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It is your destiny! This article contains content on an upcoming game. Beware of any potential spoilers!

Weapon Tutorials are areas introduced in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, and are slated to reappear in Make a Good Mega Man Level 3. They are small mini-levels that are designed to teach the player about how to use each Special Weapon, as well as informing them about specific uses they may have in a level. Usually, they are designed to be impossible to pass without using the respective weapon to its fullest potential. Each tutorial resembles the original stage of the Robot Master the weapon comes from, and said Robot Master appears as an NPC throughout the tutorial to offer hints and advice about the weapon.

All of Mega Man's weapons in each tutorial are disabled, save for the Mega Buster and the central Special Weapon. However, said weapon lacks infinite energy, as to give an idea of how much ammo it normally uses up in a level. Fortunately, Eddie appears throughout each tutorial as a dispenser of large Weapon Energy pickups, ensuring Mega Man can never be stuck because he's run out of ammo for his current weapon. At the end of every tutorial is a teleporter locked by Security Crystals (as seen in the mini-stage preceding the King stages in Mega Man & Bass), which must be destroyed to activate it.

The Weapon Tutorials are completely optional, and finishing every one is not required for 100% completion. However, doing so will reward Mega Man with 100 bolts, on top of any he may have collected in the tutorials themselves.

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

The Weapon Tutorials are found in Sarge's Special Weapon Bootcamp onboard the SS Elroy. The only Special Weapon to lack a tutorial is Beat; Quote Lt. Sinc, "What would I even teach you? "Let the bird do all the work"?"

Flame Mixer[edit]

Flame Mixer Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Konro Man, the Flame Mixer tutorial emphasises its ability to fly upwards and pass through enemies, as well as its use as a shield against enemies and projectiles, and its oil-lighting capability.

Rain Flush[edit]

Rain Flush Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Toad Man, this tutorial is very simple as it establishes the Rain Flush's screen clearing properties, including its multihit and shield-piercing qualities. Despite having a large roster of enemies, most of them are blocked off and pose no threat, existing only to be annihilated by the rain. Towards the end, the tutorial also demonstrates the weapon's ability to douse Napalm fires and freeze Quicksand, complete with a collection of large bolts beneath a pool of the latter that inevitably cannot be collected (as it's on the other side of a Destroyable Block).

Spark Shock[edit]

Spark Shock Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Spark Man, the tutorial demonstrates the Spark Shock's immobilizing properties. The first half demonstrates how it can be used to keep shielded enemies open to damage for longer periods, while the second half emphasises how it can be used for evasive purposes. The enemies in the latter half are all immune to the Mega Buster, thus requiring the Spark Shock to freeze them in place. However, the weapon's ability to power on Junk Machines never comes into play, as no level in the game has a Junk Machine that requires the Spark Shock.

Search Snake[edit]

Search Snake Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Snake Man, the Search Snake's ground tracking ability is the main attribute to be taught. In particular, its usefulness in finding platforms in dark areas, its inability to crawl on ceilings, and its immunity to spikes are all covered. The niche use of its brief arc in the air when fired is also touched on near the end.

Tengu Blade[edit]

Tengu Blade Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Tengu Man, this tutorial is rather short but discusses all the capabilities of the Tengu Blade; its main role as a shield-piercing slash, the immunity to spikes and hazards the dash offers, and the rebounding effects of the air disc it creates.

Salt Water[edit]

Salt Water Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Neptune, this tutorial demonstrates the Salt Water's splitting abilities, as well as the ability to aim it higher or lower, its shield-piercing attributes, and its noted ineffectiveness on fire-based enemies and hazards like Napalm.

Concrete Shot[edit]

Concrete Shot Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Concrete Man, the tutorial largely documents the Concrete Shot's use as a platforming tool, and the many ways the concrete blocks it creates can be used to climb walls, cross long jumps and spikes, and slide through small gaps that normally can't be reached. Also demonstrated is the raw strength of the weapon (and how most minor enemies killed with it won't drop power ups), and its interactions with Wily 4 Lasers and Magma Beams.

Homing Sniper[edit]

Homing Sniper Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Search Man, the tutorial demonstrates the Homing Sniper's homing ability, as well as its charge function and how it can lock onto multiple targets at once, or a single target multiple times. The drawbacks of the weapon near destructible platforms like Chill Man Blocks and Ballade Missiles are also showcased here. Notably, unlike every other Weapon Tutorial in the game, Mega Man is always forced to talk to Search Man to proceed, as he is often penned in by a Key Barrier and can only obtain the key by giving the correct response to Search Man.

Rush Coil & Rush Jet[edit]

Rush Coil & Rush Jet Tutorial

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level


Hosted by Rush Coil Man and Rush Jet Man, those iconic Mega Man 3 Robot Masters that everyone knows and fondly remembers, the tutorial is cleanly divided into a Rush Coil section based on Hard Man's stage, and a Rush Jet section resembling Needle Man's stage (particularly its nighttime Doc Robot version). The former showcases the Rush Coil's immunity to spikes and use as a speedrunning tool in vertical scrolling areas, while the latter demonstrates Rush Jet's maneuverability and the ability to slow it down by holding the opposite directional button.

When played with the Proto Man Mode cheat, both the dialogue and the logos outside change to refer to the Proto Coil and the Proto Jet instead, though Rush Coil Man and Rush Jet Man's names and appearances remain unchanged. When played with the Bass Mode cheat, however, the tutorial more or less gives up on itself (thanks to the Treble Boost's superior utility), with both Robot Masters making jokey death quips and self-destructing when spoken to. A sign from "Treble Boost Man" is added at the end, which goes into detail about the weapon's attributes (such as how summoning Treble but not fusing with him will give Bass a buster shot that can go through walls).


  • Barring a select few entry levels, MaG48HMML's Weapon Tutorials are the only place in the game where Robot Master NPCs can be encountered, as every other NPC on the SS Elroy is instead a minor enemy (or in one case, a fortress boss cosplaying as a Robot Master).
  • MaG48HMML's Rush Coil & Rush Jet tutorial was originally created for MaGMML3, but was ported over to the former game instead. The tutorial's references to the Magnet Beam are an artifact of its original purpose.

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