Skyhigh Ridge

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Chapter 1 : Skyhigh Ridge

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

"Hey, I can see what's left of my house from here!"

Skyhigh Ridge is the seventh/eighth level in Chapter 1 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Taking place in a rocky canyon, the level is very basic compared to other stages in the game, primarily using Stone Man's tileset and a number of default devkit enemies and gimmicks with no custom assets to speak of. Frequently, Zero is tasked with avoiding spikes or bottomless pits using unstable platforms. The level also houses up to three minibosses, with each one being encountered at regular points.


Two major recurring gimmicks - the Plantman Platform and Rotating Spike Platform - are introduced alongside Ballonboos. Also introduced are Sola 0s, which try to shoot lasers from a distance, but the Z-Saber can kill them even while shielded. On one screen, the image of a CD appears on a background rock face, next to a ladder going upwards - taking this ladder leads to a Rotating Spike Platform puzzle with a CD as the prize. Immediately after is a single screen with Garyobies, followed by a Gorilla Tank and the first checkpoint of the level. A Drop Platform is introduced next to a Neo Metall, and after another screen of enemies and volatile platforms, the second CD is in plain sight, at the end of a row of Rotating Spike Platforms in between two rows of spikes. Getting it safely requires leaving at least one platform untouched for the return trip back to the ladder.

Two pickups can be obtained with careful platforming: an E-Tank, and a set of Bolts, the latter of which requires not shooting a trio of Plantman Platforms. What follows is a long climb upwards using Drop Platforms while enemies attack from a distance. Ideally, the Cutter Chip's Blank Drive and/or the Z-Burst can be used to take them out from afar to better focus on platforming upwards. At the very top is a Tama resting atop a row of Reflect Blocks, with two Drop Platforms near the ground providing just enough height for Z-Buster shots to reach it. This leads to another checkpoint, and the introduction of Fork Blocks, which precedes a long bottomless pit with all the various gimmicks seen up to then. At one point in this platforming section, the third and final CD rests above a spike, and demands quick jumps from Rotating Spike Platforms and a precise airdash to obtain.

The last and hardest challenge of the level is a short but fast Auto Scroller with Drop Platforms and Rotating Spike Platforms over a chasm, while Jet Bombs fly to the other end of the screen. Because of how quickly the platforms will drop Zero into the abyss if he stands on one for too long, getting hit here is an almost-certain death sentence; as such, shooting the Jet Bombs is ill-advised due to the debris they create. If he survives this scroller, however, a final miniboss battle occurs against Suzak and Fenix, with two Drop Platforms over bottomless pits on either side of the arena. Even though instant death is still possible here, a checkpoint is placed right before the pair's boss door, allowing Zero to get back into the fight. In the back room, an Energy Element sits on a cliff. A spike and a pit are behind it, but only a complete fool would think to jump into either of them.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Skyhigh Ridge?

What? It's a canyon. What do you want me to say about it?

Oooh, be on the lookout for birds. Watch ouuuuutttt.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: Skyhigh Ridge?

That area was pretty treacherous before, but the mountain climbers complained it was too easy, so they made
efforts to make it more treacherous!

Zero: ???

Krantz: There's platforms that open up shortly after you stand on them, as well as some that switch to a spiked
side after detecting you.

Finally, there's Fork Blocks, which have spikes that switch from their tops and bottoms to their sides.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): Oh, for this one, you gotta go UPWARDS instead of to the right! It's a critical junction!

And it's close to the start of that area, too, so you should see it pretty easily.

(CD #2): This one's guarded by a buncha those flipping spike platforms! Should catch your eye as you're climbing!

Just make a break for it into that danger zone and use your airdash well, and you'll make it back safe!

(CD #3): Wait 'till when you're at the verrryyy top of that mountain, with all the missiles and spike blocks!

Then you should see the CD resting on a spike! Just do some good jumping and airdashing to get it!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Naahhhhh! Too boring! Tranquilizer juice is in the air over there. Makes ya fall asleep.

Pick somewhere else. Yaaawwwnnnn.


  • Like most Chapter 1 levels, every spike in the level is a Damage Spike that does 7 bars of damage instead of instantly killing the player.
  • When the level was originally submitted, it used Tornado Man's stage music from Mega Man 9. In the final game, the background music was changed to an 8-bit rendition of Buster Rod G's theme, which was created for the cancelled fangame Mega Man Infamous Intent.

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