Wave Steam

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Wave Steam
In-Game Information
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Type: Damage
Location(s): MaG24HMML:
Flooded Temple
Pandora's Parlor
Misc. Information
Alt. Name(s): Gas (Game Gear Mega Man manual)
Programmer(s): Renhoek
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 5
Mega Man V
Mega Man (Game Gear)
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaG24HMML
Megamix Engine

Wave Steam is a gimmick in Mega Man 5, found in Wave Man's stage(!!), as well as Neptune's stage in Mega Man V. It is boiling steam that bursts out of a large crack.

Wave Steam was first made available in the devkit for Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and while it was completely absent in that game, it was used in the Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level entry Flooded Temple. It would reappear in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, in the Box Cartel stage Pandora's Parlor.


Wave Steam periodically blows out from cracks, appearing in a constant cloud until disappearing for a while. Though the cracks can be safely stood on, the steam will damage Mega Man if he touches it. The object can be rotated in the Room Editor to blow in any direction, allowing for steam to appear from ceilings, walls, and corners.

Wave Steam has two creation code variables:

  • loops - How long Wave Steam will blow out of a crack for, in animation loops.
  • wait - How long until a crack will start blowing more steam, in frames.


  • In all devkits it has appeared in to date, the object is misnamed "objWaveStream".

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