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92nd : Oh No

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

What everyone says after trying to climb the ladder.
"There is no glitch! It's an oversight! Sometimes simulation creators forget to make their ladders climbable, okay?"

Oh No is the 92nd place entry in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level. It is a short level that features Cloud Platforms and Fire Waves as its two central gimmicks. The most notable thing about it is that despite the stage only having two ladders, neither of them work due to an autotiling error, unintentionally forcing the use of weapons and/or utilities to proceed. The stage is also one of the Shadow Imposter's targets during the Goody Two Shoes sidequest, and is the second stage visited while tracking down their graffiti.


The first several sections of the level consist of simple running and gunning against Nobitas, Haiker Ns, and Shield Attacker TRLs, with the action eventually taking place underwater. Just before the first checkpoint, Fire Waves are introduced. At that very checkpoint, a hidden passage can be accessed in the left wall by going through the Fire Wave chute, which leads to a small room with an E-Tank and a teleporter back to the checkpoint. Fire Waves continuously spawn while in the chute, making the Tengu Blade's dash ideal for outrunning them, or using its invulnerability to safely pass through them if they get too close. Beyond the checkpoint, a Cloud Platform slowly floats in a circle while a Haiker N shoots at him from the top wall; taking it out from a distance with a weapon is recommended. If Mega Man falls off, use of a utility is necessary to get back up, as the ladder is broken and doesn't work.

What follows are a series of Cloud Platforms over a bottomless pit, while Fire Waves move up and down through chutes. Avoiding damage is almost impossible without using the Rush Jet to cross the chasm quicker. After another broken ladder that forces the use of the Rush Coil or Concrete Shot, the stage's final challenge is another Cloud Platform ride while Haiker Ns occupy small gaps in one-tile wide walls. Beat Rescue is invaluable here, as it's quite easy to fall into the pit by accident. The Homing Sniper is also highly recommended, as it can quickly destroy Haiker Ns before they attach themselves to the walls. This is important as they act like solids once they do so, and Beat Rescue cannot carry Mega Man through them, often leading to Beat dropping him before a Cloud Platform can come back around.

After all that, the stage ends with a battle against Gyro Man. Try not to die, as the boss corridor has no checkpoint, and death will put Mega Man back before the room with the first broken ladder. Also try not to die too much, as running out of Rush Coil and Concrete Shot ammo will force a restart if one is short of W- and M-Tanks.

Shadow Imposter Graffiti[edit]

The message the Shadow Imposter leaves is located in the same room as the hidden E-Tank, within the secret Fire Wave chute. While looking for it, a Shadow Turret will orbit Mega Man like a Rounder, and fire shots at him regularly.

Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
ParmaJon ParmaJon ParmaJon : 47 / 100
Design Creativity Function Fun Aesthetic
14 / 35 7 / 15 7 / 10 12 / 25 7 / 15

Enemies disappear and never show up again, ladder objects don't exist, the last room before the boss is too hard and not fun. The room with clouds and fire is actually pretty fun.

PKWeegee PKWeegee PKWeeGee : 40 / 100
Design Creativity Function Fun Aesthetic
11 / 35 6 / 15 8 / 10 8 / 25 7 / 15

Oh no, what happened to your ladders? Well, besides that, it's not that great. Bland challenges, some weird platforming challenges with the cloud platforms that feel kinda unfair at times, and you get a stage that will most likely be remembered because of its name.

M-Jacq M-Jacq M-Jacq : 15 / 100
Design Creativity Function Fun Aesthetic
5 / 35 2 / 15 0 / 10 0 / 25 8 / 15

Oh no indeed - what's with the collision on those ladders? As is, this level is literally impossible buster only. Unfortunately, that's not the biggest problem here - no, that would be that this level takes fffooorrr-freaking-eevveerr. Those Air Platforms take an eternity to get from place to place, and they're really the only trick this level has up its sleeve, meaning most of what you'll be doing in this level is waaaiting. This level gets a big nope from yours truly.

Freems Freems Freems : 42 / 100
Design Creativity Function Fun Aesthetic
16 / 35 5 / 15 7 / 10 7 / 25 7 / 15

This level was very close to making me take a nap. While the first half played alright, the second half was unfortunately, just kind of boring. It just felt like a lot of slow waiting for those Air Man clouds and... yeah, that's mostly it. While the stage length was actually at a really good spot, all the waiting just made the whole experience feel like it dragged on for way too long. It really didn't help that a handful of the jumps in the very last room were surprisingly tight, which only really adds to the wait time of the level if you're going back to that sweet, sweet checkpoint. Really, it just needed something to help break up all the waiting to keep the pace going. And while I'm sure you're probably aware by this point, the ladders are broken, and that's unfortunate.


  • Because of the broken ladders, one of which is next to a wall too high to jump over, Oh No is one of the few levels in MaG48HMML where a buster-only run is completely impossible.

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