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|[[Chill Spike|Double Clap]]
|[[Chill Spike|Double Clap]]
|[[Match Man|Pewpiepie]]
|[[Match Man|Pewpiepie]]
|''[[Meme Review]]''
|''[[Switch Ball|Meme Review]]''
!style="color:#FCFCFC; background-color: #454E54;"|
!style="color:#FCFCFC; background-color: #454E54;"|
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|[[File:MaGMML Icon1.gif]]
|[[File:MaGMML Icon1.gif]]
|[[Metal Blade 8: The Metal Bladeing]]
|[[Wheel Cutter|Metal Blade 8: The Metal Bladeing]]
|[[Metal Man]]
|[[Metal Man]]
|''[[Mega Man 2]]''
|''[[Mega Man 2]]''
|[[File:MaGMML Icon1.gif]]
|[[File:MaGMML Icon1.gif]]
|[[Lancer deltarune|sANS UNDERTALE]]
|[[Doc Kumo|sANS UNDERTALE]]
|[[Metal Man|Metalgalovania]]
|[[Metal Man|Metalgalovania]]
|''[[Undertale 2 (Deltarune 1.125)|Make A Good Metal Man Contest 8]]''
|''[[Die Sign|Make A Good Metal Man Contest 8]]''

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ThatOneEnder is a finna master at everything he does. Gigavolt Man? Masterpiece! The Magnum Opus of MaGMML2! Forget that finna Tier 10! With Gigavolt Man, we have OCs that originally appeared on Miiverse from the great friend of ThatOneEnder whose name won't said for obvious reasons. His biggest regret is not putting that one ladder collision box in that one part of Gigavolt Man and not making Gigavolt Man an actual boss. Did he already mention he made the best Tier 2 level, Gigavolt Man? 'cause he did. Also, I hate speaking in the third person. Hi there. It's me, ThatOneEnder speaking here. This is the part where I actually make a real wiki page.

Also, in Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level I made the last place level Nauseous Greenhouse. it was ok

Discord: ThatOneEnder#6186

banned from magmml3 like a boss, ebic gamer style. This page is very professional, I swear.

NOTE FROM ENDER, roughly a year after this page was made or so, lmao Hey y'all, I completely forgot that this page existed. Apparently y'all sure didn't. I don't think I wrote a lot of this and a lot of this is from randos, though I do remember writing one or two things here, specially the pyro being a fraud thing or something. Weird ass in joke, I believe that was. Hell I know, at this damn point. Do know that a lot of this wasn't written by me, as I made this as a shitpost, where everyone can destroy the page besides the main, wiki part of it. I only made the main side bar part a bit of the original shitpost story thing but a large chunk of everything else was not me.

Sorry, I guess.


MaGMML1: SnoruntPyroCheez8Duvi0Mick Galbani/Blackmore DarkwingMrKyurem
MaGMML2: SnoruntPyroJupiHornetEnjlGarirryACESpark
MaGMML3: Mick Galbani/Blackmore DarkwingACESparkFlashman85PachyShinryu
Misc.: ParmaJonMiniMacroCreshManM-JacqFreemanPKWeegee

Contest Participants
Other Figures

Staff: PKWeegeeLoyanaWreckingProgramsBlyka
Let's Players: HatredElementalRoahmMythrilPKWeegeeFlashman85JupiHornetDoctor NovakaineNecromMarcos

Make a Good Mega Man Level 1's entire page but it is fully free to vandalize at your heart's content:

Make a Good Mega Man Level Except Nobody is going to download the orinigal one once the remastered version is realeased
Make a failure
what a fraud
SnoruntPyro on the contest
"Is it just me or is this Wiki ridiculously phallic?"
"You amuse me."
Mick Galbani, the judgemaster
"Boiling Colgate is in the air"
"Hey i'm new to this thing so i'm a mexican 13 yr old that- oh hi mark"
YoshoDude, a dumbass boi

