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It looks like we're at that time again! Wait, I never designated a time? Oh well. Uhh, truth be told, I was waiting for Sunday because I figured a Sunday release might make sense for the time being. But that's besides the point! The point we're making here is we've got a new issue of the Lab, and with it, some new articles that need maintenance we're putting on the spotlight!

Last issue succeeded in flying colors--every article got the assistance it needed, and in record time! Which, honestly, surprised me a lot! This time, we have some more wanted articles than before, in an attempt to give us some more info on vastly-needed topics.

I guess that's it, though. There's not really much else to say, admittedly. So, see you later!

Camwoodstock (talk) 05:13, 6 May 2018 (EDT)

The Spotlight

Article Name Description Needs
Escape Sequence‏‎ Ah yes, Escape Sequence. The fast-paced level OF DOOM. The most wanted article of 73 times. And yet, despite being the most wanted page, doesn't exist?! Let's escape this fate and give this article the page it deserves. Wanted Article
The Stove Guy‏‎ Despite being a famous community figure and even the creator of Wily 0 in the second contest, our fellow Oven Man isn't quite doing so hot when it comes to having an article. Let's cook one up for him and make him feel warm and fuzzy! Wanted Article
Coyote Man‏‎ What's this? A supposedly obscure Tier X level boss? Okay, how much is this guy referred to... 68 TIMES?! That's just... Wow. Let's give this guy a page already. Wanted Article
RoahmMythril Our resident shiny-loving dragon's page is looking quite dull. Let's make sure we take this article to the skies! ...Preferably, we do it fast, but not quick. Stub Article
I Feel It We live in a sad, sad world. This glorious article isn't feeling it that much, as it's feelings are cut short. Expand upon this poor guy, and we can all feel a little better about ourselves as a wiki, a community, and a society. Stub Article