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80th : Snow Man

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

Getting past the Sheep Man Blocks
"this is my first level, i hope i win, but if not win, its better than nothing"
―coinmaster, In-level comment box.


Snow Man is the last place entry in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. Its core features include a strange mix-mash of enemies, the Sheep Man disappearing blocks (which do not function correctly), and invisible tiles all over the place.
Notably, it is the only entry in the contest to use the Commando Man sandstorm.


This level requires special weapons in order to progress. Repeated failure will require a full restart of the stage, as there are no refills in the stage.

Snow Man Screenshot A
A: The Sheep Man blocks are not all destroyed when activated.
Snow Man Screenshot B
B: Wheel Cutter can be used to skip the Yoku Spike challenge.
Snow Man Screenshot C
C: Alternatively, Wheel Cutter can be used to clear the low ceiling challenge if used at a low point of the wall.

Even getting past the first screen without taking damage requires special weapons. As shown in A, not all Sheep Man blocks are removed, so the player should make use of either the Skip Teleporter or invisible blocks above the Big Eye for a place for Rush to land. Rush Jet should be used to clear any remaining Sheep Man blocks, as there are enemies guarding the upper path, which makes Super Arrow impractical. It is worth noting that the lower path can be traversed, but you would have to intentionally take damage from either the Magfly or the second Big Eye and use the invulnerability period to run across the bed of spikes. Wheel Cutter can then be used to either skip the Yoku Spikes or used near C to escape the low ceiling. Wheel Cutter needs to be used towards the bottom of the wall, otherwise momentum will not carry you over said wall. It is possible to re-spawn the Magfly enemies to carry you across the pits, but this can be fairly tricky, as getting caught by them during the Yoku Spike corridor can cause the player to glitch through the floor.

Snow Man Screenshot D
D: There's an invisible block here you need to slide under.
Snow Man Screenshot E
E: Meet the only use of the sandstorm. Poor thing.

After a barrage of Nitrons and Big Eyes, the player needs to either scale the invisible wall with Wheel Cutter or simply slide underneath it. The rest of the stage has few noteworthy parts, and Snow Man's "boss fight" consists of a single Rock Thrown combined with the sandstorm gimmick.
The Energy Element can be found sitting on top of the ladder.

Skip Status[edit]

This level was deemed skippable by the judges, largely in part to the nonsensical and obtuse nature of the stage.

Judge Comments
Pyro Snorunt Pyro Pyro : 3 / 50
Jupi Hornet Jupi Hornet Jupi Hornet : 1 / 50
this is why global warming exists
Enjl Enjl Enjl : 5 / 50
Less a level, moreso a collection of ideas. The main thing that sets it back in its current state is the lack of organisation and testing.

The level is littered with collision errors and enemies that can easily ambush the player. The ideas themselves, while not the most innovative, would easily find a good place in a level that was constructed more thoroughly, though.

Garirry Garirry Garirry : 3 / 50
Was this level submitted as a joke?

The placement of ALL enemies, obstacles, and solid blocks are placed at complete random, and most of the latter are fake or invisible. It is extremely glitchy, to the point that I can't figure out a way to finish the level without breaking it using weapons. With the exception of breaking this level, there is nothing enjoyable about it, it's irritating, the level design is absolute crap, the graphics are crap, and the level is barely functional. Someone please wake me up from this nightmare.

ACESpark ACESpark ACESpark : 3 / 50

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