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81 (eighty-one) is the natural number following 80 and preceding 82. NaOH accurately predicted that there would be 81 entries to Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and the number shows up several times in MaGMML2 as a result.

Occurrences in MaGMML2[edit]

  • There were 81 entries to MaGMML2, although Bouncy Castle was disqualified.
    • This is the first question asked in Deep Thoughts, meaning that 81 is the correct answer.
  • The Reality Core has the number 81 inscribed on its exterior.
  • In The Pit of Pits...
    • The level "Junkyard 81" references the number in its name.
    • Galaxy Man's Grab Buster upgrade costs 81 Bolts.
  • MaGMML2 was built in a modified version of WreckingPrograms' Mega Engine that was ported to Game Maker 8.1.

Other Occurrences[edit]

  • The first weapon from Mega Man 11 to be added to the Megamix Engine was Block Dropper, Block Man's weapon. Block Man's serial number is DWN. 081.
  • The MaGMML website's MaGMML3 section says that 81% of the MaGMML3 levels have been played by four or five of the judges.