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The Caverns

Make a Good Mega Man Level (Remastered)

We're almost halfway through, now the quality's starting to crystallize.
Jewel Man, referencing a certain Scottish Dragon

The Caverns are the third Tier in Make a Good Mega Man Level and its remake. They are a crystal maze filled with pink and blue-coloured crystals and bricks, set against a starry sky. In Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered, the crystals flash between pink and blue, and the gravity is reversed, putting Mega Man and many of the Robot Masters upside down. An attraction known as The Big Drop serves as a shortcut back to the tier's entrance.

The tier has the levels ranked 12th to 9th, with Yoku Man as the boss in the original game, and Dagger Man taking his place in Remastered.


Stage Name Creator Score Elements Skippable?
Wily Combo Mitcheddar93 48.4/ 100 Element.png
Napalm Forest and Caves Thoron 52.2 / 100 Element.png
Hard to See Land ParmaJon 52.4 / 100 Element.png
Maze of Death Flashman85 63.8 / 100 Element.png Skip.png1R


Jewel Man[edit]


Crystal Man[edit]

Original: "The next level is to the far left of this area, NOT directly below me."
Remastered: "I'm confused...are we falling or rising upwards here...?"

Napalm Man[edit]

Original: "how come i wasn't the boss of the last stage i am going to sue the level maker"
Remastered: "They kicked me out of my summer home just so they could expand it for some part of the festival here... I swear, real estate these days..."

Flash Man[edit]

Original: "Quick warning - the level to the right of me is very, very long, Bring in lives and E-Tanks if needed."
Remastered: "I heard that if you hang upside down, the oil rushes to your head and you think better. But I'm not feeling anything...am i doing something wrong?"

Rainbow Man[edit]

Original: "Wily revived me, but i don't really care about fighting you. I just want to hang out in this cool crystal cave. "
Remastered: "This cave could really use some more saturation...All blue and purple. Where's the love for the other colors?!"


"Whoa... The Big Drop is really intense! Just looking at the bottom from here gives me vertigo..."

Gravity Man1R[edit]

"Ladies and gentlemen, step right up if you dare face...The Big Drop!! (Trademarked)"


  • Tier 3 features the lowest ranked stage to receive a Judge favourite both in the original game, and in any MaGMML game to date (Maze of Death).
  • As with every tier in the original game, it lacked an official name before it was given one in Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered.

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