Game Information
MaGMML: Episode Zero, currently in development, will be a story-driven interquel taking place between MaGMML1 and MaGMML2. Like other MaGMMLs, anyone and everyone is invited to contribute a level. Unlike other MaGMMLs, the levels will not be judged.

There's no hard deadline for level submission; if there's an open slot, you can still sign up and contribute! See details below.

Whereas Mega Man is the protagonist of other MaGMMLs, Episode Zero guessed it...Zero! But not the real one. If you're not sure who we're talking about, go play MaGMML1.

Zero has a unique move set that's more in line with the Mega Man Zero games: he can dash in midair, aim his shots, attack with a saber, and equip chips that imbue his weapons with different powers.

How do I participate?