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Chapter 2 : S.R.A.R.A. HQ

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

At last, the lair of... evil? Stupidity? It's one of the two.

S.R.A.R.A. HQ is the final level of Chapter 2 in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. As the name suggests, it is the home base of SRARA, located in a disused weapons testing site on a small island. After collecting 27 Energy Elements from each of the four Chip paths (and being cast aside by Dr. Wily), Zero is called to investigate the area after a mysterious blue meteorite crashes into it. During his journey inside, he can discover clues to SRARA's history, current activities, and eventual plans.

Notably, every enemy he encounters in the base hails from one of the simulations for the second festival, which SRARA have been keeping notes on. He also has to contend with ceiling-mounted laser emitters that sweep across several corridors, as well as turrets which fire in multiple directions at once. In the deepest part of the base, Zero doesn't find SRARA (who have, in fact, already fled to Tier X), but instead Duo.


Upon entering, Zero's only way forward is to drop down two screens, the first one having a Crazy Peller, while the second has both a Crazy Peller and a Fire Camon. The next corridor over, he encounters one of the level's main gimmicks, the Laser Runner, which moves from the left side of the corridor to the right. By moving quickly and hiding under ceilings that block the laser, he can cross safely, but both Fire Camons and Crazy Pellers will try to slow him down. Shortly afterwards, a Skelefellow guards the path downwards, which contains a screen with a Crazy Peller, Fire Camon, and Laser Runner, and then a room with two Skelefellows. To the left is a small passage that leads to a single room with a newspaper article, a computer printout, and a W-Tank. Going right leads to another long corridor with a Laser Runner, more dangerous than the first as it has more spikes and enemies.

At the end is a ladder leading to a tall room, with a Laser Runner frequently sweeping the middle of the screen. Zero must airdash from ledge to ledge (while avoiding both the laser and the Crazy Pellers guarding each edge) to scale the room, before reaching the first checkpoint. To the left is a Destroyable Block that only the Cutter Chip can break, which leads to a hallway with no enemies, but continuously spawning Laser Runners that move from right to left. The corridor has no ceilings Zero can hide under, and so must dash to avoid a laser hitting him. If he has the Zap Chip, he can use its speed increase to move faster than the Laser Runners, while the Icicle Chip's ice shield renders him immune to the lasers. At the end of this hallway is a small room with fake IDs, an IC chip recall notice, a CD, and a teleporter to the first checkpoint room.

Zero next enters a small hallway filled with Draygonian Archers and Draygonian Rushers, followed by a single screen with a path leading downwards (guarded by two Draygonian Archers). The next screen has a Glass Platform blocking the path forward, along with another Laser Runner and a Draygonian Soldier. The screen below has two paths: the right is guarded by a Draygonain Archer, the bottom by two Draygonian Rushers and a Glass Platform. The bottom path leads directly back into the right path (where a Rotator Turret is located), but contains an E-Tank, a wanted poster for SRARA, and notes on simulations for the second festival. What follows are several corridors with Rotator Turrets, enemies, and spike-lined floors. With many projectiles threatening him, Zero must be careful about where he stands and moves. After an airdash from a ladder over spikes (with a Laser Runner ready to knock him down), a long corridor with a Laser Runner, enemies, and Rotator Turrets precedes the next checkpoint.

Though the path forward is to the right, the left has a one-block passage barricaded by a Cutter Block; entering through here takes Zero to a corridor filled with Fire Camons and Rotator Turrets that fire in all eight directions simultaneously. At the end of this corridor is a CD, a scientific report, one of SRARA Shield Attacker's vlogs, and a teleporter back to the checkpoint. The right path leads to a hallway packed with Laser Runners, Rotator Turrets, and enemies, eventually leading to a Skelefellow guarding two Glass Platforms. After stomping through them, Zero arrives in a tall room with a Key Barrier; the key to which is seen at the top while uncontrollably falling down. To obtain it, he must climb back up the room while avoiding Rotator Turrets and a few enemies. The final stretch consists of a hallway with a very fast Laser Runner, numerous Rotator Turrets, and enemies. If Zero lacks the Zap Chip to outrun the Laser Runner and/or the Icicle Chip to use its shield, he must take care of where he stops to find cover, as the turrets can cover many spots. After a pair of Draygonian Archers, Zero arrives at the boss door; going left, however, takes him to a room with a large mural of graffiti, as well as the third and final CD.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Dr. Wily: SRARA HQ?

What the heck's a SRARA? Is that some kind of sauce?

I don't think there's going to be an Energy Element in a condiment factory.

Zero: ...Erm... it is complicated.

