Scorched Factory

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Chapter 2 : Scorched Factory

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Solar energy's all the rage today, I suppose!

Scorched Factory is the first level on the path to the Flame Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. One of the four coordinate locations Zero uses for tracking down SRARA, the level is a giant solar power centrifuge made up of three "towers", all of which have moving tracks of platforms, spikes, and (to cover all bases) platforms with spikes. Deeper into the factory are residual junk blocks, and dangerous rising lava that spells doom for anyone too slow to outrun it.


Zero starts outside the facility, with a Palm Hopper, a Kaminari Kogoro, and a Dachone standing guard. After going inside and up, the main gimmick of the stage appears, Scrolling Tiles. Also introduced by this point are Tellies and Mecha Pitchans - the latter of which sport a unique design, but act exactly like the red variety. The first room with Scrolling Tiles only has Tellies and a Mecha Pitchan for threats, but the room above has spikes lining the walls of the room, as well as more complex scrolling geometry. In the third Scrolling Tile room, Zero can dash through a gap in the right wall that leads to two screens filled with scrolling platforms tipped with spikes on their right. With careful timing and positioning, he can move between them and reach a CD. This connects immediately back to the main path with a Dachone blocking the way forward.

The next section goes outside the factory and is suspended over a bottomless pit. This section includes more Kaminari Kogoros alongside Mecha Pitchans. The section goes up and loops around, with the top part replacing the Kaminari Kogoros with Tellies and Palm Hoppers. This part also has a vertical transition along the bottom, so if Zero falls, he will return to the area directly below and not directly into a pit. After looping back into the factory, Zero is faced with a Palm Hopper and more scrolling spikes. Past them, and a corridor with a few more enemies, he will finally reach the stage's first checkpoint.

Where the first tower of three focused on climbing up Scrolling Tiles, the second focuses on falling through gaps between them, with the stomp being a very useful move if used with proper timing. The first room has a large solid platform with one gap, with spikes on either side of the room that will kill Zero if he doesn't go through the gap quickly enough. The second room has two solid blocks lined on both sides with spikes, as well as a CD. To retrieve it, Zero must wait for the largest gap between the two, jump down and to the right, then walk carefully with the blocks to avoid touching a spike. The third room has a Mecha Pitchan and Tellies, and a small gap on the bottom with spikes passing through on both sides. The fourth and final room has a Palm Hopper and two sets of scrolling spikes, each moving towards each other. If he can get past them, Zero will then face the stage's midbosses, the Elemental Aces.

After destroying the Elemental Aces, Zero reaches the final checkpoint, and is introduced to Dustman Blocks. Briefly stepping outside the factory again, Rising Lava is seen on the bottom, slowly making its way upwards. The third and final tower focuses on outrunning more Rising Lava by climbing up ladders and Scrolling Tiles. However, Petit Devils and Dustman Blocks frequently block the path forward, forcing Zero to waste time destroying them; the Z-Burst is very useful here, as its wide coverage and piercing ability can quickly clear groups of obstacles with few shots. The colour of the background also serves as an indicator of how close the lava is, with it getting brighter and more orange the closer it is, and darker and more red/brown the farther away it is. After scaling the tower, Zero comes across a Petit Devil guarding the boss door, which leads to Fighting Fefnir.

Z-Phone Dialogue

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Scorched Factory?

Oh, it's one of those fire factories. Solar power is all the rage nowadays, I suppose!

There's probably going to be a lot of junk in your way, and the Z-Burst's designed to tear through it.

And expect rising lava. Just a hunch.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Scorched Factory?

That place is essentially a giant centrifuge, utilizing solar energy instead of nuclear.

Because of this, things like spikes and junk will shift horizontally as you make your way through.

Palm Hoppers and Mecha Pitchans also roam the place.

Palm Hoppers are pretty straightforward, they fire some missiles and jump.

Mecha Pitchans have a tricky curveball, but if you stay at eye level, you should be able to dodge it easily.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): Once you're inside that factory, keep your eyes peeled for a small passage you can dash through!

Then you'll be on a SECRET path, whoa! And the CD'll be there, too! Crazy!

(CD #2): This one should be in plain sight! Just sneak in where there's an opening with the moving spikes.

And after that, keep sneaking along and you'll get the CD in no time!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Elemental Aces Yamato Man: Fire Mecha & Ice Mecha?

Jeez, those designs are overkill for glorified security guards in a waste disposal facility.

Zero: Is that what this is? A waste disposal facility? The sign outside said this was a factory.

I was under the impression that factories produce, not dispose.

Yamato Man: Well, yeah, it produces waste disposal!

Zero: ...

Yamato Man: You should really focus on fighting these guys though, just stick to the corners of the screen so they don't run into you
and jump over their aimed bullets, then watch out for their combination attack.

Fighting Fefnir Yamato Man: Fighting Fefnir?

I think I've heard of this guy before, and several rumors about how much he loves the pain he suffers in his fights.

Some types of warriors are quite perplexing... Anyways, don't stand still when he's shooting large fireballs at the wall.

No matter the type, the flames that come out of them will move based on your position!

If you've got any electrical weapons at your disposal, use them like you mean business!

Zero: Are you going to gloss over the masochism?

Yamato Man: Do you want me to go into detail?

Zero: ...

Yamato Man: No thanks.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Rising lava isn't romantic, Zero! I'll be fine, but you'll get all melted and stuff!

Zero:...How would you be fine?

Knives: Anyways, I'm all for super dangerous and unsafe date spots, but you can't die on me.

Freeze the lava and then we'll talk. Except you can't, because then that stupid Fefnir guy will thaw it!

What is his problem, anyways? Ooh, I'm so cool and totally not from another dimension, I swear!


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