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|[[Zero|Zero Soul]]
|[[Zero|Zero Soul]]
|[[The Arena]]
|[[The Arena]]
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Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered
Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered

Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered, also known as MaGMML1R, is a remake of the original Make a Good Mega Man Level game, using an improved Mega Engine in GameMaker: Studio (as opposed to the Game Maker 8.0-based Blyka's Engine). Among the enhancements made to the original include a framerate of 60FPS, more accurate enemy behaviour, the infinite lives system used by Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, the addition of costumes of Roll, Bass alongside Proto Man, as well as the option to use Custom Costumes, and a higher level of polish. The remake also features redesigned hubs and Wily stages, with bosses having revamped attack patterns (or, in some cases, replaced with brand new bosses).

The game was revealed on May 23rd, 2018 (the second anniversary of MaGMML1), and was released exactly one year later on May 23rd, 2019, on the third anniversary. However, due to the long development cycle of the remaster, it did not ship with Episode Zero, an interquel between MaGMML and MaGMML2, as initially planned.


The story remains largely unchanged from the original game; a festival is held to celebrate the peace since Dr. Wily's last plot, Dr. Wily announces yet another plan to take over the world, Mega Man sets out to collect 24 Energy Elements to break the barrier around Wily's castle, cue the defeat of Wily and some weird red thing. A few minor differences are present, however; no mention is made of Wily reviving fangame Robot Masters this time around, and in fact, one such Robot Master is retconned into being a replica.


As a remake, every enemy from the original is present and accounted for; however, the Wily stages also use enemies that didn't exist in MaGMML1's devkit.

Original Devkit Enemies

Original Custom Enemies

New Enemies


Devkit Minibosses

Name Locations Original Game
Hot Dog Chroma Key
Thunderclyffe Plant
Mega Man 2
Lantern Fish Napalm Forest and Caves
Maze of Death
Mega Man 2
Big Snakey Chroma Key
Wily Combo
Maze of Death
Mega Man 3
Penpen Maker Midnight Snow
Cannon Deck
Mega Man 3
Tama Spiky Meltdown Mega Man 3

Entry Minibosses

Name Level Weakness
Wily Archives #1 Research Facility Thunder Wool (Yellow Devil)

Magic Card (Mecha Dragon)

Top Spin (Kamegoro Maker)

Wily Archives #2 Research Facility Black Hole Bomb (Cossack Catcher)

Gemini Laser (Dark Man 3)

Metal Blade (Mechazaurus)

The Moon NEON GRAVITY Solar Blaze
Ronrez Mega Man World Pharaoh Shot

Robot Masters

Name Level Weakness Special Weapon
GlassMan.png Glass Man Glass Man Gemini Laser Power Orb

Entry Bosses

Name Level Weakness
Wily Archives #3 Research Facility Magic Card
Gravity Machine NEON GRAVITY Black Hole Bomb
Birdo Mega Man World Metal Blade

Tier Bosses

All of the Tier bosses use vastly different attacks from the original; additionally, two of them have swapped places, and one is replaced entirely.

Name Tier Weakness Original Game
Him Tier 1 Solar Blaze Mega Man ARM 2
Yoku Man Tier 2 Gemini Laser Mega Man Unlimited
Dagger Man Tier 3 Magic Card Mega Man Super Fighting Robot
Justice Man Tier 4 Top Spin Mega Man: Rock Force

Fortress Bosses

All of the Wily Castle bosses have revamped designs and attacks (though two bosses have been replaced with brand new bosses).

Name Level Weakness
Scuttle Cannon Cannon Deck Magic Card
Changkey Master Dr. Wily's Incinerator Chute Top Spin
Shadow Gacha Be the Bigger Person Metal Blade
Neon Glass Birdo on a Guts Lift Hall of Fame Solar Blaze
Air Capsule Everything's Blowing Up Thunder Wool
Wily Machine TROPHY Flashback Database Pharaoh Shot (Phase 1)
Gemini Laser (Phase 2)
Thunder Wool (Phase 3)
Zero Flashback Database None

Extra Bosses

Name Level Weakness
Bright Man Dr. Light's Lab Pharaoh Shot
The Impaler The Arena Thunder Wool
Zero Soul The Arena Thunder Wool