Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level (MaG48HMML, or just 48H) is very much like the other MaGMMLs, but with a twist: contestants have 48 hours to design and submit a Mega Man level using enemies and gimmicks given to them in a virtual mystery box. The contents of the box are randomized, so there's no guarantee that the assets will be thematically similar or functionally compatible in any way. It's a test of quick thinking and time management as much as it's a test of level design skill.

Like Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level before it, 48H was conceived as a way to test the game engine being used in the next big contest (in this case, Megamix Engine for MaGMML3). As such, the finished game will focus primarily on the submitted levels, of which there are roughly 100; there will still be special features and a hub to explore, but nothing as elaborate as you'll find in the main MaGMML games.

Currently, judges are reviewing and rating the submitted levels; you can track their progress here .

Archived Discord Server
This was the discord server where people could request boxes to participate in 48H and discuss their levels. It is now archived, and messages can no longer be sent. However, it can still be found here and read through if you want. If you want the current MaGMML Discord where you can participate in discussions, including discussions about 48H, it can be found here instead.