Wicked Waterworks

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Chapter 2 : Wicked Waterworks

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

A shot to the face, or a shot in the back? This truly is wicked.

Wicked Waterworks is the seventh level on the path to the Psycho Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. A large network of pipes connected to Bubble Base, the level has Zero navigate through watery areas: some on dry land with water gushing between pipes, others being completely submerged and littered with spikes and aquatic security robots. These underwater areas are also home to currents that will push him in a certain direction, often towards pits or spikes. Altogether, these elements combine for a level that can be one of the hardest in Zero's journey.


Beginning on dry land, the first part of the stage consists of jumping over pits and in between pipes, while avoiding B Bitters in the ground and Haiker Ns that plug themselves into gaps. Also present in this part are Waterfalls that push against Zero and weigh down his jumps. Towards the first body of water, a trio of Shield Attacker Ds attempt to slam into Zero once they're scrolled onscreen, but can be dealt with by the Z-Saber. Down underwater, Okosupaikus wait to be triggered before they start chasing Zero, exploding and releasing four spikes after a short time. Three of them guard a CD in one screen, and with pits nearby, collecting it without dying can be difficult. The next few screens have currents that push Zero either backwards or forwards, with spikes everywhere while enemies attack. The airdash is often a reliable way to cross over pits without accidentally jumping into a spike.

Just after resurfacing from the water, a ceiling-mounted Sprinklar is encountered while shooting a spray of water bubbles. Several more are seen in the next section, while B Bitters lie in the ground below. As attacking them is difficult without reliable weapons that go upwards (e.g. the Zap Saber or the Z-Burst), it's typically necessary to avoid their shots, either by staying out of their range, or using platforms as shelter. Shortly afterwards, the subboss Haiker G is encountered, with a waterfall making the jump to the exit a little more difficult. This comes into further play after the next checkpoint, as waterfalls are more deliberately placed to make jumping more hazardous by quickly pushing Zero down. However, they cannot affect him while airdashing, making it invaluable when crossing through. Another CD lies in the open towards the end of the section, above a pit and beneath a waterfall. The only way to grab it without dying is to airdash as soon as Zero touches it.

The final section of the level is an underwater area with a current moving from the left, with pits and spikes once again being common hazards. While it's recommended that Zero moves slowly and carefully, the constant spawning of M-445s from above forces him to always keep moving. The level's third and final CD lies in a small alcove, surrounded by pits, spikes, tiny platforms, and an Okusupaiku floating right next to it. All of this, alongside the current and descending M-445s, makes for a CD that is extremely difficult to obtain without dying in the process. At the very end, the current quickly speeds up, carrying Zero into a corridor lined with spikes, before ending at the entrance to CWU-41B. Fortunately, a checkpoint is present at this stage.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Wicked Waterworks?

Hmph. That place is.. pretty dangerous. After one too many incidents with the city pipelines, the company went...crazy.

So... there are a lot of weapons down there. And deadly heights. And spikes. I told you, they went crazy.

Do you have anything you could use to float in the water? That would probably be helpful.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Wicked Waterworks?

Shield Attacker Ds occupy that area. The company meant to use them as a means to redirect water flow.

They were scrapped, though, since the holes their eyes occupy would let water flow through!

Sprinklars also hang on the ceiling.

Despite looking like a ceiling fixture, your weapons should be able to break them.

If you can't destroy them before they fire, duck under the water and their shots shouldn't hit you.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): This one's tough! Should be in plain sight, but you'll have to do some good dodging!

Or you could just cheat and use some kinda protective weapon if you have it. Whatever you want!

(CD #2): Another tricky one! It's in plain sight, but you'll need to be really good at airdashing!

Otherwise, those crazy currents'll just dunk you into a pit! Airdash to get the CD and land safely!

(CD #3): Woah! This one's tricky! It'll be on the bottom in the big turbulent section, all guarded!

Try to be as defensive as you can to get it safely! Maybe with, like, a shield or something...

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Haiker G Yamato Man: Haiker G?

He's just a Haiker N, but big. In fact, I think the G stands for "Grande".

Try not to get hit by its purple goop, or else you'll be all slippery and dodging his attacks will be way harder!

Why does a water treatment robot have a storage tank for gross purple goop, anyway?

Zero: Maybe it is a kind of water treatment chemical?

Yamato Man: WHAT?! So those conspiracy nuts saying they were putting chemicals in the water were right?!

S-Somebody tell Toad Man! Quick!!

Zero: Uh... Okay.

CWU-41B Yamato Man: CWU...Uh...4...1...B?

Ugh, I hate this standardized naming scheme for water treatment robots. Couldn't they have picked simpler names?!

Zero: So you are telling me this is a water treatment robot? It seems particularly vicious to be just that.

Yamato Man: No, trust me, that's perfectly standard. In fact, that's in accordance with OSHA.

Every water treatment robot gets 5% of its budget dedicated to weaponry and combat AI.

Zero: ...Human safety laws are highly intriguing.

Yamato Man: This one changes its AI every time its bubble shield is popped, which means it's constantly changing its
tactics, but its shield has no invincibility frames, so your Z-Burst and other multihitters are super-useful against it!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Nice taste with the super-dangerous water area! But I can only breathe underwater for 3 hours.

And that might not be long enough for our ultimate super-awesome date!

Zero: ...How long are you expecting it to last?

Knives: Oh, I dunno, forever, maybe!

But it might be cut off by all the stupid turret thingies and spikes! Lame.


  • The level has three hidden rooms, all hidden behind fake walls. However, nothing is hidden behind them other than Tanks.
  • The original submitted version of Wicked Waterworks had all of its spikes instantly kill on contact. In the final game, they were replaced with Damage Spikes that deal 7 damage, as the level was deemed too difficult otherwise.

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