Twilight Terrace

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Chapter 1 : Twilight Terrace

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Now we're getting into the swing of things!

Twilight Terrace is the seventh/eighth level in Chapter 1 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Set within a vibrantly coloured flower garden at night, the level revolves around two different gimmicks. One of them is Super Mario Maker 2's Swinging Claws, which Zero can use to cross long gaps, and the other is a Switch Block variant that is tied to his jumps. Flower-themed enemies are a common sight; in addition to Flower Presenters, multiple Hanabirans are encountered, each one having a new attack they do when retreating. A modified Hanabiran variant also appears as a common enemy, with a unique design and different way of attacking.


Swinging Claws are introduced early on, and are used to cross over bottomless pits and reach higher areas in the first several sections. While most enemies here can be easily dealt with using the Z-Buster, the partially-shielded Taban and Metall Cannon are best handled with the Z-Saber. Right after the first checkpoint is a Hanabiran, with its spawn areas marked with background exclamation marks. Unlike normal Hanabirans, this one creates a line of harmful pellets across its x-axis when diving underground; a Swinging Claw in the room can be used to avoid this attack. A second checkpoint follows this miniboss, which introduces Zero to jump-sensitive Switch Blocks. Airdashing and other actions that use the jump button do not trigger these blocks.

While moving down a shaft with Switch Blocks acting as volatile platforms, the enemy variant of Hanabiran is seen alongside Flower Presenters that attack from afar. Hugging the right wall when falling to the screen below lets Zero access a slide passage with two large Bolts, which is impossible to reach otherwise. In the next section over, Switch Blocks form temporary walls and floors, with each jump always changing the terrain. Be careful not to jump at the wrong moment, or else falling into a pit is likely. After a small vertical climb to get past a Key Barrier, another Hanabiran appears. This one only spawns in the top and bottom halves of the room, making the middle a safe spot from its pellet row attack.

Swinging Claws start appearing alongside Switch Blocks, with multiple puzzles requiring Zero to use the former while a set of blocks are either on or off. An important thing to remember is that jumping free from a Claw will turn blocks on or off, just as jumping from the ground will. To the left of a Metall Cannon in the first room to use the two gimmicks is an optional fight with another Hanabiran. This fight is easily the most difficult of the three, as it happens in a cramped arena with little room to avoid its attacks, but defeating it opens a room with an E-Tank, a CD, and a teleporter back to the main path. Towards the end, enemies like Hanabirans and Flower Presenters try to damage Zero from afar while he crosses a pit using Swinging Claws. If taking a hit is inevitable, it is best to do so while in a claw's grip, to prevent falling to one's death. At the very end, however, is a boss fight against Honey Woman.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Twilight Terrace?

Bleh. Be glad you don't have a functional nose. I went there once and the flower smell was so strong it knocked me out.

That accursed place slaughtered my senses.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Twilight Terrace?

That area has two main things to know:

Firstly, there's claws you can latch onto to swing around on to gain momentum.

There's also "jump blocks" that will turn on and off whenever you jump.

Using the claws, you can hang on if your jump turns off the blocks below you. Use that to your advantage!

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man This one's another one of those path split ones. Take the higher road this time, on the left!

And take down that crazy flower thing, and then the CD's right there. Yay!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Honey Woman? She's based on Hornet Man, isn't she?

That reminds me...I've noticed that Plant Man always feels stressed out whenever Hornet Man is near him.

Now, I understand everybody needs their own personal space, but I think Plant Man worries a little too much about the
yellow guy when it's clear there's no ill intentions from him!

I'm very sure if he were honest about his problems with Hornet Man, they'd get along very well! Don't you think so?

Zero: ...Umm, sure. How is this supposed to help me in this fight, exactly?

Yamato Man: Oh, right!

Use your Z-Burst shots to easily dispose of the spread of bees that Honey Woman fires out, yadda yadda yadda...

I just think those two could get along, y'know?

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives I hate purple! Yeah, purple is the slaughter color, but it's too purple!

No more purple! Purple is the worst color. Go away. End of that. No purple dates!


  • Originally, Twilight Terrace was named "Double Gimmick Garden". Additionally, older versions featured Adamskis that instantly killed the player on contact, and used a vanilla Hornet Man tileset. Various devkit Robot Masters also took the place of the Hanabiran minibosses.
  • The level's music is an arrangement of the track "Welcome to the City" from Deltarune Chapter 2, which was posted on Twitter by its composer, Toby Fox, before its release. As Episode Zero predates Deltarune Chapter 2 by more than a year, this marks the only time a song has debuted in a MaGMML game before the release of the game it was written for.
  • A custom Metall based on Ralsei from Deltarune was originally included (first as a regular enemy, then a unique one guarding the CD room), but was cut as QA testers unanimously found it irritating to fight (it had more than 1 HP, a small hitbox, and attacks that were hard to avoid).
  • Like most of Chapter 1's levels, Twilight Terrace's spikes are all Damage Spikes that do 7 points of damage instead of instant death.

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