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Mick Galbani, also known as Blackmore_Darkwing, is a prominent figure in the Mega Man community and the co-host of Make a Good Mega Man Level 3. He was also a judge in the original Make a Good Mega Man Level and an entrant in its sequel—in which his level, Neapolitan Man, was received with great praise, netting him fourth place in the contest.

Galbani is known for being involved in almost all currently ongoing Mega Man fangame projects, earning him the affectionate nickname "Fanthulhu" among his friends. He has even gone as far as to (Jokingly) claim that if he's not involved in a fangame, it probably doesn't exist. He is also the owner of the Robot Master Megalist, a spreadsheet listing thousands of fanmade Robot Masters' names (Primarily for the purpose of acting as evidence for claims that certain names are overused, underused, completely unused, etc etc.), ever since HertzDevil transferred ownership of it to him in 2015.