Make a Good Mega Man Level, also known as MaGMML and MaGMML1 and MaG MAMMAL WON and MAG MULL UON and MagMoll' and Magma Man, is the first in the MaGMML series, taking place from 1872-2001. The premise, inspired by the Danganronpa contests from Talkhaus, was to try and build the best level in a Kirby engine that the contestants could, with this being accomplished with a modified Bloke's Engine, put together in Windows 98 Pro. Being the first in the series, there were quite a few stinks, such as a very stinky put together rubric taken directly from Dark Souls, and the game being in Sonic's Engine rather than the Ultra Engine. Also, unlike its successors, the devkit was request-only out of paranoia that the MaGMML1 engine would become the basis for a ton of crappy, low effort fangames that just used all the assets it had and nothing else. Needless to say, this was perfectly valid to worry about, seeing as the only successful fangame made out of a MaGMML devkit is Power Muscler. The contest had 20 entries overall, split into 20 tiers of 1 level each, with 45 Wily stages by the judges and Tier Bosses. The contest was judged by SnoruntPyro, Cheez8, Duvi0, Mick Galbani, MrKyurem, Centaur Man, Kichona, Nagito Komaeda, A Nidoking, Crystal Joe, Christopher Manson, Tigger, and JUPI. Only Mick Galbani and Tigger were willing to judge all of the staged.

A rebreak of the game, now officially titled MaGMML1: The Dumpster Fire Resturns, was revealed on the zeroth anniversary of MaGMML5 (4/20/69). Its release date is the 4th of July but it has been mentioned by a fraud that it sucks. Along with this, nothing was teased at, but all that has been officially shown is something. Things to note as revealed in the trailer are the new farts completely remade from scratch, a new Tier 1 boss (the Tier 777 boss has also been stated to be replaced as well), a fortress boss from MEGA ARM 02, the game being made in a better version of the MaGMML2 engine, and a new costume shop that has Sanct, A Fish, Rock, and Mike Wazowski, where as in the original all that could be bought was five USD worth of Pac-Man pencil toppers.


When you pop in this game, the first thing you notice is the poor edging on Woody, the main character of the movie and the character you control in the game. The Toy Story movie was done with Silicon Graphics computers, and the instruction booklet says the game's graphics were created with the same 3D computer models that were used in the making of the blockbuster movie. We don't know, however, if the game actually used Silicon Graphics computers. If SGI computers were involved, we suspect they were only used for character animation, because the backgrounds do not have the detailed quality graphics of Donkey Kong Country. Did you know that nobody reads anything that's like, 2/3 in?? As any good devoted game player knows, Donkey Kong Country was created with Silicon Graphics computers, and doesn't have edging problems. What's even more strange is that Woody is the only character with edging problems; all the other characters look great. The game's packaging box advertises "An intensely 3D experience", but that statement is a bit misleading, because the gameplay, although varied, is often two-dimensional.

The Story: Also Known as the Beginning to the End

WILEY SAID THE N-WORD The game begins with a traditional intro cutscene explaining that since it had been months since Dr. Wily's last defeat. That is all that is normal about this god-forsaken plot. After the events of Mega Man 10, Wily's last defeat, things went reaaaaly wrong. Somehow -- now, don't ``"""quote"""`` me on this, ok? -- 5 universes combined into one. Despite this, the citizens of of Mega City, a city whose name was thought up in 20 seconds by some crazy dude or something i dunno, lived from this disaster. They, sadly, were the only ones. All hope was gone.


The five heroes of these Universes...

  • Waluigi, the blue bomber
  • Waluigi, the plumber
  • Waluigi
  • Waluigi the Hedgehog
  • Waluigi the Waluigi

Combined forces. After much repair to the world -- no -- The UNIVERSE was saved thanks to these heroes. 100 years have pasted since then.

When these universes cu


[this space is for rent, but has been rented by a retared kid.]

Hello welcome to mcdongal what do you want.

Dude you where suppoed to edit the page and reply. not epic.

bined, one thing that wasn't realized that everyone became immortal. So, they made the best out of it. The best contest in the universe was held, to give these heroes a new challenge for the first time in 100 years. Mega Man X happens too but he dies lol

Hey, who struck me through?

