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Throughout Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, various sidequests on the SS Elroy appear that Mega Man can complete to obtain Junk. Completing these sidequests and bringing the rewards to Joseph is the primary way to unlock upgrades, as the game otherwise lacks a traditional shop. Most sidequests task him with visiting a specific level and completing a specific challenge, such as finishing it under certain limitations, or finding newly added objects. Some sidequests won't "officially" unlock until after gathering a number of Energy Elements and clearing the stage in question at least once, but Mega Man can still fulfill their requirements before receiving the sidequest, at which point the NPC acknowledges that the sidequest was already done.

Avian Kingdom[edit]

"Deleuze Pipi has a noble cause of building a kingdom for all birdkind, but he needs Bolts in order to do that!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Likely to be the first sidequest Mega Man receives, as he is railroaded into it at the start of the game in order to find Beat. The questgiver is Deleuze Pipi, who lives in a cabin on the right side of the SS Elroy, with a purple wall and a wing sign above the door.

To beat this quest, Mega Man must pay a total of 1500 bolts to Deleuze Pipi. The combined total of all the upgrades he sells is 1840 bolts, making it easy to reach this goal just by playing the game normally. If for some reason all upgrades have been obtained and the goal has not been met, the donation option is a viable, if slow, way of paying. Mega Man is awarded the Zetsabre for completing the sidequest; it isn't useful until near the end of the game, however, so grinding for bolts specifically just for this quest isn't recommended.

See Seasickness[edit]

"Turner is feeling very seasick; he'll throw up if he moves even an inch! There's gotta be a paper bag somewhere indoors..."
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Sea Sickness is started by talking to Turner, a green Komasaburo who appears outside Deleuze Pipi's room after getting 7 Energy Elements. Mack, the jumping Monkikki in Tier 7 has a paper bag that Turner can use, but he'll only give it to Mega Man if he can beat Caution: Moving Parts in 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less. The level is short enough that it can be beaten decently quickly, but smart weapon use (such as Rush Jet to skip over the pits and Tengu Blade to pass through Nobitas) will help. After beating the time record and talking to Mack again, he'll gift Mega Man the bag. The quest is done after taking the bag back to Turner, rewarding Mega Man with the Dizzy Dial.


"Gyosephine claims her amulet attracts ghosts and her TV is possesed by one! Chase the ghost out, but try not to damage her TV!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

This is the first sidequest that can be found and completed, as early as the start of the game while exploring the ship in search of Beat. Gyosephine the Gyotot is just to the right of the tier elevator, past the ladder on the same floor. Her room TV is inexplicably haunted, and she tasks Mega Man with exorcising the ghost without damaging the TV itself.

The Haunted TV uses a modified version of Quick Man's AI; it does three jumps before sliding along the ground, but doesn't shoot projectiles and cannot harm Mega Man at all. Shooting the TV three times restarts the encounter from the beginning; the true target is the Rotom-esque spark orbiting around the TV. Hitting the spark enough times causes it to periodically shoot bullets at Mega Man in retaliation, but these are also incapable of doing damage. The Spark Shock is a useful weapon, thanks to its larger hitbox than the Mega Buster, and because if it hits the TV, it will freeze in place without being damaged. Talking to Gyosephine after defeating the Haunted TV gives the Cursed Amulet as a reward.

Funky Fresh Beats[edit]

"DJ Question is offering a free radio to any music experts. You'll have to prove yourself through his tough music quiz, though."
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

In Tier 6, Gangstatepakkan the Tatepakkan can be found to the left of the entrance, right next to the jukebox. Talking to him starts a quiz relating to music used in the entries. This can be challenging, as there's no guarantee a player will have played all the entries used in his question pool, but it can be solved with trial and error, or with a guide. The possible questions (and their answers) are as follows:

Question Correct Answer
"This song is from a simulation you probably skipped." GraviMan INC.
"This song is from a simulation with rising platforms in the room with the Energy Element." Robot Recycling Center
"This song is from a simulation with a Dr. W logo near the start." Flamecrush Forest
"This song is from the only simulation with square platforms that assemble and disassemble." Volcanic Facility
"This song is from a simulation with a miniboss guarding a W-Tank in a secret room." Curious Skymachine
"This song is from a simulation featuring ladders with rungs spaced unusually far apart." Seahorse City
"This song is from a simulation with both water and lava hazards." Oh No! More Compactors
"This song is from a simulation with big statues in the background at the first checkpoint." One Night in Xanadu
"This song is from a simulation where all enemies but the boss can deflect buster shots." Lasers and Platforms
"This song is from a simulation that uses color to show where hazards will appear overhead." Toad Man's Underwater Sea Lab
"This song is from a simulation with a gimmick that can be suppressed by special weapons." Base in the Boondocks
"This song is from a simulation with six key gates blocking the hallway to the exit." Celestial Resort
"This song is from a simulation with a death pit to the left of the starting point." Flaming Fortress
"This song is from a simulation with two paths you can take through the middle." Spicy Top Action
"This song is from a simulation with exploding platforms, projectiles, and enemies." Braving New Depths
"This song is from a simulation with a brief underwater section in the middle." Mystic Museum

Answering eight in a row correctly rewards Mega Man with the Radio.

Co-Ladder All Damage[edit]

"Gordyn claims his skill in Frozen Lab is unmatched, but if you beat his No-Jump record he'll give you a reward!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

After obtaining 40 Energy Elements and clearing Frozen Lab at least once, Gordyn Pressman (a strangely familiar-looking Ladder Press) will appear to the left of Frozen Lab in Tier 8. Talking to him prompts him to give Mega Man a challenge; clear Frozen Lab while only jumping six times or less.

While the sidequest is active, a counter marking the number of jumps performed appears on the top-right corner of the screen. The Rush Coil and Rush Jet are vital tools to completing the sidequest, as they cut down on the number of unavoidable jumps Mega Man is forced to make early on. Although the challenge sounds difficult, Frozen Lab's main gimmick of climbing ladders in Gravity Lift areas serves to make jumping largely unnecessary for most of the level. After the first three screens, the only additional jumps required to finish the stage are the jump to clear a two tile ledge after the mid-way checkpoint, and a jump to get over to the Spring at the pre-boss checkpoint. The total number of jumps Mega Man has performed is saved when reaching a checkpoint, so dying won't force Mega Man to restart the challenge from the very beginning.

After beating Gordyn's challenge, talking to him again will NOT give the reward straight away, but instead gives Mega Man the key to Gordyn's room, where the real prize lies. Gordyn's room is on the middle floor of the main deck, directly below Double Action Boutique and up the ladder to the tier elevator's right. Opening the door leads to a tall room with ladders, Ladder Presses, Teckyuns, & Beaks. Mega Man must climb up a vertical obstacle course while avoiding the multiple hazards guarding each ladder; he cannot take damage from any of them, but the knockback he receives with each hit can easily set him back several floors thanks to the multitude of one-tile wide platforms. As each enemy is invincible (even the Beaks, who can't be frozen with the Spark Shock), progression is mostly a matter of patience and waiting for a good opening to move forwards. The Rush Coil and Rush Jet are both disabled, making the Concrete Shot the only utility at Mega Man's disposal; though difficult, it's possible to scale a single wall with it, and it can even work somewhat as a safety net.

At the very top of the room are the HEV Gloves, which can be taken to Joseph for an immediate upgrade.


"Bud is the champion of Waste-Race, a sport where you get drunk and then race on foot. It's harder than it sounds..."
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Bud, a Docron with a soda hat, can be found at the end of Tier 5 after collecting 24 Energy Elements. He'll challenge Mega Man to a "Waste Race" (a race done while drunk off of his special drink) from the elevator door all the way to the opposite end of the tier.

Agreeing to the race as soon as possible isn't such a good idea, as in MaG48HMML, being drunk massively hinders Mega Man's movement to the point where he won't even come close to winning the race. Only the Balance Stabilizer (obtained from completing See Seasickness) will neutralise the effects of alcohol and let Mega Man move normally. Even so, Bud will take shortcuts during the race, requiring the use of either the Rush Coil or Concrete Shot to climb over a wall without going around it using the stairs. After winning the race, Bud will give Mega Man the Cracked Armor. The option to redo the Waste Race for fun remains open after this, but there is no reward for completing it a second time.


"Ringo is a nasty criminal who planted 8 bombs in Volcanic Facility! You must defuse all the bombs before it's too late!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

This quest is available once 24 Energy Elements have been collected (in other words, as soon as the Box Cartel take the SS Elroy hostage) and Volcanic Facility has been cleared at least once. Once both of these conditions are met, Ringo, a grey, cloaked Spring Face Bomb, appears in Tier 5 to the left of Enkers Revengeance. By talking to him, he confesses that he intended to hijack the ship himself before the Box Cartel beat him to it, and now he has to abandon his plan. However, he planted eight bombs in Volcanic Facility, which will destroy the ship if they aren't defused in time.