Dr. Wily: You find new ways to confuse me every day.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Zero: I've reached SRARA's headquarters.

Krantz: Good. That place used to be a weapon testing institute before it was abandoned.

The last thing they worked on was the Laser Runner. It'll come from the ceiling and rush across the area.

They also had the Rotator Turret, a cannon that fires in cross and X patterns.

Some higher-end models shoot in both directions at once.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man: CD #1: Looks like this one's blocked by a barrier marked with a little scissor thingy! You gotta break it!

After that, you might have to outrun some things with a stomp dash, but after that, it's yours!

CD #2: This one's blocked by a scissor block thing tucked away in a corner! Cut it down and you'll be in business!

Just dodge all those turret thingies and the CD should be within your grasp!

CD #3: This one's a freebie! When you see one of those big gate thingies... boss doors? Just go left instead of right!

Then it should be sitting right there in the open, yours for the taking!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Huh? Who is this guy? Is he one of those strong space robots?

Do you think you could arrange a match between him and I? I've always wanted to fight an alien!

Zero: He seems busy fighting me right now.

Yamato Man: Aw... Tell him later, OK? When he prepares a dash attack, dashjump and airdash right over him, but be careful!

As soon as you overlap him vertically he'll slam the ground and create shockwaves, so cancel the airdash by moving in the opposite direction.

Additionally, when he summons a shield of stars around him, even though the stars will fire aimed shots at you, he'll still be an easy target
for attacks that pierce through shields, like your Z-Saber or Cutter Chip moves!

Zero: Very well, I will keep that in mind.

Yamato Man: Even the match arrangement?

Zero: ...Yes.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Uhhh... maybe not. Those SRARA guys are dumb. They might come back and mess up the mood.

I could totally take them all at the same time, but they might be able to beat YOU up!

Zero: I have already beaten them several times.

Knives: But what if they're NEW AND IMPROVED? They might be in cahoots with the government now!

They'll come in with a big mech or something and ruin EVERYTHING.

Pick a date spot that isn't as super duper risky and dumb and stupid!!


As one of the major levels in Episode Zero, S.R.A.R.A. HQ contains lots of lore on its sidepaths, hinting at the backstory of SRARA and their plans, as well as certain aspects of the MaGMML timeline.

The first room with lore contains a newspaper article dated March 26, 20XX, describing four security robots who went missing after a mysterious incident, and were sent to investigate readings coming from somewhere. Much of the text is rendered illegible, but the descriptions match up with SRARA's members. To the left is a computer printout listing the energy output of something. Despite an attempt to shut down to prevent overheating, the attempt is cancelled, and the output goes as high as 170% before devolving into "nonsense".

The second major area contains fake simulator investigator IDs for SRARA, and a recall notice for an IC chip program developed by Dr. Light. This program is the same one that Justice Man used, and the notice explains that robots using it experience a similar state of mental degredation leading to insanity, suggesting that SRARA uses this same program, and that it is the reason behind their eccentric and often nonsensical behaviour. Later on in the stage is a wanted poster for SRARA, explaining that the four have been stealing stock from both the first and second festivals (explaining the presence of so many MaGMML2 enemies in the base). To its right are a set of notes on simulations that mention their potential risks, seemingly written by SRARA. Each note corresponds to a level from Make a Good Mega Man Level 2:

The third area (seemingly SRARA Shield Attacker and SRARA Up n' Down's quarters) contains a scientific report detailing "dimensional instability", attributing it to the events of the fangame Skullman in: Scooby Doc 4: The Destroyer (Featuring Atsushi Onita), wherein Skull Man travels to multiple dimensions through portals called "Wargates". The document also alludes to the events of the Archie comic crossover Worlds Unite, and attributes the creation of the Wargates as a side-effect of the crossover's ending (something backed up by SRARA Met's monologue in Entrance to Tier X, and by grafitti of Sonic's head in the room next to the boss door). The room also has a computer with a vlog from SRARA Shield Attacker; in it, he almost reveals that Wargates and Energy Elements have the same energy output, but is cut off by SRARA Up n' Down before he does so.


  • The name of the level is one of the few times in-game that "SRARA" is spelled with full stops, instead of without them.
  • The ID numbers for the simulations described in the simulation notes are taken from the teleporter IDs their respective levels had in the MaGMML2 judge hub.
  • At various points in the stage, grafitti of characters from MaGMML1 and MaGMML2 can be seen, including Air Man, Chomp Man, one of the Wily Archives, the Cursor, Bowser, Knight Man (with a Noble Nickel), and Him. Additionally, Energy Elements are scribbled all throughout the base.

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