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12th : Wily Combo

Make a Good Mega Man Level (Remastered)

We all beat MM1 without using Ice Slasher here, right?

"I would order a Wily Combo from Wendy's."
―Duvi0, demonstrating his critical review chops.

Wily Combo is the 12th place entry in Make a Good Mega Man Level and its remake. Architecturally, the first half of the level recreates the second Wily Castle stage from Mega Man 3, and the second half recreates the first Wily level from the original Mega Man. However, different enemies and gimmicks are used. Graphically, the level utilizes tiles and enemy sprites from Mega Man: The Wily Wars. In lieu of a boss, a Big Snakey guards the Energy Element at the end of the level.


You'd have to be batty to try this in MaGMML1R, but this is not a screenshot from MaGMML1R.

Special weapon use is both recommended and required. Solar Blaze is effective against Spines; Black Hole Bomb is useful against Pipis, and it destroys the Black Hole Barriers that block progress through the level. Although Rush Jet would normally be used to traverse the section from Mega Man 3 containing spike floors and multiple power-ups, the glitchy nature of the utility in the original makes it a liability. Instead, Rush Coil can be used to safely cross each spike gap; another option is to cross the spike gaps using invincibility frames after receiving damage. If you're playing the remake, Rush Jet is nowhere near as glitchy, so go right ahead! In the section with the Top platforms and Spark platforms, it is often safer to slide off a platform and fall to the next one than to jump from one platform to the next, on account of the ceiling spikes.

Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
snoruntpyro snoruntpyro snoruntpyro : 72 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
20 / 25 16 / 25 9 / 15 10 / 15 9 / 10 8 / 10

It looked great, it had great music, the idea behind it was great, overall a very solid level! Some of the sections, though, were more difficult than they probably should have been due to mechanical differences of the engine, such as the Rush Jet section. Some of the redesigns were neat though, I especially liked the redesign of the Magnet Beam room!

Cheez8 Cheez8 Cheez8 : 31 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
11 / 25 8 / 25 3 / 15 2 / 15 2 / 10 5 / 10

Sorry, but I believe with at least -most- of my heart that there are much better stages to lovingly recreate than MM1 Wily 1. That room with the firebar jumps just isn't fun at all. At least Rush fits down in there now... Well, aside from that, the graphics really didn't work well. I found it hard to tell real walls from background walls in certain areas, and consider myself lucky to be so familiar with the sources already.

Duiv0 Duvi0 Duvi0 : 60 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
14 / 25 15 / 25 10 / 15 7 / 15 10 / 10 4 / 10

I would order a Wily Combo from Wendy's.

Mick Galbani Mick Galbani / Blackmore Darkwing Mick Galbani : 47 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
14 / 25 11 / 25 5 / 15 8 / 15 4 / 10 6 / 10

Well, this definitely felt like a Wily stage. The first time I tackled this level, I was not in top form, so I died a lot and just got generally really frustrated. Second time through though I absolutely aced this place. Really not a bad level, but it takes some getting used to for sure. Docking graphics a little though since I found myself having to strain my eyes to play the stage when I first entered it. Contrast could use a bit of a boost.

MrKyurem MrKyurem MrKyurem : 32 / 100
Personal Fun Factor Other Fun Factor Uniqueness Creativity Graphics Music
7 / 25 6 / 25 7 / 15 4 / 15 3 / 10 5 / 10

While the idea of a Wily mashup was interesting, it seems that the design aspects each Wily stage has had was forgotten in an attempt to reap nostalgia points. Forced weapon usage was kept, but clever enemy-based challenges were removed. The boss room was also a huge cockblock - the boss corridor has no background, and the room layout is almost identical to the MM1 Yellow Devil room, only for a Snakey to be waiting at the room. Seems a bit cruel.


  • Tier 7 of Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, a.k.a. McWily's, came about as a result of Duvi0's short judge comment. The term "Wily Combo" is also referenced by many of its NPCs:
    • Tornado Man considers the Wily Combo so good, he doesn't care why a Wily-themed establishment exists.
    • Solar Man says the Wily Combo does not come with a toy.
    • Zook Hero Z Scorch Man can be found attempting to drown his sorrows in Wily Combos. Based on the judges' opinions of a Wily Combo (and despite Tornado Man's own opinion), it can be assumed that Scorch Man's mood is unlikely to improve.
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