one, the fact that I can't tell what your box items are means that there wasnt cohesion to the gimmicks. I feel like this stage just flat wasnt finished. On the postivie side, I liked the feel when you first start the level; the music is fast, a lot is going on. That general hectic vibe I can get behind. And then you get to the first screen transition and the camera breaks. Then the level suddenly ends.

However, the level does have one saving grace. I liked the multiple paths, it gave the level purpose to me. My issue with it is that there's no real reward for one path over the other, and getting to the right path is a bit confusing. The first time i got to it by rush jetting from where the yashichi is and hopping over the wall. Also that upper yashichi area is really confusing with missing objSolids. Also no checkpoint before topman was weird. Overall, I’m glad I played it.

MiniMacro MiniMacro MiniMacro : 64 / 100
This level left me with several questions and no answers. First off, why are the acid drops used like three times? They don’t do anything except waste space. Second off, why is the camera so messed up? Did you forget to place a screen transition somewhere? The only thing I think was used consistently were the hopping enemies and the Shadow Man platforms. And even then, they weren’t used in good or challenging ways. The Top platform challenge really isn’t a challenge at all. You can just ride the platform up. You don’t need to use the ladder for any reason. Also, what’s the point of the secret teleporter? It’s not hard to get to, and only gives you a Yashichi you probably won’t need. All in all, this level has a lot of one time use gimmicks and enemies that don’t give a challenge and is really short.
CreshMan CreshMan CreshMan : 18 / 100
I don't believe there were super arm blocks, the level wasn't long enough to really tell but I couldn't find any so.... for shame :(

This level left me confused..... why is it so short? Why is the entire level on one screen? Why does the checkpoint activate on a different screen? Why are there tiles without collission? Why does Top Man have no weakness (not that I would need it, it just feels odd to have an RM without a weakness)? These are questions for Greek philosophers or something because I clearly can't answer them.

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