Game Description
Title Screen After all the work he's been doing for so many years, Mega Man is finally taking a well-deserved vacation. The Light family has set sail on a luxury cruise ship, the SS Elroy! Unfortunately, it seems an up-and-coming group of ne'er-do-wells has set their sights on the same cruise. Before long, it's up to Mega Man to blast through the cruise's Simulation Fair in an effort to gather enough Energy Elements to save the day!

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level (MaG48HMML, or just 48H) was held to test and refine the Megamix Engine in preparation for MaGMML3. Participants had 48 hours to create a level using randomly selected enemies and gimmicks from across the entire Classic Mega Man series. Levels were evaluated and ranked by a panel of 4 judges, and an elaborate game was built around the results. Unlike the main MaGMMLs, participants were not allowed to program custom objects for their levels - but that doesn't mean this game isn't just as wacky and innovative as previous ones.

48H is a spiritual successor to Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level that takes place between MaGMML2 and MaGMML3, but no previous MaGMML knowledge is necessary to enjoy the story.

Download MaG48HMML (v1.1)
Updated Dec 18, 2021
Download Mirrors (135 mb) Downloads are compatible with the latest version of Windows available at the time of release. Please report any broken links or technical issues via social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Mystic Museum art by Phusion
  • Over 100 levels with fresh takes on Classic Mega Man elements.
  • A new set of 8 special weapons and 3 utilities, including a highly customizable and upgradeable version of Beat.
  • A massive interconnected hub packed with colorful characters and lots of secrets.
  • 16 sidequests scattered across the hub to complete for unique upgrades.
  • 10 costumes - as well as the ability to create your own - available for purchase to personalize your playthrough.
  • An overarching story featuring a new set of villains, the nefarious vacation-ruining Box Cartel.
  • Online leaderboards, allowing you to compete with players around the world for the best speedrun times.
  • Plenty of configuration options, including a customizable Weapon Wheel and accessibility options such as auto-fire and auto-charge.


48H on Social Media
To discuss 48H and keep up to date on all the latest MaGMML news, we invite you to join us on social media: Also, we've preserved the original 48H-specific Discord server that was used during the entry period. You can't post new messages there anymore, but some historian someday might think it's interesting.