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<!-- ===========Stats============== -->
<!-- ===========Stats============== -->
|collectables=[[File:CD.png]]<br>032: [[Air Capsule]]

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Chapter 1 : Gusty Gorge

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Is this stage blowing you away?

Gusty Gorge is the third level in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. After making his way out of the crash site, Zero enters a gorge filled with strong winds, moving clouds, and several flying enemies on his journey towards Dr. Wily's newest hideout.


When the level starts, Zero enters an area with two flags, with a Lyric and a Tadahou on the screen to the right. Past them, he encounters another Tadahou, as well as a Squirren, and a shifting topsolid cloud. After this, Zero must traverse a bottomless pit using the clouds, while avoiding Lyrics, before encountering a Cyorown and Tengu Wind, the latter of which will try to push him back. After a few short rooms, Zero will climb a ladder into a screen with a Lyric and a Tadahou. By going left, he will find a CD in plain sight, but protected by a strong Tengu Wind that pushes him back even when dashing. Only by using multiple stomp-dashes can he fight through the wind and obtain the CD.

On the right is another platforming section with moving cloud platforms, but with Tengu Wind blowing ahead of Zero, and later behind him. After moving past a screen with infinitely spawning Squirrens, he enters a slow Auto Scroller area, again filled with moving clouds over a large chasm, and Tengu Wind towards the end. The tendency of enemies to group together makes the Z-Burst a useful counter against them. A few more screens occur with Tengu Wind blowing while Tadahous, Lyrics, and a Cyorown try to attack, before Zero encounters the final stretch. Here, a strong Tengu Wind blows behind Zero, allowing him to jump farther across more platforms and clouds. However, Lyrics and Squirrens will try to crash into Zero, and the strong wind will typically blow him into the chasm if one manages to hit him. If he manages to survive this short gauntlet, however, the Energy Element lies waiting on the opposite end.