Entering Volcanic Facility with the quest active will start a four minute timer and a bomb count on the top-left of the screen. Mega Man must go through the level and destroy all eight bombs before time runs out. The timer will keep ticking down even while respawning, and cannot be reset without exiting and restarting the level, so dying too often will result in a time failure. If the timer reaches zero, the level is engulfed in a large explosion that instantly kills Mega Man and sends him back to the start of the level, while the timer and bomb count are both reset so he can try again. The use of Special Weapons is encouraged, as many bombs are positioned outside of the Mega Buster's range. The Rain Flush is particularly useful, as it hits the entire screen and can destroy a bomb positioned in each of the two Sideway Elevator rides, allowing Mega Man to focus on staying alive. Talking to Ringo after defusing every bomb will prompt him to give Mega Man the Gun Del Sol.

Dancing All Night[edit]

"Helen is HEART*HAT's biggest fan! She'd love a signed poster, but she's just too anxious to talk to them herself..."
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

This quest normally starts by talking to Helen, a Neo Heli Metall that can be found at in Tier 11 after collecting 30 Energy Elements. A big fan of the HEART*HAT idol trio, she wants an autographed poster from them, which can be earned by completing their memory game. Her memory isn't all that good, so she asks Mega Man to get the poster for her.

The HEART*HAT Trio can be found at the farthest left platform of Tier 11, and when talked to, they'll challenge Mega Man to a memory game that costs 50 Bolts per attempt. The memory game is fairly simple; one of the three Mets (Abigail, Brittany, and Crungo) will be chosen at random, and Mega Man must keep track of her position whilst the trio dances around each other to the music. Once the music is over, the trio asks where the chosen sister ended up at. Guess the right one, and they'll gift the Signed Poster to Mega Man. Give this to Helen, and she rewards him with the Jet Turbine.

The HEART*HAT Trio minigame is available to you as soon as Beat has been found, meaning that it can be played very early on. However, because Helen herself doesn't appear until 30 Energy Elements have been gathered, there's little reason to complete this sidequest as soon as possible.

Mutual Attraction[edit]

"Crazy Daisy got some attractive drip! Perhaps too attractive, because it magnetized her lower half to a Magfly in Tower!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Crazy Daisy, a purple Crazy Razy, can be found in Tier 3 after defeating Kamikamin. She has lost her lower body to a Mag Fly in Tower, thanks to the heavy Iron Boots she was wearing, and requests Mega Man's help in retrieving it. After talking to her, a Mag Fly in the large room just before Tower's end will start carrying her lower half. Killing this Mag Fly will cause it to release Crazy Daisy's legs, but this isn't the end of the sidequest itself.

Talking to her again will prompt a timing minigame, where Crazy Daisy tries to get her Iron Boots off using an electromagnet powered by Mega Man's Spark Shock. To charge the magnet, the shoot button must be pressed at a decently fast tempo. A falling sound will indicate when Mega Man is firing too slowly, while a zapping sound will indicate when he's firing too quickly. Once the magnet's meter is filled completely, Crazy Daisy will pull herself free of the Iron Boots, which Mega Man will catch and keep afterwards.

Bootcamp Graduation[edit]

"Sarge has one last trial before you graduate from his bootcamp! Can you beat Mystic Museum without using the Buster?!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

After defeating Blocky and clearing Mystic Museum, Sarge will stand outside Special Weapon Bootcamp, in the top left corner of the ship. When spoken to, he tasks Mega Man with completing Mystic Museum without firing the Mega Buster. The sidequest is fairly simple to complete otherwise, especially with a supply of W-Tanks to refill any weapon once it runs out of ammunition. Using Beat (and the Rush Coil, normally locked but obtainable within the stage) isn't recommended, as its buster shots count as Mega Buster shots.

Love Survivor[edit]

"A love crisis has struck the owners of Double Action Boutique. It's time to play cupid and bring them back together!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

After collecting 30 Energy Elements, visiting Double Action Boutique causes Nu'o to appear by herself, reminiscing about her husband and his distinct seafood odor. A food cart appears outside the tier elevator, pointing towards Tier 3; here, Bol'o can be found in a previously-blocked off region in the bottom right. Talking to him will open up access to the kitchen, where Mega Man will have to sneak past enemies to reach the shrimp-fried rice at the end, as part of a plan to impress famous robot chef, Master Reddorgold.

