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Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

"Say, this is from 1983 and Mega Man is from 1987 so....my head hurts."
"I love arcade games!"
Gemini Man
"I hate arcade games."
―Also Gemini Man

The Arcade is the fifth tier in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. It is an arcade filled with game cabinets, some of which can be interacted with (their quality, however, is dubious at best). This tier holds the levels ranked 50th to 43rd, with the boss being Lord Elewoofro from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Final Attack.


Stage Name Creator Score Elements Noble Nickels Skippable?
Holy Crap, Mega Man Can Airslide? ParmaJon 26.4 Element.png Nickel.png Nickel.png
Maze of Significantly Less Death MiniMacro 26.6 Element.png
Volcanic Furnace GameTrooper 27 Element.png Nickel.png Nickel.png Nickel.png
Elec Dam MelonadeM 27.4 Element.png
Quint Stage Quintboi 27.6 Element.png
A Mega Man for All Seasons Z-Saber 28.2 Element.png Nickel.png Nickel.png Nickel.png Nickel.png
AD 2101 awd42 28.4 Element.png Nickel.png Nickel.png
Starman Recreation KoreyBlue 28.6 Element.png Nickel.png Nickel.png Nickel.png Nickel.png Nickel.png



  • Right next to Scrooge is an arcade cabinet labeled "CITY WAR." Pressing up while standing in front of it allows the player to play a recreation of the infamous stage from the first Make a Good Mega Man Level contest.
  • Near Rainbow Man is an arcade cabinet labeled "POLYBIUS." Pressing up here will prompt a short dialogue and distort the player's vision, similar to Knight Man's beer. After using it, Fake Man will appear and the machine will be gone. This is a reference to the urban legend of the Polybius arcade cabinet, how it would reportedly induce nausea in its players, and how government agents would supposedly take the machines after their use to "collect information" from them.


  • In a version sent to Flashman85 for broadcasting the results of the contest way before its release, Illusion Man from Mega Man Eternal was replacing Magnet Man. He was replaced to avoid conflict with the game’s creator.
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