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SS Elroy

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Seven weeks of fun over the seven seas, less than 48 hours away!

The SS Elroy is the main hub and setting of Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level. It is a luxury cruise ship that hosts an annual fair while at sea, with the current one being its 48th, which centres around simulations. Over the course of the game, it is hijacked by the villainous Box Cartel, prompting Mega Man to gather as many Energy Elements as possible to defeat them and free the ship.

The SS Elroy is considerably more expansive than previous hubs in the series, with heavy use of ladders to reach higher areas of the ship. The ship is also populated with NPCs and locked cabin doors, all of which will open up as more Energy Elements are collected.

Points of Interest[edit]

Dr. Light's Cabin[edit]

Mega Man will always start outside this room. Inside, Dr. Light relaxes inside his own personal simulation, to the annoyance of Roll. Once Mega Man has enough Energy Elements to proceed to the Cartel Hideout, he'll need to come here to speak to Dr. Light. Outside the cabin, a G.S.Q will give Mega Man two free E-Tanks and W-Tanks if talked to early on in the game.


On the bottom level of the ship, Mega Man will find an elevator leading to Tiers 2 through 10. This elevator appears in those tiers as well, and he can return to the main hub by selecting "Deck". He can also see how many Elements in a tier have been collected via a display over the top.

Information Kiosk[edit]

Above Dr. Light's cabin is a room with a Gamma-lookalike named Iota, who provides the player with information about the contest and the judges.

Avian Kingdom[edit]

To the right of the ship is the birthplace of the future Avian Kingdom, where Deleuze Pipi resides. Mega Man is forced to go here in order to find Beat, and he can purchase upgrades for him by talking to Deleuze Pipi. The option to make charitable donations also exists, just in case one has too many bolts on hand.

Joseph's Workshop[edit]

Above the elevator is Joseph's living space. Mega Man can visit him at any time to have him create upgrades from whatever Junk he's managed to obtain.

Special Weapon Bootcamp[edit]

Main article: Weapon Tutorials

In the top left corner of the ship is Sarge's Special Weapon Bootcamp. Here, Mega Man can enter short obstacle courses themed around the Robot Masters his Special Weapons come from, with all of them providing advice and tips on how to use them effectively. Completing all of them will reward Mega Man with 100 bolts. Right outside the bootcamp is a Docron hatch that will dispense an M-Tank in emergency situations (such as when a Box Cartel member is onboard).

Double Action Boutique[edit]

To the right of Special Weapon Bootcamp is Double Action Boutique, where Mega Man can buy costumes from Nu'o and Bol'o. However, it remains locked until after at least 7 Energy Elements are collected. Outside is a Lyric who will sing a random song lyric when talked to. On the top left corner is a door leading to a back room, where players can easily test the animations for their Custom Costumes. Bonnie the Okosutobon can be found here during the Credit Where It's Due sidequest, and will give the key to Granny-Oh's cabin when spoken to.

Tier 1[edit]

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By falling off the left of the ship, Mega Man will land in a set of lifeboats, home to Tier 1 and the worst-rated simulations in the fair. A pair of Foot Holders on either side of the tier will give him a ride back up to the ship if he boards one of them.

Tier 11 Elevator[edit]

On the top right corner of the ship, above the Avian Kingdom, is the elevator that leads to Tier 11 and the top deck of the ship. Standing close to it is Bass, who will tell Mega Man what tiers he hasn't completed yet and insult him for it.

Sniper Armor[edit]

To the right of the elevator is a Sniper Armor, who will give Mega Man directions when talked to.

Junk Golem's Cabin[edit]

Near the Avian Kingdom is Cabin B3, where a Junk Golem resides. Mega Man can talk to it to receive information on sidequests that are currently open, or how to complete sidequests he's in the middle of doing.

Mad Grinder's Cabin[edit]

Near Double Action Boutique is Cabin A4, inhabited by a Mad Grinder and a blue crate. By shooting the crate, Mega Man can receive a certain amount of E-Tanks and W-Tanks depending on how many Energy Elements he has, with more Elements giving more Tanks. This is useful, as there is nowhere to buy Tanks otherwise.

Gyosephine's Cabin[edit]

Likely to be the first sidequest Mega Man comes across, a Gyotot named Gyosephine will ask for his help in exorcising her TV. He can visit her cabin, Cabin C2, any time he likes afterwards, though the TV remains unhaunted.

Searchy's Cabin[edit]

Two doors to the left of Double Action Boutique is Cabin A2, belonging to a Searchy, which unlocks after the Box Cartel hijacks the ship (at 24 Energy Elements). Here, Mega Man can buy the Mapper upgrade from the Searchy for 300 bolts.

Gildmore's Cabin[edit]

After collecting 60 Energy Elements, Cabin C5 will open up. Here, Mega Man can buy Rare Weapons for 400 bolts each from a Dachone Ltd. Ed. named Gildmore, which add a golden, glittery effect to his Special Weapons (and nothing else). Which weapon Gildmore sells is random, and it impossible to know without buying it first.

Granny-Oh's Cabin[edit]

Located between Double Action Boutique and Bass, Mega Man will need to visit Granny-Oh's cabin (Cabin A5) to retrieve Tomothy Daddy's credit card for the Credit When It's Due sidequest. However, he must first get the room's key from Bonnie in Double Action Boutique's back room.

Gordyn Pressman's Cabin[edit]

Located in Cabin B1, it is inaccessible without first being given the door key by Gordyn Pressman in Tier 8. Inside is a tall vertical area filled with ladders and various traps that deal no damage, but will knock Mega Man down to the bottom. If he reaches the top, he can grab the HEV Gloves Junk.

Kickboxing Club[edit]

After the Box Cartel hijacks the SS Elroy, the Kickboxing Club will open right next to Special Weapon Bootcamp. Here, Mega Man can challenge any boss he's previously faced, without having to worry about using up any Tanks. After collecting every single Energy Element in the game, a Kaizock appears on the opposite end with a job offer for Mega Man.

Acolyte Joe's Cabin[edit]

Just above the Kickboxing Club is an unlabelled warehouse. Here, Acolyte Joe is preparing a ritual to reunite with his lost love, and as part of the Occultics Witch sidequest, Mega Man must help him complete it so that Jean the Foojeen can clean it out. The cabin becomes important later on in the Goody Two Shoes sidequest, as it is the final hiding place of the Shadow Imposter once all of their grafitti has been found.


After gathering 85 Energy Elements and talking to Joseph, Pike lies in the sea off the right of the ship. Mega Man can ride him to take on the Cartel Hideout. After beating the game, Pike allows Mega Man to freely revisit any of the Cartel Hideout stages, or visit Pirate Man's ship to challenge him after talking to Kaizock.


After defeating Pirate Man, the door to the wheelhouse will open up, where Mega Man can meet Captain Crunchran, the SS Elroy's captain. Also here is a Brainga from Cheat Man's stage, who is all too eager to unlock the Cheat Menu when talked to. Finally, use the Flame Mixer here at your own peril. You've been warned.


  • The SS Elroy's name is derived from that of longtime MaGMML developer Cruise Elroy.
  • Prior to v1.1, the Kickboxing Club wouldn't unlock until beating the game. Additionally, the cabins all lacked labels, making it harder to tell cabins apart from one another.

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