Gemini Laser

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Gemini Laser
Mega Man with Gemini Laser equipped.

Not to be confused with GeminiLaser.

Gemini Laser is a special weapon available for use immediately in Make a Good Mega Man Level. It is a relatively slow-moving laser that reflects off walls, ceilings, and floors at a 45° angle. Only one Gemini Laser may be on the screen at a time, and it will dissipate after 3-4 seconds or if it collides with an enemy it cannot destroy instantly. The laser is segmented, so it may damage enemies multiple times in a single hit and gradually shorten in length. Several of the sturdier enemies can be destroyed in 1-2 hits with Gemini Laser, including Lantern Fish, Needle Harry, Picket Man, Komasaburo, Sniper Armor, and Tama.

Gemini Barriers can only be destroyed by a direct hit from Gemini Laser. Rebounded shots will treat Gemini Barriers like regular walls.

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