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27th : Ruined Lab

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

This lab has certainly seen better days...

Ruined Lab is the 27th place level in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. It is a long, open level designed after the Wily stages from Mega Man 3. Jewel Satellite and Super Arrow are disabled upon initially entering the level, but can be unlocked permanently by collecting specific Noble Nickels.


The first two rooms of the stage are directly based on Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 3. The first room is an outdoor area with a New Shotman, a Peterchy, a Cannon, and two Hammer Joes. Dropping down leads to an underwater area with several swimming Penpens, and a Hologran midway through. The area that served as the room's exit in Mega Man 3 is now blocked off by rocks, and the pipe at the end of the room is now broken to the point where it can be slid under or broken with buster shots, leading to a brief spike drop. Mega Man then lands in a large underwater area, with several Drop Platforms, Cannons, and Junk Block dispensers serve as obstacles, and a Key Barrier prevents Mega Man from going to the right. Both an E-Tank and an M-Tank can be found going to the right, and going all the way to the right leads to another room, where Mega Man must climb to the top on ladders while avoiding a Bomber Pepe, several Jamacies, and spikes. Reaching the top leads to a drop into a room with two Big Snakeys.

Defeating the Big Snakeys opens up the path to a room where Mega Man must avoid Junk Blocks, followed by a room with two paths. Taking the left path leads to the stage's first Noble Nickel, which must be accessed using utilities and unlocks Jewel Satellite upon being collected. Taking the right path leads to a set of Wanaans that Mega Man must get past by sliding under pipes just above each Wanaan hole. At the end of the room, past two Bomber Pepes, is a boss gate leading to a fight against a Giant Metall.

In the room right after the Giant Metall is a single Metall DX that drops a Key upon defeat, which must be collected to get past the Key Barrier from earlier in the level. The next room is a hallway filled with Metall DX, both walking and flying. Dropping down at the end of the room takes Mega Man back to the open water area, where he can use the recently-obtained Key to unlock the Key Barrier. Going past the Key Barrier leads to a ladder, serving as the exit to the water area, with the following two rooms changing their appearance to resemble Wily Stage 4 from Mega Man 3. The next two rooms each have a pair of Junk Golems, with the second of the two rooms also including precise jumps over spikes. After this is a room with a single Bikky, and another split path. Using utilities to take the top path leads to a room where a New Shotman and a Junk Golem guard the second Noble Nickel, which also unlocks Super Arrow.

Taking the left path leads to a room requiring careful jumps across Sparkman Platforms while avoiding spikes, followed by a room requiring careful jumps over pits while also being wary of Drop Platforms and Gyoraibos. The room after this is a wide pit that must be crossed with Rush Jet. Gyoraibos, Yambows, and Parasyus all appear as obstacles, and Mega Man must occasionally dismount Rush while still keeping him on the screen to pick up a weapon energy capsule to refill Rush Jet energy. At the end of the room is a ladder leading to four rooms Mega Man must climb up, with the first two including Hammer Joes and a Jamacy, the third including Junk Golems, and the fourth including two Sparkman Platforms. After this is four mostly empty rooms with several screens spread across them, each showing a Robot Master included in the MaGMML2 devkit, though some screens (specifically ones showing Chill Man, Top Man, and Pharaoh Man) are broken. Dropping down in the last room leads to the battle against Doc Robot.

Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
snoruntpyro snoruntpyro snoruntpyro : 32 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality Skip Teleporter?
9 / 15 6 / 10 7 / 15 5 / 5 5 / 5 No

Interesting MM3-styled level, though I have...a few issues with it. The first half is mostly fine, though the free scroll section feels like you're making blind jumps sometimes. The Hologran at the beginning is kind of dumb because it just makes you wait until it goes offscreen. The double-snake miniboss is incredibly overwhelming and idk if it's possible to do without getting hit. The giant met miniboss basically just amounts to mashing because it just flies in and out of a shooting range and all of its projectiles can be destroyed with one shot. The rest is fine though, and I actually really like the met section. The second half brings its own set of issues, mainly from using Junk Golems, which are awful enemies that are basically impossible to not get hit by unless you do absolutely perfect movements. And they're in quite a few rooms, in very obnoxious places. I also question the decision to bring back the Rush Jet section from original MM3, because I'm pretty sure no one liked that. I didn't :V. Thankfully you can skip it with Super Arrow. Doc Robot, while neat, I feel is too unpredictable and inconsistent sometimes - sometimes it seems like he just fires Gemini Laser whenever he feels like it. It also doesn't help that he has high contact damage and a ton of health. He does sort of have a 'rhythm' to him tho because he has the Crash Man AI, so it's not tooooo bad. So overall, it's an interesting level, it just has some issues that keep me from really liking it.

