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Roll Mugshot
Roll Mugshot
Roll, as seen in Mega Man 9
In-Game Information
HP: 28
Weapon: Roll Buster
Affiliations: Dr. Light
Occupation: Housekeeper
Misc. Information
Script: ロール
Romaji: Rōru
Designer(s): Keiji Inafune
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Several games from the Mega Man Classic Series

Roll (ロール Rōru) is a kind-hearted humanoid robot created by Dr. Light to be a house keeper, helping around Dr. Light's Laboratory by cleaning and cooking. She is the "little sister" of Mega Man and Proto Man.

Game Apperances[edit]

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

Roll operates a tent where the player can exchange screws for different in-game costumes. She is also a costume herself.

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