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Make a Good Mega Man Level
Make a Good Mega Man Level
Make a Good Mega Man Level Title Screen
"I couldn't come up with a better description okay"
SnoruntPyro on the contest

Make a Good Mega Man Level, also known as MaGMML and MaGMML1, is the first in the MaGMML series, taking place from 2015-2016. The premise, inspired by the Make a Good Level contests from Talkhaus, was to try and build the best level in a Mega Man engine that the contestants could, with this being accomplished with a modified Blyka's Engine, put together in Game Maker 8.0 Pro. Being the first in the series, there were quite a few quirks, such as a very badly put together rubric taken directly from MaGLX2, and the game being in Blyka's Engine rather than the Mega Engine. Also, unlike its successors, the devkit was request-only out of paranoia that the MaGMML1 engine would become the basis for a ton of crappy, low effort fangames that just used all the assets it had and nothing else. Needless to say, this was unfounded. The contest had 20 entries overall, split into 5 tiers of 4 levels each, with 6 Wily stages by the judges and 4 Tier Bosses. The contest was judged by SnoruntPyro, Cheez8, Duvi0, Mick Galbani and MrKyurem.


The game begins with a traditional intro cutscene explaining that since it had been months since Dr. Wily's last defeat, the people of Mega City were setting up a festival to celebrate the new peacetime. Predictably, Dr. Wily shows up and scatters the festival's Energy Elements, announcing yet another plan to take over the world and daring Mega Man to get past his unbreakable barrier by his newest castle. Dr. Light finds out that 24 Energy Elements will be able to break the barrier, and sends out Mega Man to the festival to collect them all.

Soon, Mega Man finds out that Dr. Wily has revived some fangame robot masters to stand in his way, but not much else comes of this. Once all 24 Energy Elements are collected, Mega Man returns to the lab to find out that Dr. Wily had broken in and left a note for Mega Man, challenging him to invade his fortress. Mega Man, as usual, gets in and clears it out, cornering Dr. Wily. After destroying his newest Wily Machine, Wily tells Mega Man that it's not over yet, and that he has yet to face his greatest creation ever. Mega Man chases Dr. Wily to a space platform, where a strange robot drops down. Mega Man battles this robot, but it turns out to be a weak piece of crap, only built to let Dr. Wily escape once again. Mega Man escapes the self-destructing castle, and the ordeal is over.



Stage Name Creator
Dr. Light's Lab SnoruntPyro
Tier 1 SnoruntPyro
Tier 2 SnoruntPyro
Tier 3 SnoruntPyro
Tier 4 SnoruntPyro
Tier 5 SnoruntPyro
The Arena SnoruntPyro

Tier 1[edit]

Stage Name Creator Score
Objective: Vain Space No Lynch 9
City War qazcake 14.4
Level kanna 18.4
The Quickening Zyglrox Odyssey 35.2

Tier 2[edit]

Stage Name Creator Score
Chroma Key Gyra Solune 38.6
Midnight Snow blue_kirby 43
Sunset Siege Scorpio 44
Sky Ziggurat MonkeyShrapnel 46.8

Tier 3[edit]

Stage Name Creator Score
Wily Combo Mitcheddar93 48.4
Napalm Forest and Caves Thoron 52.2
Hard to See Land ParmaJon 52.4
Maze of Death Flashman85 63.8

Tier 4[edit]

Stage Name Creator Score
Under Construction 128Up 67.2
Spiky Meltdown The Stove Guy 69.2
Thunderclyffe Plant Lamda 70.4
Research Facility WreckingGoomba 74.2

Tier 5[edit]

Stage Name Creator Score
Citadel Basement Entity1037 75
NEON GRAVITY Friendly Dictator 75.6
Mega Man World kumuhmuh 80.8
Glass Man RedBlupi 84.2

Wily Fortress[edit]

