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Chapter 2 : Shocking Wacko Stage

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

The truly shocking thing is how quickly this power plant(?) runs out of power.

Shocking Wacko Stage is the seventh level on the path to the Zap Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. A strange and somewhat spooky electrical facility, it is noticeably light on conventional enemies; the only one to appear is the indestructible and infinitely-spawning Spark Devil. Instead, the level is focused more on platforming and gimmicks, such as avoiding spark balls that travel along rails, shooting switches to create temporary objects, or destroying special barricades by luring Spark Devils into them. Fortunately, despite the heavy presence of spikes, none of them are instant-death, giving Zero some breathing room.


Early on, Skull Shockers and Rail Sparks are introduced as hazards; while the latter are indestructible, the former need to be constantly attacked to shrink the area their arms cover. Soon afterwards, a Super Switch appears next to a tall wall. By shooting it, blocks and ladders suddenly appear in the section, and will remain for a specific length of time indicated by a green "battery" gauge in the lower left corner. A Cutter Chip-weak Destroyable Block at the first checkpoint blocks a sidepath filled with Skull Shockers and Rail Sparks, with some positioned next to bottomless pits. With careful platforming, a CD can be grabbed on the way out. After some Super Switch challenges, Spark Devils start spawning next to Zero, and will track him vertically before flying straight ahead at their current height. Electro Blocks will also barricade the path forwards, and breaking them requires tricking a Spark Devil into flying through them.

Right before the next checkpoint is a sneakily-placed Skull Shocker that blocks a drop downwards; fully retracting its arms to avoid taking damage is made more difficult by Spark Devils flying in; even then, using the stomp to fall through quicker is almost necessary. Down below, Super Switches need to be constantly attacked to power blocks over several spikes. Using a weapon with wide range, such as the Z-Burst or a Blank Drive, can be very helpful in hitting switches quickly, particularly if the power runs out while over spikes. Another Cutter Block at the end can be destroyed to find another CD sidepath; this one also uses Super Switches as a means of getting through, but Spark Devils will constantly try to ambush Zero in tight corridors. The Cutter Chip's boomerang effect can sometimes help in hitting a switch twice, buying more time to get through an area before the power runs out. At the end, a teleporter will take Zero back to the main path. Once again, Spark Devils will ambush Zero in corridors, with one instance forcing him to cross a spike-filled corridor to hit a Super Switch, then go back and climb a ladder before the power runs out. By hitting this switch from the other side, another ladder leading to a W-Tank will be momentarily turned on.

After the third checkpoint, speed is crucial as switches need to be struck to create platforms over spikes while dropping downwards; even so, there is often very little time to get through before the power runs dry, even with the use of stomps and stompdashing. The last section is a short gauntlet that uses all the stage's gimmicks while Spark Devils fly by. If the Icicle Chip has been obtained, using its Blank Drive can trivialize much of the difficulty; the ice shield not only hits Super Switches and Skull Shockers, but also renders Zero immune to Spark Devils and Rail Sparks. To reach the boss door, a Spark Devil must clear a row of Electro Blocks, which requires hanging from a ladder powered by a Super Switch, and it can be tricky to keep the ladder powered while successfully luring the enemy to the necessary height. At the very end, Zero is confronted by the stage's boss, Alastor.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Shocking Wacko Stage?

Another one of those creepy facilities. I miss having a monopoly on those!

Again, you have to watch out for all the high voltage equipment. And keep an eye on where you're going!

That place ripped me off and implemented some skull security robots. Bait them out of the way if you can.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Shocking Wacko Stage?

One of the big obstacles you'll run into there is... eugh... Skull Shockers.

They'll mostly just get in your way, but you can reduce how much area they cover by attacking them.

There are also specialized security switches that activate platforms and ladders for a limited time.

They also activate spikes though, so keep that in mind.

Look at your surroundings and make your move once you have a plan of action.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): There's one around the start of that area, I think! Watch for one of those scissor block things.

Should be blocking some horizontal corridor. Then you can get the CD from there!

(CD #2): One of those cutter scissor block thingies should catch your eye again for this one!

Find a way to break it underneath your feet, and the CD's right that way!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Alastor?

Heh, could you imagine the power blademasters like us could possess if we took hold of that blade?!

Zero: I am quite content with my Z-Saber, personally.

Yamato Man: Sigh... Yeah, yeah, but sometimes it's fun to vary things up!

One time I forgot my spear, so I used a boat oar to fight Tomahawk Man instead!

That victory still is one of my crowning achievements...

Zero: I think I already do enough... "varying things up", with my Chip system.

Yamato Man: You're really boring sometimes, y'know?!

Anyway, Alastor might be a sword, but its ability to fly and fire out lightning makes it a formidable foe at all ranges!

Take advantage of the time during which he slowly tracks you while spinning to counterattack with your Z-Saber,
then keep your distance and move fast to avoid his projectile attacks!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Naaahhh! It's creepy and all, but there's those weirdo skull robots everywhere!

They're always watching, y'know? So they'd kinda ruin the mood. I'm the only one that can watch you!

When I do it, it's romantic, but there's no romance in weirdo skull robots.

Zero: Are you just acknowledging you are a hypocrite?

Knives: I dunno what that word means. Maybe you can tell me when you find a better spot!


  • As seen in a pre-Episode Zero release video from CSketch, the Cutter Chip-sensitive Destroyable Blocks in the level were formerly Electro Blocks, and could only be destroyed with the Zap Chip's weaponry.
    • Had the Electro Blocks remained in the final game, Shocking Wacko Stage would have been the only stage in Episode Zero to require unavoidable backtracking for 100% completion, since the stage is on the path to the Zap Chip itself.

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