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Hi! I'm Cut Man, or Hot Cross Bun, As known on Discord. I work on adding Images and most of the minor pages, including weapons. I request that you do not destroy this text. I may or may not work on the Mega Man Maker Wiki as well.

Here, I have a thing called the MaG24HrMML Page but it's free to vandalize, which is basically like the regular MaG24HrMML Page, but you get to do whatever the heck you want in it. As long as you don't bother any text above it, or edit the actual page.

MaG24HMML Page but it's free to vandalize[edit]

Make a Good 9001 Hour Mega Man Level

Make a Good 9001 Hour Mega Man Level is a spin-off to the Make a Absolutely Atrocious Mega Man Level series. Like the mainline games, it was a level design contest, but with a twist - Each entrant was given a "box" of zero enemies and six stage features, and told to rush a level within no hours at all, meaning you only had 0.5 seconds to submit, despite the contest's name. This contest was hosted and directed by Cut Man, and judged by Nico Evaluates, Cut Man, and Skeletup N' Pakkajoe. It received Over 9000 entries, all of which made the Top 0.

A sequel spinoff, Make a Good 9002 Hour Mega Man Level, held its contest held shortly after the release of Blyka's Mega Man Engine 5.4, and was released on February 32, 19235.

There are plans for a nindy-ninth contest to start around when the devkit for MaGMML96 is released, with Different Opinions from Nico himself, Who has done several things, Including over 30 years of Mega Man experience, 7 years of doing the no miss buster only challenge, Being the Q/A Tester for Mega Man Unlimited & Rock and Roll, Countless Snupster races, and finally, secretly being the real concrete man. Source:dude just trust me


The game has no in-game story or cutscenes of any kind, with Mega Man going through six stages and then Jolt Man's castle for little reason. However, Make a Good 9001 Hour Mega Man Level is considered canon to the mainline MaGMML timeline, and is supposed to be Mega Man testing the hit new Nico Evaluates replay system that saves your data whenever you say anything related to him, as well as sending it to the real Skeletup n' Pakkajoe used in Make a Good Mega Man Level 69. A reference to this is included in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Twenty-Five, with Dr. Wrong's Lab being closed for replay testing, with Cut Man noting that it is "Very awesome, I indeed hosted this very amazing contest and if yuo don't like it, I wish you a nice day.".


Though the main gameplay remains unidentical to the Mega Man X formula, It now features new gameplay from Mega Man Battle Network as well, being featured in the hidden boss fight against no. In other news, Make a Good 9001 Hour Mega Man Level is completely different from all other MaGMML games. Instead of a hub with NPCs, tiers, and judge comments, levels are accessed from a traditional wily fortress screen, with every single debug option availible unlocked after completing them by pressing the keys A, A, B, R, U, H, A, And A in quick succession, and then doing a backflip. Because there are 35 tiers, there is indeed an in-game "ranking" of each entry. To unlock it, you must [REDACTED]

Default Weapons[edit]

Vater Wawe Original Vater Vawe Original who cares
WaterWaveIcon.png Vater Vawe Vawe Man Gema Man 5
TimeSlowIcon.png Time Over Time Boy Super Mario Bros Deluxe
SuperArmIcon.png Deep Digger Uranus Mega Man V
2icona6.gif Thunder Beam Heat Man Mega Man 6
RushCoilIcon.png Sunday Morning N/A The New
2Iconb12.png Shuttle Jet N/A Make A Good Mega Man Level 2

Alternate Weapon Set 1[edit]

Weapon Original Robot Master Original Game
2icona1.gif A god damn bee Big Chungus NOT THE BEES
2icona2.gif SHINIES RoahmMythril Jewel Man's House
2icona3.gif Snatch Buster MMMMMMMM Mega Man VII
2icona4.gif Briple Tlade Mlade Ban 10 10 10
2icona9.png Trio's Severed Head Duo Mega Man 8
2icona10.png Giga Crush Dr. Hyde Mega Man X

Alternate Weapon Set 2[edit]