The stealth mission is self-explanatory for the most part: progress forward while avoiding the light coming off the enemies. Being caught in the light of most Peterchies, Flying Shells, and Illusians affords Mega Man a split second to escape before he's properly spotted. Some enemies can be rushed through completely without being spotted if Mega Man is fast enough. Although every enemy is immune to damage, a few Special Weapons are still useful: the Spark Shock still freezes targets, the Concrete Shot blocks sight lines, and both Rush utilities can skip certain level design challenges. At the very end of the kitchen is a plate of shrimp-fried rice, which the Flame Mixer must be used on. During the cutscene that follows, Mega Man will obtain a Magnet and a Metal Detector, which can be innately combined.

The kitchen can be revisited at any time afterwards, with a large bolt reward at the end for completing the stealth mission again. If for some reason the Flame Mixer's ammo is empty before blazing the shrimp-fried rice, Eddie will appear to provide refills.

Credit When It's Due[edit]

"Granny-Oh's found a missing credit card, but she doesn't know where to find the owner! Where is this Tomothy Daddy?"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

After gathering 15 Energy Elements, Granny-Oh, an elderly Choker Oh, appears in Tier 10, just outside Windy Conditions. If Mega Man talks to her, she'll ask if he knows a "Tomothy Daddy", to which he'll reply no. Tired of searching, Granny-Oh mentions that her roommate has went off to the Double Action Boutique before retreating to her room.

Tomothy Daddy and his son Tompson B. can be found at the very top of Tier 10, next to Realm of the Lich Lord. Talking to the former has Mega Man inform him that his card has been found, but that he doesn't know where the holder is. As the conversation closes, Tomothy takes his child to, "A city in the clouds, or something". Mega Man must then locate where Granny-Oh is, and to do that he must find her roommate Bonnie, located in Double Action Boutique's changing room. She gives him their room key and directions to it: second to the right of the Boutique. After entering Granny-Oh's room, she'll give Mega Man Tomothy Daddy's credit card.

The final step of the quest is to find Tomothy in the level Cloudy City. He will appear along with Tompson B. in a side room partway through the level, and from him Mega Man will be gifted the Joint Plug as thanks.

Occultics Witch[edit]

"Jean is just a janitor trying to do her job, but she has to put up with a cultist planning a rite in Celestial Resort!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

After defeating Square Machine and clearing Celestial Resort, a Foojeen maid named Jean appears outside a locked room on the top floor of the main deck. She asks Mega Man to convince the room's occupant, Acolyte Joe, to leave, as she will be fired unless she cleans his room up. Unfortunately, the Joe cultist refuses to leave until he completes his ritual and reunites with his lost love. To get him to hurry up, Mega Man volunteers to help, and Acolyte Joe tasks him with finding his lover's restless soul back in Celestial Resort.

With the sidequest active, the ghost of Acolyte Joe's lover appears in Celestial Resort. Mega Man must chase it throughout the stage by touching it, causing it to fly further into the stage. Try not to go too far into the stage without tagging the ghost, as if Mega Man goes through a one-way screen transition away from it, he cannot backtrack to reach it without retrying from either the last checkpoint or the beginning of the stage. Fortunately, once the ghost reaches a new location, it remains there even after death, a retry, or quitting the level and starting over. Notably, a set of Reflect Blocks close to the stage's end barricades Mega Man from finishing Celestial Resort as long as the ghost remains; after chasing the ghost to this dead end, touching it a final time turns it into the Lost Love item.

With the Lost Love, returning to Acolyte Joe with it will allow him to finish his ritual and leave the room (and, seemingly, the world as we know it). With the room now empty, Jean will be able to clean it, and she gives Mega Man the Industrial Vacuum as thanks.

Studying The Blade[edit]

"Oniwaka wants to pass on his cursed blade, but only a blademaster can wield it! You'll have to prove yourself in Air Labs."
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Oniwaka, a Ben K wearing an oni mask, will appear in the bottom-right corner of Tier 4 after collecting 60 Energy Elements and clearing Air Labs at least once. Seeking to pass his sword onto one worthy enough to wield it, he tasks Mega Man with returning to Air Labs and killing 50 enemies using only the Tengu Blade.

