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Chapter 2 : Pepsi Zero

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Shameless Plug Man says, "Pepsi for TV Game!"

Pepsi Zero is the second level on the path to the Zap Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Zero's search for Energy Elements takes him to a dark, perilously unsafe Pepsi plant within Pepsi City, and features an abundance of Pepsi-branded hazards, with many large Pepsi Cans let loose in the facility waiting to crush him, as well as many enemies themed after the titular soda. Also within the deepest part of the plant is Pepsi City's greatest hero, Pepsi Man, trying to get the city's central computer back online.


Teleporting into Pepsi City, Zero's path forwards is populated with enemies painted with Pepsi brands. The three most prominent are can-tossing Pepsi Heads, red and blue Metall βs, and soda-burping Belchers. Aside from bottomless pits, a well-timed airdash onto a high platform can net Zero two large Bolts. The first checkpoint is positioned right outside the entrance to the plant, guarded by Metall βs and Pepsi Cans that fall from above at regular intervals. By sneaking past the latter, Zero enters the interior and encounters more Metall βs and falling Pepsi Cans, alongside Battontons. With the close proximity of each enemy, the Cutter Chip's Blank Drive is a useful attack to cover Zero's surroundings. After evading some falling cans, Zero encounters Pepsi Cans that roll from one side to the other, and must either move against or with them to move forward. Alternatively, he can use his Z-Saber to cut the cans apart and move on without any fuss.

The second checkpoint contains a ladder leading downwards, as well as a small one-tile passage on the right. Dashing into it takes Zero to a screen with a Key Barrier and a rolling Pepsi Can. By destroying the can with the Z-Saber, a key is released, allowing Zero to open the barrier and obtain a CD. Down the ladder are four screens with infinitely-spawning bouncing Pepsi Cans that need to be avoided. The last two screens have a Key Barrier in the way, with an onscreen enemy that needs destroying to find the key. At the bottom are two long open sections set against a backdrop of large Pepsi cans, which have Zero platforming over large bottomless pits while avoiding enemies and all three types of Pepsi Can. At the end of the second section, some careful jumps and airdashes can earn Zero an E-Tank he will otherwise be unable to obtain.

The final challenge of the level is a fast Auto Scroller through a corridor, with Pepsi Cans bouncing and rolling after Zero. Every can spawns from the left side of the screen, so Zero should stay near the right or centre to properly see each can as it appears. Sometimes, a bouncing and rolling can will appear at the same time, and can only be avoided with an airdash. The Z-Saber can also destroy them, but the number of cans combined with their speed and the auto scroller makes it a much riskier option. After the can barrage, Zero meets Pepsi Man at the Pepsi City computer. One misunderstanding later, and he's forced to fight him for the Energy Element.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Pepsi Zero?

Oh gross. I think you're morally obligated to take the Energy Element there, actually.

That place is nothing more than a corporate shill attraction. They thought it'd be "cool with the kids".

Get out of here! Let the actual geniuses put all those resources to better use. Like world domination.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: Pepsi Zero?

That area's got a lot of unique Pepsi dispenser robots, but they're mostly built off of older models of normal robots.

The most important thing to look out for is the Pepsi they shoot, which will slow you down.

There's also aluminum cans that can only be cut down with the Z-Saber.

Speaking of, did you know that Pepsi is corrosive to even metal, given enough time?

Zero: Oh. Is there any water nearby if I need it?

Krantz: Well, don't worry for now. It only happens if it's left to sit and you seem to walk it off pretty easily.

My point is mostly that soda in general is terrible for you.

Zero: I see... what about coffee?

Stern: Coffee is good for you, in moderation. Speaking from experience here.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man Oh, for this one, make sure you dash through any tight hole you see, and you'll see a locked door!

I think that soda can by the locked door is holding the key, and you'll have to get rid of it!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Pepsi Man? Why is a Japanese Pepsi mascot attacking you?!

Zero: It seems to believe I am affiliated with Coca-Cola, a rival brand.

Yamato Man: ...I can see it, now that you say that.

Ah! I know someone who can mediate this conflict peacefully. They even have a doctorate!

Zero: And who is this person you speak of?

Yamato Man: Dr. Pepper!

Zero: E-Excuse me?

Yamato Man: Yeah, their slogan is, "Solves All Your Problems"!

Zero: ...Somehow, I believe their presence woud not stop the violence on his end in the slightest.

In fact, it would make it worse.

Yamato Man: Jeez, I just thought I'd suggest a solution to years of corporate rivalry!

If you want to engage him, keep an eye on the way he accelerates while running, as it may throw you off when he runs around.

Sometimes he might even run straight into a wall! That'll stun him, but also make cans fall from the ceiling.

If he starts charging an attack, then prepare to jump and airdash over a fast laser of pure concentrated Pepsi!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Oh hey!! I can tell you're in that Pepsi city place... It's weird, right??? Totally insufferable.

When you're going around running around for our perfect date spot, pick somewhere more romantic!!

Not some cheap brand-plastered city. I'm from the southern US, so I don't think Pepsi is real, anyways.

I think they made it up!

Zero: They?

Knives: What, you don't know? Come on, I thought you were smarter than that!!


  • Throughout the level, the words, "PEPSI" and "DRINK" are written on several tiles. In the Auto Scroller section, some of these are altered to, "BEPIS", "P P", "PEPS", and "MC WILYS".

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