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Chapter 2 : Dispute Over Sawblades

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Do I look like lumber to you?!

Dispute Over Sawblades is the fourth stage on the flame path in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. It is a base of a logging company that Zero wanders into while looking for Energy Elements. The facility swiftly ends up trapping him among wood and cutting equipment.


The level starts by introducing the player to a Walljump Wall that is too high to be jumped over. Running at it and repeatedly jumping will allow the player to bypass the obstacle and proceed to the next room with a single Blader inside. Going forward puts Zero in a hall, but some Wood Blocks stop him from exploring it further, unless the player destroys them. Navigating the hall necessitates walljumping around Buzzsaws and spikes. The next room focuses on introducing the Blade Joe. After that, there is a room with Wood Block spawners showcasing that when a Wood Block falls on spikes, it will be shredded into harmful debris. What follows is a short stretch with Bladers and Cutting Saws at the end of which Zero has to walljump around a Wood Block spawner.

The next room introduces Gabyoall SP and leads to another setup with a Blade Joe. Then the level introduces the Super Cutters and their ability to shred Wood Blocks, as well as offers the player a large life energy refill. The following room is a stretch with pits, Wood Blocks, Bladers, Gabyoalls SP and one Cutting Saw necessitating careful mid-air movement. The next two rooms are focused on moving around Buzzsaws at the threat of being knocked into a pit or spikes before having another room with Super Cutters followed by another section using Buzzsaws.

At this point the player is at a split path. Going up leads to a short platforming challenge with a CD for reward, as indicated by a sign. Going right takes the player to a room with two Gabyoalls SP and one Blader, then a room with a Super Cutter spawner and a lot of Wood Blocks, and then a stretch with a Blade Joe, a Gabyoall SP, two Super Cutter spawners, a lot of Cutting Saws and a lot of Wood Blocks. At the start of this sequence the player is quickly taught that both Blade Joe's propeller blade as well as Cutting Saws are capable of shredding Wood Blocks.

Proceeding down, there is a room involving more walljumping, and then a stretch with a path of Wood Blocks over a pit which are about to be shredded by a Buzzsaw. The player needs to cross that path carefully and quickly while watching out for Cutting Saws, Blade Joes and Super Cutters trying to destroy the foothold as well as the ever-approaching Buzzsaw. In the middle of the path there is a Wood Block spawner over spikes necessitating either quick reaction or being far enough ahead of the Buzzsaw to afford waiting for the spawned blocks to be shredded without harm to Zero. Should the player succeed at crossing this section, the boss of the level, Blade Man, will be waiting for them in his chamber.