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This is what they're supposed to look like, but laziness took precedent.

Energy Elements are collectible items in the Make a Good Mega Man Level series. They act as the end-of-level collectible in all MaGMML games to date. They are also used as the end-of-level marker in Mega Man Maker.

Energy Elements were first mentioned in Mega Man 3, as extraterrestrial energy sources gathered to power Gamma; however, they never made a physical appearance in the game itself. In the MaGMML series, they use the appearance of the unnamed level ending orb from the original Mega Man (though said game's manual implies it is a Robot Master's "central core"). Collecting an Energy Element refills Mega Man's health and all weapon energy, and immediately teleports him out of the level.


In small numbers, Energy Elements can be used to power machines like Gamma or Wily Machine TROPHY. However, when enough of them are gathered in one place, they can warp reality itself, opening portals to spaces between dimensions and creating objects such as the spaceship Mega Man uses to infiltrate the Wily Star II in MaGMML2. Zero postulates that the Energy Elements have some form of sentience, as, left uninhibited, they will act according to the whims of their owner. He used them in this manner to create both Null and Void and Absolute ZERO.


  • The entries Level and Mix & Match forgot to put Energy Elements at the end. They were put in post-judging.