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Chapter 2 : String Theory

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Behold, true believers! The Sensational Spider-Zero!

String Theory is the third level on the path to the Psycho Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Set in a cave system used as a server farm, it is filled with a number of web-themed gimmicks, most prominently Web Fences that can be scaled like large ladders, and Web Pendulums that use Zero's momentum to swing back and forth, and can be cut loose using the Z-Saber or Cutter Chip. Naturally, spider-themed enemies are also plentiful, ranging from Deispiders to the unique Spider Cog enemy. Even the boss, the Robot Master Recluse Woman, fits in with this spidery theme. It is also a fairly large level, filled with branching paths that have their own secrets and shortcuts.


In the beginning, the stage introduces Web Fences and Spider Cogs. After climbing for a bit, a W-Tank appears, and can be obtained by using the Zap Chip and airdashing toward it. Below are Glowing Imorms, B Bitters and Web Barriers to stomp through. Coming down and to the right, Zero will find a Kakinbatank, Deispider, and a Web Pendulum to swing around. A Spider Potton, which dispenses Deispiders, can easily be taken out with the Z-Burst. Going up leads to a checkpoint, which shows a Scissascissor cutting a Web Pendulum's string. What follows is a long stretch of Web Pendulums over a chasm; using the Z-Saber here is ill-advised, as it can easily cut a pendulum loose by accident. At the end is a row of spikes with a Web Fence placed over it. While climbing upwards is the way to go, building momentum with the last Web Pendulum and then cutting it loose to make it roll will open a shortcut, destroying a wall and several enemies in a straight path forwards. Both paths lead to the second checkpoint, after which is a split path.

Top Path[edit]

The top path introduces Crystal Generators atop a pit with Web Pendulums. Like the pendulum before, cutting and rolling a pendulum will break a wall to the right, taking Zero to a hidden door over a row of spikes. This door leads to a large room with two Web Pendulums, the rightmost of which must be swung far and then cut to obtain a CD, as well as a shortcut to the end of the level. Below the pendulums is a Kakinbatank that always drops weapon energy, a pit, a door that brings Zero back up to the pendulums, and an exit door that takes him out of the room. Meanwhile, the main path (accessed via Web Fence) contains more Web Pendulums that are needed to reach higher places, before eventually reaching a large outdoors area. By cutting a Web Pendulum here loose, Zero can effortlessly destroy every remaining enemy in his way, up to and including another Spider Potton.

Bottom Path[edit]

The bottom path takes Zero to a dark part of the cave, introducing a darkness gimmick using Revealing Tiles. A small aura of light surrounds Zero and other objects, such as Hotheads, background torches, and Zap Chip/Flame Chip-affected weapons. Meanwhile, multiple enemies are coloured pitch-black, helping them blend into the darkness. To proceed, Zero must jump across several dark Web Pendulums (over a bottomless pit, of course) and fight a Kakinbatank at the end of the room. After a few short screens, another Spider Potton appears as a midboss, and just beyond it is the exit, which contains another CD. With the Flame Chip, some Meltable Ice on the right can be cleared to find an E-Tank.

Final Stretch[edit]

No matter the path taken, all paths will lead to the same place; an outdoors area decorated with bricks, indicating that Zero has reached the bell tower. A one-way door on the left will take Zero back to the split path in the caves, allowing for the collection of both CDs without needing to play the entire stage two or more times. The only obstacles guarding the boss door are a Kakinbatank and a Cog Spider. Inside the boss stairway, however, are two more Spider Cogs, but they're easily ignored.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily String Theory?

Ah, the old bell tower. How'd an Element end up there?! Do they like obnoxiously loud noises?

The place is a bit dusty, though, since... there's no need for a bell tower nowadays.

I could use a change from phone alarms, though, so maybe we should bring it back.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: String Theory?

That cave is apparently being retrofitted to a new type of data storage facility.

It uses web-like wires to transmit data, but the servers they connect to haven't been installed yet.

Thankfully, those wires are strong enough that you can climb on them.

On top of that, the stickiness will prevent you from falling if you get hit.

There's also large "Web Pendulums". Cutting the string they hang on will cause them to fall.

This can be problematic if you're suspended in midair, but it can be useful if you can get them rolling.

Zero: The area as a whole seems to be dimly lit...

Krantz: Yeah... apparently they wanted to keep the lighting only for development to save on the electric bill.

I've even heard some of the deeper areas lack any light at all. Do you have anything that could help you see?

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): For this one, make sure you take the bottom path in the path split zone place!

It'll be all dark and spooky and stuff, but the CD'll be in plain sight!

(CD #2): For this one, make sure you take the top path in the path split area zone!

Right after that, use your saber to release one of those web orbs, and break through that grey wall!

After that, you'll need to figure out some wacky physics to finally snag the CD!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Recluse Woman?

Isn't she the security robot for that server farm in the middle of nowhere? Why did they design her after a spider?

Zero: Arachnids are known for spinning and using... web.

Yamato Man: So they made the security guard a spider for the sake of a bad pun?

Zero: That seems to be the case, yes.

Yamato Man: I like these guys, whoever they are! As for this security robot, watch out for the venomous shots she aims at you,
but also keep an eye on the top of the screen when she swings around, because she'll start dropping tiny robot spiders all over
the place!

When injured enough, she'll run off; but use the web she leaves behind to climb up after her!

Haha, I'd kill to have a duel inside a bell tower! It's a very dramatic battlefield!

Zero: Do you think the bell could be used by or against me?

Yamato Man: Hmm... Perhaps if you can reach it.

But unless you have a way to get inside it, I think it's out of the cards for both of you.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: What, the bell tower place?? Noooo! That stupid spider robot freaks me out.

She'd totally get in our way and ruin the date and stuff. With cobwebs. And stuff.

The spiders aren't even good enough, anyways. They're not even dangerous.

Zero: I do not get you at all.

Knives: The risk factor's very important in deciding the location, Zero!!

If they were POISONOUS spiders, then we'd be going places!!


  • If the shoot button is held while entering String Theory, the level will take on an alternate "daytime" palette, with both the stage and Recluse Woman's boss fight having different music.
  • String Theory and Lily Airpad are the only levels in MaGMML: Episode Zero to feature creator-specific vanity plates at their boss doors.

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