Pollution Park

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5th : Pollution Park

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

I don't think this is where we're supposed to dump garbage.

Pollution Park is the fifth place level in the Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level contest. It primarily focuses around Junk Blocks, both as platforms and obstacles.


The level starts with a climb up a ladder followed by a long stretch of land with several Wall Blaster IIs and pits in the way. Heading right leads to another extended area, this time filled with Junk Block spawners that serve both as obstacles and as platforms onto raised areas and over pits. After this, an empty room, and a drop down guarded by Junk Blocks and a Wall Blaster II, Mega Man must traverse three rooms where he must destroy Junk Blocks while maneuvering around Reflect Blocks and Wall Blaster IIs.

Dropping down the last of the 3 aforementioned rooms and going to the right in another empty room leads to a long horizontal area with piles of Junk Blocks above spikes, requiring Mega Man to be careful of what blocks to destroy. Gremlins are also hidden behind several of these Junk Blocks. Going to the right in this room and climbing up a ladder in another empty room leads to four sets of puzzles utilizing Splash Woman Water Platforms, sometimes around spikes. Past the last of these puzzles is a boss corridor, leading up to a fight against Metal Man.

Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
Pachy ParmaJon ParmaJon : 68 / 100
I do enjoy this stage, but it definitly has some flaws; primarily with the box usage. When you introduced new gimmicks, such as gremlins and then the splash woman platforms it felt like you dropped something else instead of synthesizing them together to make a coherent final challenge. The sections on their own, primarily the junk block section was really fun and used the cannons and the junk blocks together really well. I guess what I really wanted was for there to be something else with the splash platforms. Also I feel like the level never tried to utilize weapons at all. :'(

I feel like this review was kinda negative but honestly, I enjoyed the stage, I just feel like it was so close to being WAY better than it is.

MiniMacro MiniMacro MiniMacro : 85 / 100
This level made great use of the junk blocks. I liked how they were used as both hazards and stepping blocks, and when there were puzzles. The use of the aiming cannons was good, too- I especially liked the rooms with all the junk blocks and the reflective blocks. I tell you, those rooms were a stroke of genius. They required both agility and thinking to figure out how to go through them. Another thing I liked about this level was the aesthetic. Plant Man has a great tileset, and Super Secret Service is always a great music choice. However, I do have some qualms with this level. The Air Man enemies were basically just fodder. They didn't add anything to the level, they just wasted space. They could have been used in conjunction with those rooms from earlier that I mentioned-they would have been a perfect fit there. Another problem I have is the Splash Woman platform rooms. They felt tacked on, and their puzzles felt almost exactly like how they were in Splash Woman s stage. They weren t used very well throughout the level, and they felt like just padding out the length rather than being used consistently. Overall, though, I enjoyed the level!
CreshMan CreshMan CreshMan : 57 / 100
No super arm blocks. For shame :(

This stage used one specific gimmick really well and it really rode with that theme for well.... most of the stage. You see, the biggest problem I have with this stage is that it has a few gimmicks and enemies that are introduced for a few screens and then either the stage ends or they're just forgotten about entirely.

I found the puzzle screens with the junk blocks and Wallblaster2s to be fun and a good excuse to use reflect blocks, and they don't take so long as to bore the player on second playthroughs.

Overall the stage was fun but kind of short and it didn't really feel like the earlier screens and splash woman platforms went together well in the end at all. It felt like a small part of a different stage, for lack of a better explanation.


  • MaG24HMML's credits state that only tileset graphics from Mega Man 6 are used in the level. This is not true, as Magma Man's tileset from Mega Man 9 is also used, as can be seen in the screenshot above.
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