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WanderBell.png Who even are you anyways?!

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Wily Stage 3 : "Wily 3"

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

You can't say the game doesn't give you enough Super Arm Blocks NOW, can you?

"Wily 3" is the third and final Wily stage in Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level. It is a level filled with Super Arm Blocks of all different sizes.


The level starts with a 4-room spike drop, featuring an E-Tank at the rightmost end of the fourth room. Reaching the bottom leads to a split path, with both paths being barricaded by Super Arm Blocks.

Taking the left path leads to a vertical area where Mega Man must dig his way to the bottom using Super Arm, all while avoiding Hotheads, Skull Walkers, Croakers, and Tackle Fires. Once Mega Man reaches the bottom, he must go right and dig through a room with a Docron spanwer at the top and several Wander Bells at the bottom.

Taking the right path leads to a pair of horizontal areas that also have several Super Arm Blocks for Mega Man to dig through, as well as Croakers, Tackle Fires, Power Musclers, Twin Roaders, and gray Spring Heads that don't move unless Mega Man is on their X-axis (much like the gray Spring Heads from Breaking Ground). Some Super Arm Blocks on this path are not solid, and can be walked past if Mega Man does not wish to pick them up.

Both paths lead to the same room: A long horizontal area where Mega Man needs to do some Super Arm digging while minding Croakers, Skull Walkers, and a plethora of Tackle Fires. Past the room is a Yashichi and a teleporter. Going through the teleporter leads to a very different room, where Mega Man now has infinte weapon energy for Water Wave, Time Slow, Super Arm, and Chill Spike, at the cost of Rush. Breaking through one final pair of Super Arm Blocks leads to the battle against the Wily Machine Arc.


  • To date, this is the only level in the MaGMML series to lack an official name.

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