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13th : Sky Ziggurat

Make a Good Mega Man Level (Remastered)

There's a lot of stuff to watch out for...

Sky Ziggurat is the 13th place entry in Make a Good Mega Man Level. It's a level that focuses on using different combinations of enemies as obstacles, with several health and weapon energy refills scattered throughout. It also includes a split path partway through.


The first room of the level is a long stretch of land with several bottomless pits. Metalls, Suzies, Screw Bombers, and Sniper Joes are scattered throughout this area. Three enemies guard rewards for Mega Man; a Picket Man guards an E-Tank near the beginning of the room, a Sniper Joe guards a 1-Up close to the end, and at the very end of the room, a Metall guards two small screws and a large health capsule. Going down to the next room, Mega Man encounters two Screw Bombers, a Metall, and three Suzies, one of which is in the way of a hole that is only two tiles wide. After dropping down to a room housing a small health pellet, a small weapon energy capsule, and a 1-Up, going to the right will lead to a room with a Metall, a Picket Man, and three Beaks, as well as a choice between an upper and lower path.

If Mega Man picks the lower path, he will have to climb two pairs of ladders, with four Suzies blocking each pair of ladders. Going down leads to three Picket Men and a Big Eye, with two of the Picket Men guarding an E-Tank. After this is a room where Mega Man must jump across four ladders. Climbing up to the top of the third ladder leads to a secret room with a large weapon energy capsule, a large health capsule, a large screw, a 1-Up, an E-Tank, and a W-Tank. Simply jumping across all four ladders leads to a room where Mega Man must climb up a ladder to reach the next room while watching out for two Beaks, and then survive the following room while avoiding four more Suzies that will try to knock him off the ladder. The room after this is where the two paths connect.

If Mega Man picks the upper path, he will first face two Metalls, a Sniper Joe, and a Big Eye. Up in the next room is a Picket Man, three Spines, and a Killer Bullet. Going right leads to a room with two Bombombs, followed by a room with a Sniper Joe, a Big Eye, and Killer Bullets. The room with the Bombombs has two paths; taking the upper route will reward Mega Man with an E-Tank. Going down leads to a room that must be exited through a hole that is two tiles wide. However, inside the hole is ten Suzies, which is trouble for Mega Man unless he uses a weapon like Metal Blade or Thunder Wool. Luckily, to the right of the hole is a large weapon energy capsule and a a large health capsule. Going down the hole leads to the room where the two paths connect.

Going to the left in the room where the paths connect leads to a room with two small screws, a large weapon energy capsule, and a large health capsule. Going to the right leads to a long room populated almost entirely by Bombombs and Killer Bullets, with three Spines near the beginning being the only other enemies in the room. At the end of this room is the boss gate. If Mega Man goes above the boss gate, he will find a 1-Up and an E-Tank, after which he can turn back to go through the boss gate. Past the two boss gates is a mostly empty room, with a raised surface holding the Energy Element.

Judge Comments
snoruntpyro snoruntpyro snoruntpyro : 46 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
17 / 25 10 / 25 7 / 15 6 / 15 4 / 10 2 / 10

While it wasn't very visually impressive and the music was...not that good, the level in general did present some neat bullet hell-ish challenges. All of the challenges allowed you to react if your reflexes were fast enough, which was really nice. Some of the rooms felt a bit spammy though, especially the ones with the Big Eyes.

Cheez8 Cheez8 Cheez8 : 80 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
24 / 25 22 / 25 7 / 15 11 / 15 6 / 10 10 / 10

This was a super fun and solid level. Most of the challenges felt reasonable (though a couple "Think fast!" Mettaurs in front of pits pushed the limits.) There were plenty of refills lying around to make up for the challenge too.

Duiv0 Duvi0 Duvi0 : 42 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
14 / 25 10 / 25 5 / 15 2 / 15 5 / 10 6 / 10

I liked the split-path stuff, but the graphics were blad, the music was bleh, it didn't really do anything interesting, and bluh.

Mick Galbani Mick Galbani / Blackmore Darkwing Mick Galbani : 26 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
4 / 25 6 / 25 3 / 15 1 / 15 5 / 10 7 / 10

Enemy spam is not how you do level design. Like...I'm sorry, but a number of these really did feel like they were all just thrown into wherever looked good and then left at that. Beyond that, there's really nothing that fancy about this place, it doesn't really do anything beyond throw wave after wave of enemy at you. I can tell this was a level tested with the weapons, but quite frankly, if you can't do this without Weapon Tanks or lucky weapon drops, there's a problem. At least the lives and E-Tanks were decently generous.

MrKyurem MrKyurem MrKyurem : 40 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
12 / 25 12 / 25 5 / 15 3 / 15 5 / 10 3 / 10

The level at many times seemed to expect me to know what was coming, and at times, it was flat out unfair - with no prior introduction to the concept, it threw me into a room with a Big Eye and 3 of those hammer-throwing enemies from Guts Man's stage, which essentially required weapon usage. Powerups seemed to be given out like free candy at times - without any sort of intention, I stumbled upon a room with an E tank, a W tank, an extra life, a large health capsule and a large weapon capsule. Its challenges, while significantly harder than they should be, appear to have at least some form of thought behind them from time to time, however. One touch this stage had which I liked was that the colour of the Suzies told you which direction they travelled in - while there wasn't really any sections this was useful in, it was a nice touch.


  • Sky Ziggurat was the first submitted stage to not use any custom assets, and was the second stage submitted overall.

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