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This page mostly exists to archive the MaGMML Lore page, which was deleted on 26 April 2022. If you're reading this page, bear in mind the page was deleted for a reason.

MaGMML Lore[edit]

The MaGMML Lore runs deep, as MaGMML is a very story-centric series, as everyone is familiar with. The universe the games take place in is an alternate universe where many of the more well-known fangames are canon, and some differences in stories happened so that things can stand where they are in the current universe. Note that the lore is likely to be expanded upon as the contest is passed from host to host. Also note that all of this was certainly not made up on the spot.

The main difference in the canon is that in spite of the common in-joke referring to Zero as "the connection to the X series," Mega Man X and beyond never occur in this universe. During the events of Mega Man Unlimited, the Z-Prototype's breakdown was much more serious, and the robot became essentially useless. Later on, during MaGMML1, as Dr. Wily tried to hastily plan an escape, he fixed up the now-useless prototype in a slapdash fashion, creating the MaGMML Zero. These extremely advanced components are why, even as a garbage decoy robot, he still has some sort of free will.

There is also some form of interdimensional travel, as otherwise, Butter Nezumi and King Dedede would not have been able to get into the festival. If you're ever confused, just remember that in this universe, Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nezumiman, King Dedede, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Angry Sun, Quaker Oats, Cirno, Wario, and Kamen Rider coexist.

List of Canon Media[edit]

All changes made that deviate from the game's otherwise established canon will be listed beside the respective game.

Official Capcom Games[edit]

These games are listed in the order in which they occur. Where applicable, it is assumed that the Archie Comics' depiction of each game's events are what happened.

The following have no set place, but are assumed to have happened at some point or another:

  • Mega Man (DOS)
  • Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting
  • Rockman Strategy
  • Street Fighter x Mega Man


These games are merely listed in alphabetical order; they happen in an unspecified order unless stated otherwise.

  • MegaMari — Takes place in another dimension.
  • Mega Man 4 Voyage
  • Mega Man 42
  • Mega Man ARM 2
  • Mega Man's Christmas Carol Remix
  • Mega Man's Christmas Carol 2
  • Mega Man's Christmas Carol 3
  • Mega Man: A Day in the Limelight
  • Mega Man: A Day in the Limelight 2
  • Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Final Attack — Given that the game is Dr. Wily's "Final Attack," this game is specified to have not happened yet in the MaGMML timeline (Lord Elewoofro existing as an otherwise independent deity).
  • Mega Man Eternal
  • Mega Man: Indonesian Artifact
  • Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen — Any and all references to Zero do not occur.
  • Mega Man Revolution
  • Mega Man: Rock N Roll
  • Mega Man ROCKS!
  • Mega Man Sunrise
  • Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot
  • Mega Man: The Dark Resistence — Don't ask how this one ends in the canon.
  • Nezumiman — Takes place in another dimension.
  • OH JOES!! (A Proto Man Adventure)
  • Quint's Revenge — Occurs some time after Mega Man: The Wily Wars/Mega Man II.
  • Ring Man in the Castle
  • Rockman CX — Potentially a corrupted retelling or Wily propaganda, due to Dr. Light and Mega Man's roles as villains.
  • Rockman Infinity
  • Rockman Infinity 2
  • Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack
  • Rokko Chan — Takes place on another continent of the world.
  • Skull Man Kills
  • Super Mega Man
  • Super Mega Man 2
  • Super Mega Man 3 — Proto Man's death does not occur. Neither does Bass's death and subsequent fusion with Mega Man.
  • SuperDanny Powered Up
  • SuperDanny 2
  • Zook Hero Z — Takes place on another continent of the world.

The following games are known to happen in a set order, happening after most (if not all) of the above:

  • Mega Man Unlimited — As stated above, the most significant change takes place in this game; the Z-Prototype is irreparably damaged in its test run against Mega Man, and Dr. Wily is forced to scrap it. He would later use the leftover parts to construct the Zero seen in the Make a Good Mega Man Level games.
  • Mega Man Rock Force — The events of the game cause the Robot Museum to be completely revamped, with all the deactivated robots inside turned back on and the Robot Expiration Date law fully repealed.
  • Skull Man In: Scooby Doc 4: The Destroyer (Featuring Atsushi Onita) — Dr. Cossack unintentionally causes Wargates to appear in the MaGMML universe, causing robots and entities from other worlds to cross over into it. Additionally, Toad Man survives his death at the hands of Scooby Doc.
  • Mega Man Dongs
  • Mega Man: Square Root of Negative One
  • And, of course, all Make a Good Mega Man Level games, present and future:


  • Mega Man Archie Comics
    • Worlds Collide — Occurs between Mega Man 10 and Mega Man 11.
    • Worlds Unite — Happens between Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4 before erasing itself from the timeline.
  • megaman sprite comic — Takes place in another dimension. Given it exists within an a different dimension altogether, the megaman sprite comic version of Zero still (presumably) exists there; of course, we never get to see him there.
  • Mighty No. 9 — Takes place on another continent of the world. Government red tape has prevented the widespread use of Xel technology.

List of Non-Canon Media[edit]

This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Mega Man F
  • Mega Man Origins
  • Mega Man Project Zero
  • The Mega Man X series, as mentioned previously, never happens.
    • The Mega Man Zero and ZX series do not happen either. It is implied before the battle with megaman sprite game that the Battle Network games (and by extension, Star Force) take place in an alternate dimension.
  • Proto Man's Return
  • The Super Smash Bros. series exists only in the imagination of a small child (Master/Crazy Hand) playing with action figures and is thus not canon.

Unfinished/unreleased fangames are not canon. Neither are obvious meme fan games.

Other Notes[edit]

  • Mega Man Volnutt apparently exists in this timeline, given he appears in Bouncy Castle.
  • Krion Conquest is a popular video game in-universe, which explains the presence of the Doropie costume.
  • In the MaGMML universe, re-enactments of the events of Mega Man 1 through 6 are a popular form of entertainment that enjoy roughly the same status among theater troupes as the history plays of William Shakespeare — well-known, royalty-free plays which can be re-enacted in any setting. This is the status of all ROM hacks which make no significant plot alterations — for instance, Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom is a production of Mega Man 1 done with props borrowed from the company's previous production of Super Mario Bros..
    • Mega Man: Infamous Intent, rather than being a retelling of Mega Man's adventures, is an original stage-play depicting fictitious events.
    • Luckyman is a minimalist Brechtian deconstruction which rails against the hagiographic capitalist mythmaking of the Mega Man series. CHIKO is a communist agitator.
  • Several robots that appear in non-canon games may still exist in the timeline. Toast Man specifically is stated to be from the same continent as the one where Zook Hero Z takes place.
  • King Dedede also apparently exists. That implies that the entire Kirby universe either co-exists with the Mega Man universe, that he fell through a Wargate, or that dimensional travel also works between different series.