Sea King: The Aftermath

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Sea King: The Aftermath
In-Game Information
HP: 56
Attack Damage: 7 (contact)
4 (rock, coral turret, crate, explosion, vacuum orb)
2 (small blade, small shot)
3 (laser, bomb, large blade, turret shot, angler drone)
Weakness(es): Salt Water
Affiliations: Box Cartel
Type: Water
Occupation: Defense System Robot
Main Stage: Deep Sea Break-In
Misc. Information
Script: シー・キング・ザ・アーフタマス
Romaji: Shī Kingu: Za Āfutamasu
Designer(s): CSketch, Roxcon
Programmer(s): PhazonMotherBrain
Artist(s): rc
Gender: Genderless
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaG48HMML (Boss)

Sea King: The Aftermath is a boss from Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, found at the end of Deep Sea Break-In. It is an undersea robot resembling an anglerfish, created by the Royal Navy to be a war machine; however, it was abandoned after malfunctions in its AI made it unruly. The Box Cartel then stole and repurposed it as a gatekeeper for their undersea fortress.


The battle is fought while riding Pike, giving Mega Man an unlimited range of movement. Sea King: The Aftermath is completely invincible except for its eye, which only appears when its jaw opens.

Phase 1[edit]

At first, it follows a set pattern of attacks: first it slowly ascends then descends, firing four sprays of lasers from its eye while three spinning blades fly to Mega Man's current position, then stop still. Once Sea King: The Aftermath touches the floor, it releases a bubble-encased bomb that floats upwards in a sine pattern, before closing its jaw and performing a ramming attack. When the bomb touches the ceiling or is destroyed, it explodes and releases an eight-way spread of slow-moving projectiles. After swimming offscreen, Sea King: The Aftermath reappears behind Mega Man, and can only be hit with Pike's backward Charge Shots and a handful of Special Weapons. The three blades then each fly towards Mega Man again, telegraphing their attack with a spray of bubbles. Sea King: The Aftermath then performs one of two sets of actions, initially at random but alternating each time:

  • Extending its arm out to Mega Man's position, it drops down and picks up a steel crate from the bottom of the screen, with a coral-shaped cannon robot affixed to the underside. It then tries to hold the box above Mega Man, while the cannon constantly fires a three-way spreadshot downwards. Spinning blades are also gradually fired at him, boomeranging back each time. Eventually, the cannon self-destructs and Sea King: The Aftermath drops the crate, breaking it open with a laser and releasing four small drones that home in on Mega Man and release a targeted bullet when destroyed.
  • It opens and extends its jaw outwards, tracking Mega Man's location before extending its teeth upwards, attempting to stab him up to three times. While doing this, the eye regularly fires slow bullets aimed at Mega Man, and debris slowly falls from above as the teeth crash into the ceiling.

Two larger spinning blades are released above and below it, and all three fly forward toward the right one after the other, though the order they move in is random. After this, Sea King: The Aftermath reappears in front of Mega Man, and the pattern loops.

Phase 2[edit]

After its first healthbar is depleted, Sea King: The Aftermath changes its tactics. If it isn't already behind Mega Man, it will attempt to ram him as it swims to the opposite side of the screen. A set of targeting reticles will appear on the right, and Sea King: The Aftermath fires large orbs at these reticles. Once the orbs appear, it pulls them and Mega Man towards it with a vacuum, following Mega Man's vertical position all the while. Although the eye is now always open, the boss is now almost completely invincible; only its own attacks can harm it. It uses its vacuum orb attack three times, taking damage each time; on the third attempt, it fires an extra flurry of orbs offscreen to keep Mega Man on the move. Once it's down to its last hitpoint, the battle is effectively over, and all Sea King: The Aftermath can do in its death throes is an elaborate explosion as a final attempt to stop Mega Man.

Damage Table[edit]

M.Buster F.Mixer R.Flush S.Shock S.Snake T.Blade S.Water C.Shot H.Sniper Beat
1/1/2 1 1 1 1 1/1/--* 3 1 1 1
Other Notes *Tengu Dash cannot be used while riding Pike.


  • During development, Sea King: The Aftermath was originally named "The F**cking[sic] Abyss". It was also intended to have a lore dump during the pre-boss warning as a homage to Thunder Force V, but this was omitted for the sake of simplicity.
  • If Mega Man hides under Sea King: The Aftermath while it holds up a coral cannon, it will give him an annoyed look and fire its spinning blades much more frequently.
  • The siren sound that plays during the warning is taken from the PlayStation game G-Darius, where it is used in an identical way.
    • If the left and right weapon switch buttons are held simultaneously before the warning appears, it will replace the siren with a looping "SEAKING! SEAKING!" soundbyte from the King of the Hill YouTube Poop "Hank of the Hill".

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