Weapon Original Robot Master Original Game
2icona5.gif Epilespy me rn Mega Man: Dr. Wily goes to the store to buy some milk: Game of the year edition: The Sequel
2icona6.gif A Knife. There is no joke. death death
2icona7.gif Wheel Wheel Man My Hot Wheels Collection
Bigchungusicon.png Big Chungus Chungus Man 🅱️ega 🅱️an
MaGMML Icon5.gif Wool Blast Sheep Man Thunder Wool
SniperJoe.png no N/A Mega Man DOS
2Iconb8.png Match Blast Boil Man Make a Good Mega Man Level 22222222222
24hicon0.png Skeletup N' Pakkajoe Invincible Man Mega Man 12



Stage Name Creator Score
Mega Man 15: The True Ending!!!!!! ThatOneOtherEnder 35/100
The Waterhouse of absolutely nothing Entity1038 70/100
It is Pipi, not Pepe. Toad Man 72/100
Make a Good Mega Man Level 23 Judge Applications ACESperk 83/100
The level of destiny. ACESpork 84/100
quick man gaming NO 85/100
I HOPE I WIN You 101/100
Wii are resorting to violence Matt from Wii Sports 375/100

Jolt Man's Secret Fortress from Mega Man Eternal[edit]

Stage Stage Name Creator
Wily 1 COUNT BOMBS! Cut Man
Wily 2 Inner Inner Inner Inner Inner Garirry
Wily 3 Guts Man's Ass CoinMaster, Shinryu
Wily 4 The Skeletup N' Pakkajoe, Nico Evaluates
Wily 5 Hall of absolute and utter pain [MULTIPERSON]
Wily 6 Jolt Man's stage, from Mega Man 2 Cut Man, Garirry, the Unpingable, Nico Evaluates, Skeletup N' Pakkajoe


Robot Masters[edit]

From MaGMML2, the following bosses are used.

Name Level Weakness Special Weapon
HammerJoe.png Hammer Joe Energy Element Hammer Joe the the the the the the the the the the
QuickMan.png Quirky Man Breaking (your life) Ground Yro Quirky Cargo Q(uirky)
MetalSprite.png Memam Mam LIFE IS PAIN, I HATE Very Pain and Hurt Wheel Blade
TopMan.png Top Man Top Man Top Man Top Man
Toadsprite.png Smedis2 Magic is real ! Mega Man Game Gear The time I flushed my toilet down the toilet
PegaMan.png Pega Man Super Smash Flash 2 Big Chungus P Gun
CentaurMan.png Bentaur Cannot do it Flooded Ocean Vater Vawe Jolyiolo
MM1 CutMan.png Oh Jeez, Not This Again. Objective: Vain Space Super Arm Rolling Cutter
QuickMan.png Who Made You Come Twice? Jolt Man? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Time Slower tbh this is dumb
VoltMan.png Volt Man Mini Neutora Specioa Super Cutter IV Bone Breaker
MaGMML2 VoltMan.png Volt Man X Factory Energy Meme Volt Barrier
VoltManTheReal.png Volt Man Jumbo All Heads Down Nothing It can also be used as a backbone
Voltboss.png Volt Man Omega Hell When The Verbalase Beatbox
VoltManTheAssimilator Phase2.png Volt Man Very Large Hell Again All of the Giga Voltron
QuickMan.png Even Quicker Man i am in constant pain, knowing Time Slowest Qmarky
Thyrb.png Thyrb peopeknenbdjdbbdjjèhffjdudjdjrüwhç jj tunes

Fortress Bosses[edit]

Name Level Weakness
GigaCount.png Giga Count Abyss Balcony Water Wave
GigaCount2.0.png Giga Count - Part 2 Master Hall Block Pickerupper
CloudDevil.png Cloud Devil Up 'n' Duck Chill Spike
CloudDevil2.0.png Cloud Devil 2 - There's Another One Now Inner Hell Discount Flash Stopper
Wilystar.png Joan of Arc Hall Of Guts Man's Ass Varies
MaGMML Tier Joltman.gif Jolt Man Inner Sanctum The everything killer
QuickMan.png Quick Man, but again Inner Sanctum Hyper Bomb