After speaking to Oniwaka, a kill counter appears in the top-right corner of the screen, tallying the total number of enemies killed with the Tengu Blade. Killing an enemy with the disc projectile will not increase the counter – only kills done using the slash or dash attacks will count. Each enemy killed with the Tengu Blade only counts once, and respawning them and killing them again will not increase the counter. Fortunately, Air Labs has more than enough enemies to comfortably meet the quota, and the total can be bumped up by standing on an Air Tiki and killing the Gremlins that spawn from it (however, Gremlins will no longer count as valid kills after 10 of them have been killed). The weapon-reliant nature of the sidequest means having at least one W-Tank is strongly recommended. Talking to Onikawa after achieving 50 Tengu Blade kills will prompt him to gift his Judgement Silversword to Mega Man.

Minimal Destruction[edit]

"Serker has a challenge to prove his philosophy about conserving rage: Clear Cornerstone to Dominate Pacifist style."
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

This sidequest is available once 40 Energy Elements have been collected and Cornerstone to Dominate has been cleared at least once. Once both of these conditions have been met, Serker, a red viking-motifed SW-525, appears in Tier 9 to the right of the same simulation. When talked to, he tasks Mega Man with clearing Cornerstone to Dominate while killing only five enemies or less, as a means of teaching him how to conserve his rage.

Entering Cornerstone to Dominate with the quest active will show a counter on the top-right corner of the screen, which increases for each enemy killed. Killing more than five enemies will mark the challenge as failed; however, Cornerstone to Dominate forces Mega Man to kill two Kabatoncue minibosses alongside Metal Man, meaning he can only afford to kill two extra enemies and not fail the challenge.

Because of the pacifist nature of the sidequest, damage boosting is required, making it advisable to stock up on E-Tanks before attempting it. The Blast Wind upgrade is a handy tool to have as it nullifies knockback while sliding, as is the Absorption Armor for overall damage reduction. Smart use of Rush's abilities is also key to avoid enemy confrontations. Although both Kabatoncue and Giant Springer shoot homing missiles, destroying them does not contribute to the kill counter. After clearing the sidequest, Serker rewards Mega Man with the Broken Energy Saver.

Goody Two Shoes[edit]

"The Overseer has rewarded you for your good deeds, but now your reputation is being tarnished by an imposter. Clear your name!"
―Sidequest Overview, Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

After completing every other sidequest, a cutscene triggers where a Petit Devil named The Overseer of All Good Deeds (Overseer, The for short) grants Mega Man a boon: the Green Eye, as a reward for his good behaviour and selfless actions. Attempting to take it to Joseph, however, causes the Shadow Imposter to manifest behind Mega Man and escape to vandalize the ship's simulations. With Joseph unconscious, Mega Man has no option but to leave the room.

Upon leaving, Overseer, The appears once again and punishes Mega Man for the Shadow Imposter's crimes by taking back the Green Eye. To clear his name, Mega Man must track down the Shadow Imposter by entering a specific level and looking for a message left by the Imposter, which will point to their next target. Each message will usually be hidden in secret rooms that aren't immediately obvious without use of the Mapper upgrade. The current level to search in is immediately identifiable by the presence of black marks superimposed over the level, and the addition of Shadow Turrets that attack Mega Man in one of three ways. In each vandalized simulation, the marks will continue up until the room where the Shadow Imposter's message is located. As the vandalism always disappears after the room with the message, it functions as a guide that allows Mega Man to determine when he's passed its location or taken a wrong turn in a level with branching paths.

Only one stage will be vandalized at any one time, and each graffiti message must be read in order to continue the sidequest. The G.S.Q outside Dr. Light's cabin can provide hints towards the tier that contains the next vandalized simulation, and the first NPC encountered in a tier can tell Mega Man if the Shadow Imposter is in said tier, or if they left for another tier. This is useful to know in case the player has forgotten what the last message's hint was, as the vandalism disappears after reading the message and leaving the stage, and cannot be re-read.

