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The Lab

Make a Good Mega Man Level (Remastered)

One more tier until the first place winners!
"Dark and mysterious research facility? I feel right at home here."
―Shadow Man, contemplating the place

The Lab is the fourth Tier in Make a Good Mega Man Level and its remake. It is a laboratory devoted to science and research; in particular, simulations are studied here. Once Dr. Wily attacked the festival, it was abandoned as the personnel fled.

The tier holds the levels ranked from 8th to 5th place. The boss of the tier is Justice Man from Mega Man Rock Force (or a hologram thereof).


Stage Name Creator Score Elements
Under Construction 128-Up 67.2/ 100 Element.png
Spiky Meltdown The Stove Guy 69.2 / 100 Element.png
Thunderclyffe Plant Lamda 70.4 / 100 Element.png
Research Facility WreckingGoomba 74.2 / 100 Element.png


Ring Man[edit]

Original: "Why is one of the festival areas a research facility?"
Remastered: (before defeating Wily) "It feels so empty here...the researchers all packed up and hid after Wily attacked. Being a guard like this is lonely..."
(after defeating Wily) "Thank goodness Wily's gone...Hopefully they resume the simulation research soon."


"We help out with the researchers around here. Turns out that the tubes on our heads are useful for carrying around quick notes to people across the room! Hooray for science!"

Quick Man[edit]

Original: "I'm tired of all this running and bashing my head against walls. Thank goodness for this festival."
Remastered: "Ahahaha! I'm living the life of a daredevil here! Standing on these missiles really gets my robot adrenaline pumping!"

Shadow Man[edit]

Original: "Dark and mysterious research facility? I feel right at home here."
Remastered: (before defeating Wily) "Dark and mysterious research facility? Now this is my kind of place..."
(after defeating Wily) "Ech. They're apparently gonna kick us out once they come back to resume research. It was good while it lasted."

Pharaoh Man1R[edit]

"That teleporter makes me...afraid. It's like I can feel if someone's going to suddenly rise from the dead in there...


  • Tier 4 is the only tier in the original Make a Good Mega Man Level that didn't receive a new boss between the original game and the remake (excluding Tier 5, which has no boss).
  • Like every tier in the original game, Tier 4 lacked an official name until Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered provided one with its Sound Test.

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