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SRARA Shield Attacker's mugshot
SRARA Shield Attacker's mugshot
SRARA Shield Attacker
Artwork by Spin Attaxx
Artwork by Spin Attaxx
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
3 (shields)
3 (Hannya Attacker fire breath)
4 (fire wave)
4 (ground flame)
4 (explosion)
2 (projectile, Null and Void only)
Weakness(es): Cutter Chip (Z-Saber, Blank Drive)
Affiliations: SRARA
SRARA Up n' Down
Type: Shield
Occupation: "Festival Inspector"
Main Stage: N/A (Roamer)
Location(s): Null and Void
Misc. Information
Script: SRARAシールドアタッカー
Romaji: SRARA Shīrudo Atakkā
Designer(s): snoruntpyro
Programmer(s): Spin Attaxx
Artist(s): Enjl, Spin Attaxx
Gender: N/A
Eye Color: Black, Purple
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML: Episode Zero (Boss, NPC)
"Yo, yo! What is up, my Left-to-Right Gang?! Welcome to Episode 20 of Shield Attack Vlogs!"
―SRARA Shield Attacker, Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

SRARA Shield Attacker is one of the members of SRARA, and a major antagonist in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. They are an egotistical and somewhat immature Shield Attacker with the ability to swap between multiple shields, each with a different means of attack. They have a hobby of creating vlogs on the Undernet, and are good friends with SRARA Up n' Down.

SRARA Shield Attacker is first encountered with the rest of SRARA in Mega City, and appears in a cutscene with SRARA Up n' Down after Subterranean Stronghold is first cleared. In Chapter 2, they appear as a roaming boss on the overworld after gathering 16 Energy Elements from that chapter's levels (excluding Construction of Constructions). The player is inevitably forced to fight them, as SRARA Shield Attacker directly goes after Zero if ignored for several stages. In Null and Void, SRARA Shield Attacker is battled one more time alongside the other SRARA members.


SRARA Shield Attacker follows a linear pattern, as with every SRARA member. During most of the fight, they're protected with a shield and can only be damaged from behind, or with piercing weapons. In order, their attacks are:

  • Flying back and forth from one edge of the screen to the other four times. If Zero avoided taking damage during their last pass, they will move up or down slightly in an attempt to catch him while jumping or dashing. In Null and Void, SRARA Shield Attacker moves faster.
  • Quickly charging across the screen three times at two possible heights, bearing a Shield Attacker GTR's shield. In the middle of the third charge, they will stop in the center of the screen and launch the shield forwards, leaving them vulnerable from the front. In Null and Void, they also create a fire wave behind them after launching the shield. After staying in place for a while, they fly offscreen.
  • Charges directly at Zero multiple times, each time slowing to a stop after passing by him before turning around. They go offscreen again after five tackles. In Null and Void, SRARA Shield Attacker moves faster.
  • Flying in from either side of the screen and launching a Shield Attacker TRL's shield down at Zero, which bounces at either a high or low height. They use this attack three times in a row. In Null and Void, SRARA Shield Attacker also fires a projectile at Zero after throwing the shield, and the attack is used six times in a row.
  • Directly tracking Zero multiple times, turning around after passing by him.
  • While donning a Hannya Attacker mask, they repeat the initial left-to-right-and-back attack while breathing a short, purple stream of fire. After four passes, SRARA Shield Attacker quickly flies to the other side of the screen before launching the shield in an arc at Zero, which will explode upon impact with the ground and release two purple fire waves, each one creating a flame under Zero. In Null and Void, SRARA Shield Attacker moves slightly faster.

Like the other members of SRARA, SRARA Shield Attacker undergoes a general speed increase in comparison to their first battle. However, it isn't as noticeable as with the other members, and as described above, SRARA Shield Attacker's other changes in the rematch are fairly tame.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man SRARA Shield Attacker?

Boy, this battle will make you wish you had my spear! Like any Shield Attacker, they're completely immune to any frontal attack,
so you'll have to get hits in from behind, or risk getting rammed into if you try using your Z-Saber from the front.

Here's a little tip though: Every so often they'll swap out their shield.

When they put on a green shield, they'll come from either edge of the screen, and eject it out!

If you dodge it, they'll be completely exposed for a second, allowing you to slash them with your Z-Saber!

Damage Table[edit]

Z-Buster Z-Saber Z-Burst Blank Drive
No Chip 2 3* 2 7
Cutter Chip 2.5 4* 3 4*
Flame Chip 2* 3* 2* 2*
Icicle Chip 2 3* 2 1
Zap Chip 2 3* 2 2*
Psycho Chip 2.5 3* 2 3
Other Notes *Can pierce the frontal shield of the boss.


  • One of SRARA Shield Attacker's eyes (only seen when he lacks a shield) has a purple pupil.
  • SRARA Shield Attacker is the only SRARA member to not have a predominantly blue color scheme.
  • During development, the SRARA Shield Attacker battle was much tougher, as they moved a lot faster - fast enough that hitting them with the normal Z-Buster was next to impossible without being up close to them.

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