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Chapter 2 : Refurbished Pyramid

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Of course, that's how they built the pyramids! Magnets!

Refurbished Pyramid is the sixth level on the path to the Flame Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. It is an old (if not exactly ancient) novelty pyramid close to Scarlet Temple, now largely used as a storehouse. A considerable part of the level is devoted to Tornado Platforms, particularly long rides across bottomless chasms while avoiding (non-lethal) spikes, which can be surprisingly difficult to complete without taking damage and/or dying. Another common sight are T. Khamens; five in total are fought across the stage, each one with a different setup.


The level's small enemy roster is shown off in quick succession in the first few rooms, as are Tornado Platforms, Fuse Platforms, and a T. Khamen fought over Damage Spikes. Below said T. Khamen is a long corridor filled with Springs and a simple Tornado Platform ride, with a Sola 0 bouncing on a Spring at the end. While the Z-Saber can kill the bouncing desk lamp of death even when shielded, it's just as easy to go over or under it. Soon afterwards, Zero will land on a slowly-destroying set of Fuse Platforms next to a group of Tornado Platforms. There is a semi-hidden background door that can only be entered if the Fuse Platforms beneath it have not yet self-destructed, and there isn't a lot of time to reach it before they do so. This door not only acts as a minor shortcut, but it also leads to a secret room with two large Bolts, an E-Tank, and a CD.

Invincible Flower Presenters and Sola 0s debut after the first checkpoint, forcing Zero to stay aware of their projectiles and/or current location. Another set of Fuse Platforms quickly blow up once Zero arrives on their screen, and a moment's hesitation will lead to him falling into a bottomless pit. Though the way forward is on the left, a detour to the right leads to another bonus room. Here, a CD rests above a set of slowly-crumbling Fuse Platforms, and will fall into a bottomless pit if it isn't grabbed in time; a Swim Ball works to slow Zero down. A door on the left leads back to the main path, where after fighting a T. Khamen while bouncing on springs, a long Tornado Platform ride awaits, with Damage Spikes dangerously close by. If the Psycho Chip has been collected by this point, equipping it makes avoiding the spikes much easier, as its lower gravity lets Zero stay in the air longer while waiting for the magnet to pass by spikes.

After another checkpoint is a T. Khamen resting in a corner, with only its wall dispensers and an invincible Flower Presenter capable of damaging Zero. A few short screens of enemies later, another, more difficult T. Khamen is battled, with only six springs acting as safe ground over a bottomless pit. Defeating it opens the way to a section filled with Fuse Platforms, all of which start detonating. Running through as quickly as possible is vitally important, or else falling into the chasm below is inevitable. Mercifully, after this is another checkpoint, and a Z-Burst Block that hides a sideroom with the level's final CD. This one requires tight platforming around Damage Spikes on Tornado Platforms, with a very precise airdash (or the Double Jump) needing to be performed to avoid hitting a row of ceiling spikes.

Back on the main path, two Tornado Platform-heavy sections stand in the way of the level's end. The first one encourages Zero to get a move on, lest he get several Sola 0s dropped on his head. While jumping from one magnet to the other is easy, a Sola 0 stands on a narrow platform, and must be killed while jumping from a Tornado Platform. Because of the limited space available, it's much safer to use a long-range weapon like the Z-Burst or Blank Drive to destroy it rather than the Z-Saber. The second Tornado Platform ride happens not too long afterwards, and is based on avoiding spikes and keeping up with the magnet; once again, the Psycho Chip's low gravity makes dodging the spikes easier. At the very end is another T. Khamen, positioned high in the top-right corner while an invincible Sola 0 shoots lasers at Zero. Because of the difficulty in hitting it with the Z-Buster, a weapon with high reach (such as the Psycho Chip's Z-Burst) should be used if available. Once defeated, the T. Khamen dispenses an Energy Element onto the floor.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Refurbished Pyramid?

Hah! That place. Way back when, someone tried to build some novelty pyramid as a companion to the Scarlet Temple.

Wanted to bring in tourism money. Didn't work, and the building just has a bunch of weird robots in it now.

Apparently they also locked away a bunch of excessive battery lift stock in there, since nobody bought those...

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Refurbished Pyramid?

That area's home to Tornado Platforms and Fuse Blocks.

Tornado Platforms rotate constantly, but can hold onto you when upside down. Jumping will force you off of them.

Fuse Blocks will begin disappearing shortly after approaching their area, destroying each block on a path.

If you're quick enough, though, you can beat them to the punch to get some goodies!

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): There should be a big ol' black door with collapsing bricks around it you see at some point!

Get in that door before it's too late, and that CD'll be yours!

(CD #2): Oh! Keep an eye out for, if you gotta race those crumbly block things, if an opening appears!

There'll be one to the right of you when you drop in, at one point! That's the way to the CD.

(CD #3): Keep your eye out for a block marked with an icon of your burst weapon thingy!

Break that, and that'll be your ticket to the CD!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Okay, this is better, more deadly, but it's also really TACKY, you know?

Those battery thingies are not a good sign for a date's success. And the seven T. Khamens.

Zero: Why are they tacky?

Knives: Not a good PR look. Everyone hates those things! And we'll totally be criticized for it.

All the news reports of our date'll be like, "ohh, so THEY like THAT gimmick, huh??".

Zero: You are hurting my brain.

Knives: That's the power of love!!


  • The jabs made at the Tornado Platform gimmick in Dr. Wily and Knives's Z-Phone calls almost certainly stem from the gimmick's low reputation in the MaGMML community, in part because of its buggy nature in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, as well as the grief custom costume makers have making rotation sprites for it.
  • Two of the level's CDs end up spoiling bosses from Chapter 3's Ghouls n' Ghasts (another level by SVNrenga), potentially long before said stage is unlocked. Because that level has no CDs at all, and many of Chapter 3's CDs were reserved for entries containing spoilers that pertain to MaGMML: Episode Zero's plot, there was unfortunately nowhere else to put their entries. So to anyone doing a blind run, er... be careful when picking up this level's CDs!
  • This level, along with BlocBunker and Shift Posting, are the only levels in Episode Zero to have a midboss enemy drop an Energy Element.

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