Dagnabbit, it must have been Enity.



no one: Is on fire


Everything: now on fire



mgea mne: ok


mag e men: pew


meg amen: oh no who could have seen this coming

wiliy: behold my BEST CREATON

mega nem: pew pew yayy i win

weewoo: oh noooOOO I'LL BE BAK

Everyone: yayyy

magna am: yaaayy now leave me alone

And thus, Magnetic Shockwave learned that he had crippling depression. And everyone lived happily ever after


After the five heroes complete the contest and learn about Mega Man's crippling depression (yes, we're going with both stories at the same time), they gain access to several goodies, including but not limited to:

  • An art gallery consisting of 12 different pieces of concept art for Dagger Man, plus one picture of Chomp Man that left everyone who bought the game confused until the sequel was released.
  • 25 minutes of the hit Steven Spielberg movie Foodfight!, featuring Dex Dogtective and Daredevil Daniel Page Dan.
  • A large wooden sculpture of Snoopy that serves as Mega Man's psychiatrist, giving him Eye Sparkle bonuses.
  • A new game mode, Pooh's Adventures of Make a Good Mega Man Level, where Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, and Eeyore greet the heroes near the beginning of the story, and appear to add dialogue in certain cutscenes. There is no actual change to the game's plot, and the Winnie the Pooh characters are not present outside of the aforementioned cutscenes.


Gameplay is essentially the same as a typical competitive match in the Playstation 2 port of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Being based on datamined assets from Super Mario Maker, the game shares the most similarities with Mega Man 1, and is the only officially licensed Daniel Page-endosed game that cat be beaten in under 4 hours, instead of taking 800 hours at minimum. Doropie starts the game with a full Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Talked in by the Haus community. The goal of each stage is to get to the end and claim the fish. Each level is placed in a tier based on how high of a score it got and a hub world is used to connect them all with glue and duck tape, with each tier having 7 grand levels each and a boss fight based on a fangame boss (except for Tier 17).


Metal Blade Original Metal Man Original Megaman 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif Metal Blade Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif Gemini Metal Blade: Metal Blade 2: Links Aventure Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif Black Hole Metal Blade: Metal Blade 3 & Knuckles Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif Magic Metal Blade: Metal Blade 4 Episode 1 Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif Pharoh Metal Blade: Metal Blade 4 Episode 2 Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon4.gif This weapon is garbage: Metal Blade 5 Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif Thunder Metal Blade: Metal Blade 6: I've run out of ideas Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif Solar Metal Blade: Metal Blade 7: here's the mf tea Metal Man Mega Man 2
StoveGuyIcon.png Double Clap Pewpiepie Meme Review
MaGMML Icon1.gif Metal Blade 8: The Metal Bladeing Metal Man Mega Man 2
MaGMML Icon1.gif sANS UNDERTALE Metalgalovania Make A Good Metal Man Contest 8


Here's a level it's ok i guess

The first contest garnered a total of 957 entries. all of them being late additions and made by the judges in disguise because every1 plaes fortnut nowdays.


The game is set entirely in Dr. Light's Lab. As more Energy Elements are collected, more Zeros show up.WITH ALWSO MOER PIENAPPLEZ APPEARINGGG




MaGMML1 has ten thousand minibosses, one of which appears in 3.141592 variations in its stage.

Name Level Weakness
Wander Bell Pakatto 24s Torch Arm
Top Tapper #1 Research Facility Black Hole Bomb (CWU-01P)

Gemini Laser (Boobeam Trap)

Metal Blade (Needle Harry)

Top Tapper #2 Research Facility Black Hole Bomb (Kalinka)

Gemini Laser (Dark Dizzy 3)

Metal Blade (Burn Dinorex)

Moon Prism Power, Make Up! NEON GRAVITY JoJokes
Ronrez Mega Man World Shot
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ender's world of things all of existance
Dachone Bear in the Big Blue House Become dog and jump up

Robot Masters

MaGMML1 features a grandtastic total of zero Robot Masters, from all 18932643 stages. i hope they all won

Name Level Weakness Special Weapon
GlassMan.png Glass Man Glass Man Glass Laser Unown
Plantsprite.png Grass Man Fortified Lab Dynamo Tendril Chomp Claw
MaGMML2 OmbudsMan.png Class Man X Factory Danger Wrap Tropical Hazard
DiscoBall.png Mass Man Glove and Boots Rap Rat Joke
HallMaster.png Crass Man Grass Way Plains Bluster Marx Lickitung's Shoelace
OffendedMegaMan.png Ass Man Bouncy Castle Ring Boomerang Black Hole Butthole

Entry Bosses

Aside from Glass Man, there are 34.5 times 2 times 1000 other entry bosses.

