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Time Slow

The Time Slow (タイムスロー Taimu Surō?) is Time Man's Special Weapon from Mega Man Powered Up. When used by Mega Man, he pauses for a bit, then temporarily slows down time, even when the area of the stage changes.

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

The Time Slow is one of the weapons in Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level. Not much has changed, other then getting more uses.

Damage Table[edit]

Because the Time Slow uses uncharged Mega Buster shots, these tables merely list if the boss is affected by it, with Y meaning it is, and N meaning it isn't. An asterisk (*) denotes a boss that takes damage over time while slowed down.

Top Man Metal Man Toad Man Centaur Man Quick Man Giga Count
Y N N N Y* N
Cloud Devil Wily Machine Arc Phase 1 Wily Machine Arc Phase 2 Wily Machine Arc Phase 3 Wily Machine Arc Phase 4


  • The Time Slow is one of the few weapons originating from an official game not to be included in the initial public release of the Megamix Engine despite being featured in the MaGMML series, the others being the Water Wave and Carry.

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