Stage Name Creator
Wily Stage 1 SnoruntPyro
Wily Stage 2 Cheez8
Wily Stage 3 Duvi0
Wily Stage 4 Blackmore_Darkwing
Wily Stage 5 MrKyurem
Wily Stage 6 SnoruntPyro


Middle Bosses[edit]

Name Stage Weakness
Lantern Fish/Anko Napalm Forest and Caves / Maze of Death Gemini Laser/ Pharaoh Shot
Hot Dog Chroma Key / Thunderclyffe Plant Pharaoh Shot
Big Snakey Chroma Key / Maze of Death Pharaoh Shot
Tama Spiky Meltdown Gemini Laser
Weapons Archive - Yellow Devil Research Facility Thunder Wool
Weapons Archive - Mecha Dragon Research Facility Magic Card
Weapons Archive - Kamegoro Maker Research Facility Pharaoh Shot
Weapons Archive - Cossack Catcher Research Facility Black Hole Bomb
Weapons Archive - Dark Man 3 Research Facility Gemini Laser
Weapons Archive - Mechazaurus Research Facility Metal Blade
The Moon Neon Gravity Solar Blaze
Ronrez Mega Man World Metal Blade

End of Stage Bosses[edit]

Name Level Weakness
Big Snakey Wily Combo Pharaoh Shot
Weapons Archive - Wily Capsule Research Facility Solar Blaze
Gravity Machine Neon Gravity Black Hole Bomb
Birdo Mega Man World Most Weapons
Glass Man Glass Man Gemini Laser

Tier Bosses[edit]

Name Tier Weakness Original Game
Jolt Man Tier 1 Gemini Laser Mega Man Eternal
Dagger Man Tier 2 Magic Card Super Fighting Robot
Yoku Man Tier 3 Pharaoh Shot Mega Man Unlimited
Justice Man Tier 4 Metal Blade Mega Man Rock Force

Fortress Bosses[edit]

Name Stage Weakness
Ghost of Mega Man 3 Wily Stage 1 Thunder Wool
Changkey Master Wily Stage 2 Top Spin
Shadow Morpher Wily Stage 3 None (dies automatically)
Neon Glass Birdo on a Guts Lift Wily Stage 4 Solar Blaze
Air Capsule Wily Stage 5 Thunder Wool
Trophy Machine Wily Stage 6 Pharaoh Shot/Gemini Laser/Thunder Wool
Zero Wily Stage 6 None

Bonus Bosses[edit]

Name Weakness
Bright Man Pharaoh Shot
Zero Soul None

Removed Bosses[edit]

  1. Ice Man
  2. Napalm Man

Special Weapons[edit]

Weapon Original Robot Master Original Game
Metal Blade Metal Man Mega Man 2
Gemini Laser Gemini Man Mega Man 3
Top Spin Top Man Mega Man 3
Pharaoh Shot Pharaoh Man Mega Man 4
Magic Card Magic Man Mega Man & Bass
Black Hole Bomb Galaxy Man Mega Man 9
Thunder Wool Sheep Man Mega Man 10
Solar Blaze Solar Man Mega Man 10
Rush Coil N/A Mega Man 3
Rush Jet N/A Mega Man 4 (Variant)

Make a Good Mega Man Level
Playable Characters
Mega Man
List of Stage Bosses
Big SnakeyWeapons ArchiveGravity MachineBirdoGlass Man
Tier Bosses
Jolt ManDagger ManYoku ManJustice Man
Fortress Bosses
Ghost of Mega Man 3Changkey MasterNeon Glass Birdo on a Guts LiftShadow MorpherAir CapsuleTrophy MachineWily CapsuleZero
Special Weapons
Metal BladeGemini LaserTop SpinPharaoh ShotMagic CardBlack Hole BombThunder WoolSolar Blaze
Support Weapons
Rush CoilRush Jet
List of Enemies
- Sub-bosses -
AnkoHot DogBig SnakeyTamaWeapons ArchiveThe MoonRonrez
Removed Content
Napalm Man • Ice Man