Fame Devil Leaks
Top Tapper #3 Ravenholme Win
Groove Machine NEON GRAVITY Loss
Birdo Birdo Birdo

Tier Bosses

Name Tier Weakness Original Game
MaGMML Tier Joltman.gif
Sonichu but Bright Man Tier 1 Gemini Laser The Bible
edgy fuck wad Tier 2 Magic Card mega man sUPER FIGHTING ROOOOBOT: MEEEGA MAAAN
public domain Tier 3 Pharaoh Shot Ah, how exquisite to see you again. You can never escape my image, for I am a public domain character.
THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD Tier 4 Metal Blade Mega Man: Rocks the Dragon with way too much Force Man
Nice of the princess to invite us to a picnic, eh luigi? Tier 5 Time Yeeter I hope she makes losta Spaggeti!
That one boss from mm2's Wiley stage 3 Tier 6 Item-3 Pac & Roll Remix
Did you all carpool? Tier 7 Centaur Arrow Ladybug
MaGMML Tier Joltman.gif
Why are you here again?? Tier 8 Intellectual dishonesty Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character]
Oh no, it is him,,, Tier 9 I would order a Wily Combo from Wendy's. Wily Combo
Quint's Head Tier Quint Just his head Ya thought i was gonna say honk, huh? Well tough luck. Wait...i did say it tho. DANGIT!
one game too early for this good boy but hey close enough Tier X big, good boy Gigavolt Man
Goku Dragon Ball Z A fucking Lazer Wait no thi- this is Knight Man.... Damnit

Fortress Bosses

There are no bosses at all in the fortress stages bc the judges couldn't be bothered, except for Wily Stage -1, which has Eleven Force.

Name Level Weakness
3 spooky 5 me The Stage Everybody Asked For But No One Got Anyway Woolly Wool
Unused Boss Chili Inferno Ground Hunter
Eddy from Edie, Eddie and Eddy Peach Creek Concrete Shot
Shit Tier Captain Planet Bad Scrabble Hand World Tree All your powers combined
Air Man but big boi MrKyurem's Stage Halitosis Beam
Goldmember of the Oscars Final Stage Pharaoh Man (Phase 1)

LaserMan.EXE (Phase 2)

Triad Thunder (Phase 3)

@PK Final Stage Getting pinged

Extra Bosses

These bosses are fought post-game, after the main storyline. They can both erase your sanity.

Name Level
El Jolto, but Mega Man 4 Dr. Rright's Meth Lab
SnoruntPyro, setting the tone for this page a little too well Inner Sanctum


  • Unlike its successors, the weapon poll Sucked.
  • Make a Good Mega Man Level is ok i guess i hope i win tm
  • reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- no thats a dead meme.
  • the reason why Pyrie (yes i made a nickname for SnoruntPyro, Fuck off) Set the tone of this page too well because its an refernce to her opinion on Inner Sanctum which looks like: "hello. i feel the need to ping @Garirrry to tell him of how much Despair his level caused me. it drained me of my heart and soul. i was trapped in my room for weeks, weakened by lack of nourishment, having to knaw on a plastic, empty casing of a water bottle. my feet bled as they were dry from lack of good. every time a spike pierced me on the arrow ride to misery, i felt a sharp sting inside of my heart, and my eyes became more bloodshot. as i continued to hear the godforsaken music of the hellscape, i knew that when my utterly sinful soul, being dragged down to purgatory, would be tormented for the rest of eternity, hearing that eight bit chiptune, piercing my skin and my heart. wily stage 4. inner sanctum. the level, that caused my internal apocalypse"


  • Have fun, and thanks for StuperMakrio for this dumb idea. This has no rules to it, so go shitpost on this page to your hearts content!
  • Don't destroy anything above the MaGMML1 page though, that is the only rule. lol. Also, don't destroy this item on the notice list.
  • please
  • gigavolt should have fucking lost
  • Nah, gigavolt for life. chroma key shouldve lost tho