The Shadow Turrets' constant fire (unless climbing a ladder) and invincibility can make completing levels safely very difficult. To mitigate this, use of the Flame Mixer to block shots and E-Tanks to keep Mega Man's health up is recommended. The Absorption Armor upgrade also helps to minimize the damage Shadow Turrets can inflict. The following is a chronological list of the Shadow Imposter's targets and where to find their messages:

Lead Location to visit
Some NPCs on the main deck note Mega Man went to Tier 2. The Camon there points towards "Abandoned-whatsit". In Abandoned Mine, after reaching the area with the X Platforms, jump across them and don't fall to the bottom. Defeat the Stone Head, then progress until the large graffiti can be seen.
"Nyehehe! Vandalizing these simulations is easy! There's, like, no security! Maybe next I'll do some weirder place! I'm thinking of that one simulation with all of those broken ladders!" In the room just before the first fake ladder in Oh No, jump into the Fire Wave chute going off the left side of the screen. From there, progress forward until the graffiti is found.
"I can tell you're following me, Mega Man, but you'll never catch me! Why don't we make it a game? Try to stop me! My next target is gonna be that tiki place, where the biggest bonfire in the festival is!!" The room with the Energy Element in The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room has a massive Napalm fire in it that obscures the graffiti. Extinguish it with Rain Flush, then use Rush Jet or Concrete Shot to safely view it without dying.
"Hehehe! Good job, Mega Man! Good on you for taking up my offer! How's this for my next target - something a few tiers up! I'm thinking a sky-high ancient place filled with dinosaurs..." Follow the main path in Ancient Ziggurat until the third Stegorus encounter, with it on the high ground and a Strike Man Soccer Ball below it. The graffiti is behind the Feeber above.
"Found this all the way up here, huh?! Alright, chump! For the next spot, I'm visiting my favorite cargo room again, targeting that one confusing fire place with a buncha pipes!" Progress normally through Fire Armed to the Beak until reaching the split path, with the pipe on the right and the hole on the bottom. Take the pipe, and the graffiti will be on the right side of the room, guarded by a Cannon Joe and Twin Cannon.
"Wow, you found this weirdo place?! You're getting good! I'm already far one, though. All the way to a WAY higher tier, sitting in a black void in that one space place!" The graffiti is hidden in Just a Space Level, in the "Sorry Nothing" (or "Sorry Something", as it now says) room halfway between the second and third checkpoints.
"Heh, maybe this room wasn't the best target for vandalizing the way I do. Eh, whatever! Next up - let's go all the way back to the bottom! I'm thinking a place way, way off in somewhere lyrical!" In Ordinance With Lyrics, the room with the Count Bombs and water below has a big expanse to its right. Use the Rush Jet to fly into the void and locate the graffiti.
"Even all the way out here, you're still finding this?! What?! Uh, hmm. Actually, I know a REALLY good spot! That spicy storehouse place has a fake wall somewhere... You'd somehow need a map to ever find it!! Haha!! Checkmate!" The room after the second checkpoint and the Berserker Merserker fight in Spicy Banana Bread Storehouse has a wall on the right side of it. Use the Search Snake to locate a hidden crevice on it, then the Concrete Shot to slide into said crevice. The graffiti is in plain sight.
"What?! You seriously found THIS?! Are you kidding me?! Whatever! I don't even care! Follow me to somewhere else spicy!" Take the top path in Spicy Top Action. The graffiti is in plain sight in the room full of Rock Throwns and spikes, near the top of the screen.
"Come onnn!! You have to give up at some point, right?! I'm going to have to run down some sewer drain at this point to escape you..." In Running Down a Drain, the message lies in the secret room below the fleet of Jamacies, which can only be accessed via Rush Jet. The two Volt Men's dialogue is altered to acknowledge the Shadow Imposter's handiwork.
"AAAGHHHH!! Go away! Stop following me! I'm tired of this game! Look, all I have to do is to just not tell you where to go next, and I win. I can just hide out in my secret warehouse base at the very top of the ship and be totally fine! See ya, chump!" The secret warehouse base is not Tier 2, nor inside it. The room that Acolyte Joe took up before is now being used by the Shadow Imposter as a base. Jean will tell Mega Man this when talked to prior to entering the room.

After tracking down the Shadow Imposter, a boss fight against it ensues; defeating it will result in Overseer, The returning the Green Eye for real.


  • Both Credit When It's Due and Goody Two Shoes became infamous among players prior to v1.1 for their convoluted requirements, with both becoming more difficult if the player forgot what to do (as their hints couldn't be rediscovered after being given once). v1.1 added temporary NPCs for Credit When It's Due that hint at where to find Bonnie and Tomothy Daddy, while Goody Two Shoes had several NPCs give more concrete hints for where to go next, while also slightly rewriting some of the messages to be less misleading.

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Sea King: The AftermathShinsopod What! & Shinkhangel Where!Don Atetemino
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