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I'm busy right now so I can't exactly write some big blurb. In the meantime, it should please you to know all of our articles met the quotas we had for the most part (the only real exception being stub articles, which still got some new meat on their bones)! In addition, we have a new template. If you see an article for a level or a boss that lacks a strategy, please add the new {{NeedsStrategy}} template to it!

Okay, good enough, here's the spotlights.

Camwoodstock (talk) 14:25, 13 May 2018 (EDT)

The Spotlight

Article Name Description Needs
Costume Shop You know that place you buy those Costumes? Yeah, it's missing an article. Please make it one before I wear myself out just wondering how on Earth we missed this one. Wanted Article
Die Sign‏‏‎ Jump, Jump! Slide, Slide! DIE, DIE! Or, um... Wanted, Wanted. This article for a NULL AND VOID miniboss is completely absent. Edit, Edit! Wanted Article
The Stage Nobody Asked For‏‎ The only article thus far to contain our new maintenance template, {{NeedsStrategy}}. Obviously, this needs a strategy, so go through the level's strategy. Needs Strategy
SnoruntPyro The creator of MaGMML, host of the first two contests, and massive community figure... only has two sentences on her page. This is just depressing. Fix this up already! Stub Article
Duvi0 This obscure MaGMML1 judge's article is in quite a dubious state. Duvi0's page is very short, dooming dang near every dude debating Duvi0's devilish additions to this dear competiton. Make this article's length a lot less dreadful, and make its quality much more delightful! Stub Article