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#REDIRECT [[Metall Run and Gun]]
|name=Mega Met
|at=4 (contact)<br>2 (projectile)
|location='''MaGMML2:'''<br>[[Forgotten Fortress]]
|MaGMMLAppear=[[Make a Good Mega Man Level 2|MaGMML2]] (Enemy)
'''Mega Met''' is an enemy from ''[[Make a Good Mega Man Level 2]]'', found in the entry [[Forgotten Fortress]]. It is a [[Metall]] that resembles [[Mega Man]] himself.
Mega Met acts very similarly to a [[Metall Run and Gun]]; initially hiding inside its helmet, but emerging to chase after Mega Man while firing a spread of three projectiles. Unlike most Metalls, however, Mega Met is fairy durable, having 14 HP instead of a Metall's usual 1 HP.
==Damage Table==
|buster = 1/2/3
|hornet = 2
|jewel = 1
|grab = 1
|triple = 1
|flash = Y
|slash = 1
|wheel = 2
|sakugarne = 4
|wire = 1
|arrow = 2
|notes =
* Only one Mega Met appears in Forgotten Fortress, in one of the containers held by the large [[Doctor Albert W. Wily|Dr. Wily]] statue.
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