Noble Nickel

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Noble Nickel.png

Noble Nickels are black, star-shaped collectibles scattered throughout levels in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. As few as zero and as many as five can be located in a single stage, for a total of 220, each with varying difficulty of obtaining. They can be returned to Knight Man in the Chateau Chevaleresque for various rewards.

Tier Amount of Nickels
Tier 1 1 Nickel
Tier 2 6 Nickels
Tier 3 19 Nickels
Tier 4 16 Nickels
Tier 5 16 Nickels
Tier 6 17 Nickels
Tier 7 4 Nickels
Tier 8 26 Nickels
Tier 9 29 Nickels
Tier 10 36 Nickels
Wily Star II 10 Nickels
Tier X 37 Nickels
Null and Void 3 Nickels


  • The name "Noble Nickel" was created by JupiHornet. Before this, they were originally called Crush Tokens.