Game Description
Title Screen As Mega Man storms Dr. Wily's castle to take down his festival-ruining plans for the first (and totally, absolutely, definitely only) time, Wily's ultimate creation, DWN-Infinity Zero, has been activated as a last resort...but as the story goes, it's just a silly decoy robot for Wily to escape! But...hold on; it seems that this supposed "junk robot" has a story of his own to tell...

MaGMML: Episode Zero, an interquel set between the events of MaGMML1 and MaGMML2, is a massive collaboration fangame brought to you by the team behind the MaGMML series! Play as the legendary (?) Reploid (?) Zero as he journeys through over 60 different levels from 40 different creators in a unique blend of Mega Man Classic, X, Zero, and ZX! Blast through levels with the aimable Z-Buster, the trusty Z-Saber, the long-range Z-Burst, and the wildcard Blank Drive, all backed by an expanded version of the elemental chip system from the Zero series.

Although Zero's adventure starts as simply collecting Energy Elements to further Wily's next plan, he soon finds himself wrapped up in much more. As he yearns for a legendary battle with Mega Man, he encounters a mysterious yet strangely incompetent group of rogue "inspectors": the Simulation Recon and Regulation Administration, who seem to have a greater plan than they're letting on.

Unlike previous entries in the MaGMML series, Episode Zero was not the result of a contest, but rather an active collaboration: participants received feedback from a QA team and had to pass a certain quality threshold for their work to be included in the game. The result is a streamlined experience that still retains the wacky, off-the-wall humor of the series!

Download MaGMML: Episode Zero (v1.12)
Updated Sep 5, 2020
Download Mirrors (196 mb) Downloads are compatible with the latest version of Windows available at the time of release. Please report any broken links or technical issues via social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Zero art by Spin Attaxx
  • Over 60 different quality-controlled levels from 40 different creators.
  • Over 90 bosses to fight and bash your head against.
  • An expanded moveset inspired by the X and Zero series, which gives the gameplay a unique, speedy angle.
  • 4 different subweapons, all upgradable via an elemental chip system like in the Zero series.
  • Several different upgrades and costumes to purchase.
  • The "Z-Phone," a robust hint and advice system allowing Zero to call 6 different characters, among other secret numbers.
  • A CD database inspired by Mega Man & Bass.
  • A more involved plot than in a typical Mega Man game, with twists, turns, and Zero's journey of...self discovery?
  • A customizable boss rush mode, "The Ultimate Choice," with increasing rewards for higher difficulty.
  • Online leaderboards to challenge yourself and compare against others' best times in each level.
  • Plenty of options for more comfortable play, including different control types for Zero's moves as well as the ability to disable player animations for the truly authentic Zero experience.


Episode Zero on Social Media
To discuss Episode Zero and keep up to date on all the latest MaGMML news, we invite you to join us on social media: Episode Zero also had a dedicated Discord server for people involved in the project, which is archived here.