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Dining Hall

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen, where there's no shame in skipping meals.
"The challenge: Create an unforgettable simulation from the mystery assets hidden in these boxes before time runs out. Let's see how our competitors did. Judges?"
Ted Metallen, perhaps you'll want to look to a higher tier.

The Dining Hall is the third Tier in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level. It is a large dining hall onboard the SS Elroy, where passengers can come to dine on gourmet meals (mostly) fresh from the kitchen. Going from last place to first, this is the first tier to host sidequests, with one in particular opening access to the tier's kitchen, where stealth is required to proceed through it.

This tier has the levels ranked from 89th to 80th. It also has the dubious honour of holding the most skippable levels out of all the tiers, with many of them being either excessively long, unfairly difficult, outright broken, or some combination thereof.


Stage Name Creator Score Elements Skippable?
The Bouncy Octa Boom Garirry 38.75 / 100 Element.png
The Abyss Kamikaze Scotsman 39 / 100 Element.png
Obligatory Enemy Spam Level DeltaMudkip 39.50 / 100 Element.png
Tower TheGreatMetaphor 41.25 / 100 Element.png
Hopping High Above Danger Lead Egg 42 / 100 Element.png Skip.png
Forest Castle pan the cake 43.50 / 100 Element.png Skip.png
Megatroid pieceofcheese87 & egg 45.25 / 100 Element.png Skip.png
The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room Brooks 46.75 / 100 Element.png
Down the Drain TheBladeRoden 47 / 100 Element.png Skip.png
Deep Dark Temple Da Man Cutman 47.75 / 100 Element.png


Main article: Sidequests#Love_Survivor

Initially, the kitchen is blocked off by a serving cart, but after collecting 30 Energy Elements and talking to Nu'o at Double Action Boutique, her husband Bol'o can be found in a small area outside. Talking to him opens up the kitchen, which must be completed to finish the Love Survivor sidequest. The kitchen is filled with enemies that cannot hurt deal damage nor receive it; instead, if Mega Man is within their lines of sight, he will be thrown back to the last checkpoint.

After completing the sidequest, the kitchen can be freely revisited. The shrimp-fried rice at the end is instead replaced with a Security Crystal, which releases 13 large bolts when destroyed, making it a semi-quick source of funds.



  • The Neo Metall, Tosanaizer V, Shell'n, and Baccone NPCs are all named after and based on the host and judges of the cooking game show Chopped. The show's format gives contestants a basket of four mystery ingredients, with which they must make a dish that uses all of them within a strict time frame – sounds familiar?
  • This tier is currently tied with Tier 3 of Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 for most skippable levels, with both tiers having four each.

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