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The City

Make a Good Mega Man Level (Remastered)

Just passin' through to avoid the rush hour traffic.
"Aah, the fresh smell of the market."
―Needle Man, standing next to the teleporter for Midnight Snow.

The City is the second tier in Make a Good Mega Man Level and its remake. It is a small part of Mega City populated with old, unused buildings. Said buildings host the levels ranked from 16th to 13th place. In Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered, small passageways are added for Mega Man to slide into to travel faster.

In the original game, Dagger Man from Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot appeared as the tier boss; in Remastered, Yoku Man from Mega Man Unlimited takes his place, with Dagger Man moving up to Tier 3.


Stage Name Creator Score Elements
Chroma Key Gyra Solune 38.6 / 100 Element.png
Midnight Snow blue kirby 43 / 100 Element.png
Sunset Siege Scorpio 44 / 100 Element.png
Sky Ziggurat MonkeyShrapnel 46.8 / 100 Element.png


Needle Man[edit]

Original: "Aah, the fresh smell of the market."
Remastered: "You have to admire the resourcefulness of the festival committee. Reusing old buildings as hubs for festival areas? Weird, but effective."

Blizzard Man[edit]

Original: "Why do I have skis on when it's not even snowy out here?"
Remastered: "Now that I'm here, I'm wondering why I brought my skis to the festival even though there isn't snow here."

Nitro Man[edit]

Original: "I'd totally be driving around and running up walls right now, but, uhh...it's too cramped in here. Yeah. Totally."
Remastered: "I'm being taunted here! There's tunnels for quick travel, but they're not big enough for driving around in! Sliding is for chumps!"

Yamato Man1[edit]

"Fun fact about that Exit utility - if you use it in the hub, you instantly teleport back to Dr. Light."

Knight Man[edit]

Original: "Wily is reviving fangame robot masters, and I appeared in Revenge of the Fallen, so...do I get to have a boss fight?"
Remastered: "What a beautiful view of the city...I sometimes dream of heading out there and opening a business. Achieving my dreams..."


  • Like all the other Tiers in Make a Good Mega Man Level, Tier 2 didn't have an official name in the original game. Remastered would give it one through the Sound Test.

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