JupiHornet JupiHornet JupiHornet : 41 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality
10 / 15 8 / 10 14 / 15 5 / 5 4 / 5

I really like how this level started as Wily 1 from Mega Man 3 and then transformed into a much more nonlinear level. It's a very creative concept it and really took me by surprise. My main issue is that underwater section, which was full of blind jumps. Another thing is, although this is a really good level, it did feel like it started overstay its welcome a bit. It easily could have ended after I got the key, but that was actually around the halfway point, where it transitioned into MM3's Wily 4. It took me a few deaths to learn that Rush Jet section, which was annoying. The boss was really cool, and I liked the ominous feel of the section leading up to it, but did it really need 3 health bars? ;-;

Enjl Enjl Enjl : 39 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality Skip Teleporter?
10 / 15 7 / 10 13 / 15 5 / 5 4 / 5 No

Pretty neat wily stage type stage! I like the throwback to MM3 in the beginning and how you're just further exploring the sewers beneath the fortress. There's a large variety of challenges here, most of which I like, some of which often killed me before I could react, though those deaths were usually my fault for not paying enough attention (Every time I arrived at the ladder area my first death went to the spikes you can see as you enter the room). Generally I prefer what the 2nd half of the level has to offer, with some tricky platforming segments and a rush jet section (that I initially accidentally skipped with super arrow and I felt really shitty for doing so). The boss is a cool combination of various robot masters, though it has a metric ton of HP and I feel like 2 full bars would've been more than enough. The scripts in this stage also crashed quite a few times when I died, which is unfortunate. Overall a cool and pretty challenging stage.

Garirry Garirry Garirry : 21 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality
4 / 15 4 / 10 6 / 15 4 / 5 3 / 5
It's honestly pathetic. Most enemies are placed in uncomfortable places, often being really easily hit. I've seen worse but it's still bad. It often gets tedious, especially with the boss and certain sections. Eh. It's pretty much based on Wily 1 MM3 so there's not a lot of creativity here It's alright. It's so easy to glitch through this level. Also level takes an eternity to load jesus christ.

First off, I'll admit my bias towards levels that are based on already existing stages. I'm saying this because this level is based on Mega Man 3's Wily 1 and doesn't do that great of a job at soing something interesting with it.

Aside from that, the level just kinda sucks. Often the placement of enemies and other obstacles gets really irritating to deal with, particularly in the Rush Jet section, and the bosses are way too difficult. Not to mention how bad the collision is and how the level takes 10 seconds to load. On the bright side I think some of the ideas here aren't too bad, but they were executed poorly.

ACESpark ACESpark ACESpark : 27 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality Skip Teleporter?
8 / 15 4 / 10 8 / 15 3 / 5 4 / 5 No

Most of this stage is average. The clever parts of the stage was the Super Arrow easter egg, and the second Mid Boss was pretty cool, if a little hard to hit. Checkpoints were well placed, and I like the transition from tileset 1, to tileset 2. That was neat!

The stage copies a lot of stage design from the actual Wily stages, which is ok in concept, but these sections are quire literally, filler we've already played.

The original segments come with some glaring issues, though.

The twin Big Snakey fight... wasn't fun. It amounts to spam, with both Snakeys firing at the same time, rather than them having a balancing act, making dodging in that section all but impossible.

There are also several blind jumps / enemies in the large underwater room... which is frankly, ridiculous.

But I really take exception to your boss. The concept is pretty cool. All the of the Devkit bosses loaded into one Doc Robot? That's awesome!

But, you fail completely to actually do any of this well. There is no tells or indication as to what attack he is going to pull of, (so, luck is required to dodge anything), no colour scheme swapping, no image in the background to tell you what attack he is going to use next... nothing. He just picks a random attack, pulls it off immediately, and then picks another random attack. Ugh. A cool concept ruined.

And then you gave him 3 health bars, with no changes to the boss fight as you go through said health bars. No phases, no nothing, hes just got a ton of health for no reason. I'm sorry... what!? There is no justification for that, and is just there to force players to use E-Tanks as dodging the boss's attacks can sometimes be impossible.

Your boss fight ruined any goodwill I had left.

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