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Chapter 2 : Cursor Corruption

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

MaGMML EZ Cursor Corruption.png
Deja vu...

Cursor Corruption is the fourth stage on the path to the Psycho Chip in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. It takes place in a mysterious facility in the woods surrounding the Psycho Chip path's early levels, where Zero gets sucked into a computer that resembles the one from Cursor Curse.


The Cursor variety that tries to delete Zero is one of the most common threats in the level. It can be avoided most easily by waiting for it to move, then quickly dashing or stomping out of the way, as it stops tracking Zero once it starts moving. However, in the part where the floor is made of Cursor Blocks, this tactic may be dangerous. Here, it may be best to jump right before the Cursor starts moving, so it locks onto a point above Zero and doesn't destroy the floor. The varieties that draw panels are a bit more complex; the ones that draw above Zero can be defeated the same way, while the ones that draw in front of Zero can have their panels destroyed with a Z-Burst from the Cutter Chip.

The hardest parts of the level are the two snake block sections, where the Cursor draws blocks and a ghost Cursor destroys them. For the first one, try to predict where the Moz 6604s will drop fire, and air-dash away from their fire, then take down the Chromers with a Z-Burst. The second one is the hardest part, due to the ghost Cursors destroying the ground; mercifully, their explosions don't harm Zero. Here, try to stay near the front of the snake block, aiming your Z-Buster or using your Z-Burst to take down the Chromers. The ghost Cursors will destroy about two blocks away from themselves in both directions, and activate when the lead Cursor touches them. Wait for the Cursors to destroy their blocks, then quickly air-dash over to the head of the snake block.

The boss always follows the same pattern. It will start by summoning a Moz 6604 at ground level, then another at the top of the room after a short delay; jump over or shoot the first one, then go to a place safe from the second one's flames. The Cursor will then draw some spikes on the floor, which can be jumped over easily, and then summon and carry a Chromer like it did early in the level. Following this attack, the Cursor will draw a row of panels at the top of the screen, which will fall one at a time from the right, and then stay at the right of the screen, vulnerable. The panels can be dodged by air-dashing through the gaps in them. After roughly half the panels have fallen, the Cursor will attempt to delete Zero three times; the explosions from this attack can destroy the spikes it spawned. Finally, the Cursor will go to the top of the screen and move back and forth quickly while dropping arcing Cursor Blocks, before repeating the pattern.


  • Unlike the stage it's based on, Cursor Corruption uses an actual NSF of the Golem theme from Little Samson, instead of a lower-quality recording.
  • Originally, the Cursor was supposed to have dialogue. However, this was removed to improve the level's pacing.